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Personal experience: how Americans are different from us

Coming to any country in the world on vacation or a business trip, we immediately notice the differences from our usual life. So it is with immigrants. The only difference is that the vacation / business trip has its limits and we cannot see much, and immigration provides an opportunity to consider the details.

This material is the result of personal observations and comparisons, which, quite possibly, differ from the opinions of dear readers. But nevertheless, I want to share them and, I hope that this information will be useful to newcomers.

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One of the meanings of the word "openness" is the absence of any restrictions. America is indeed an open country. There are practically no fences (if there are, they are usually decorative) or bars on the windows. Very often there are large windows in houses, always a neatly trimmed lawn. Undoubtedly, there are exceptions to this rule - in some areas, for example, where there are houses of celebrities or a high level of criminality, fences and bars are a necessity.

If we consider "openness" in relation to people, then here it is somewhat more complicated. Yes, undoubtedly, Americans are very friendly and welcoming, but they do not seek to let them into their personal space, just like us. For this, there must be at least a friendly relationship.

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Standard of living

We are accustomed to seeing insanely expensive things in many countries as a sign of status - cars, jewelry, houses, etc. However, in America this vector is slightly shifted. Yes, Americans also love expensive "toys" and housing, but most really rich people do not use external attributes to emphasize their condition. For example, you can often observe how very wealthy people use cars and middle class clothing. But what really is a sign of status is physical fitness (the poorer people are, the more often they are overweight, bad teeth, etc.), professional achievements and the area of ​​residence (by the way, the size of the house is not an indicator of a high level).

Ability to solve problems

Perhaps many of our compatriots would do well to learn from this unique ability of Americans not to shift their problems onto the shoulders of others.

Initially, even in the parental family, the young American is thought to be a person who is responsible for his actions and the construction of his own life. As soon as the time comes, the parents send the boy or girl on their own "voyage" - and here you have to rely only on yourself, since the parents, if they help, are more morally and insignificantly financially (if they help at all).

Americans clearly understand that no one else will solve their problems. Perhaps that is why almost all cultural institutions in the United States are non-governmental. Museums, theaters, monuments and other cultural sites are financed exclusively by private foundations, and these initiatives are supported by ordinary people who understand their value. And it is not at all necessary to donate millions, the amounts start from $ 50. As the Russian proverb says: "With the world on a thread - the beggar's shirt", and American culture - development.

The habit of contacting professionals

Our compatriots are accustomed to do everything themselves. Americans, in almost any case, turn to a specialist. Whether there is a car breakdown, a conflict with neighbors, a problem with the toilet, stove, etc., they will contact the service station, call the police, manager, repairman or any other specialist who will come and provide professional assistance.

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No smoking!

As a non-smoker, the fact that in America there is not so much “smoke” as in my homeland, I was very pleased. People smoke here several times less than in the post-Soviet countries. Many Americans are very negative about this, and today, even when applying for a job, you need to indicate whether you smoke or not. It is also noteworthy that health insurance for the smoker is more expensive, and the tax on the sale of cigarettes is sky-high. In a word, the authorities in every possible way stimulate the abandonment of the bad habit, hitting the pocket of the Americans.


Simply amazing ability to move from place to place! Change the house every three years? Easy! Move to another state because you found a job more interesting than the previous one? No problems! Not satisfied with the climate? We are going and going!

However, what is there to be surprised at - once the ancestors of the Americans gathered a couple of suitcases and sailed away towards an unknown country ...

Focused knowledge

Our compatriots are erudites who are able to discuss any topic, although most often they may have a rather superficial knowledge of the subject of conversation. As for the Americans, their strong point is their narrow focus. If an American is a specialist in a certain area, then his knowledge is often very deep and confirmed by practical experience. This explains the fact that in the event of certain questions, a US resident turns to a specialist who will 100% know what and how to do. Well, if he doesn't know himself, he knows a colleague who will solve the problem.


Another unique feature of Americans is their consistency, the ability to unite in teams and at the same time do not swear, do not intrigue each other, but work. Agree, we often do not have enough of this and it turns out like in Krylov's fable - highly qualified specialists pull the project in their own direction, and the result is zero. The Americans, on the other hand, achieve the highest results in a group of several experts.

According to my observations, everything in America is a system and, as a rule, it is quite effective and well thought out.

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In conclusion, I would like to say what, in my opinion, the Americans lack and what they could learn from us - immigrants who came from the post-Soviet space.


Our people are generous and hospitable when guests come to the house. This is often lacking for the Americans, who do not attach much importance to this.


In contrast to the Americans, we have a very developed "thinking". We are perfectly able to use things in addition to their direct purpose. We combine the incongruous and get amazing results.


We are aesthetes. Most Americans do not attach much importance to the aesthetic component. For example, going out to a store in your pajamas and unkempt is not unique or surprising.

But whatever we are, we live side by side and learn from each other, adopt the habits and cultural characteristics of our friends and loved ones. And all because we are cosmopolitans whom fate has brought to this unique country - America!

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