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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Personal opinion: why you can not take away weapons from Americans

The weapon was once invented for hunting, but quickly became used to attack other people. Those who were attacked also began to use weapons - to defend themselves against bandits, aggressors, or sometimes just crazy. People are far from being angels (far away), and even if the majority agree to live in peace and harmony, there is always someone who wants to take away from others, instead of “plowing” himself. Therefore, where the “zone” without weapons was formed, those who had weapons and were not worried now that they would meet a worthy rebuff rushed.

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If the Jews in Ukrainian or Belarusian townships had weapons, there would be no pogroms at the beginning of the 30th century. If the Jews of Germany in the late XNUMXs had weapons, then drunken shopkeepers would go to finish their beer in a tavern, and perhaps there would be no tragedy of World War II provoked by the "silence of the lambs."

Six million Jews without weapons - the Holocaust. Six million Jews with weapons - Israel.

And those who think that “this cannot happen with us”, let them look at more than thirty countries where it happened in the twentieth century, and remember the riot of “demonstrators” at the University of Berkeley in 2016.

People who do not want to attack anyone need a weapon to defend against those who want and attack them. According to a number of studies in America, weapons save more than 1.5 million people a year from being robbed, beaten, raped, or killed. And only one in five shoots. The rest simply show the weapon, and the attackers disappear.

If you take a weapon from the Americans, those who buy it without any permits or checks will still have it. Weapons and drugs are sold in any city in the United States, and thirty years of struggle and trillions of dollars invested in the state’s struggle against them have not stopped the flow of either one or the other.

In the international arena, we see absolutely the same thing. Those who do not have powerful weapons are not put into anything. Ukraine has given atomic weapons on parole to Russia, the United States and England, who have promised to be guarantors of Ukrainian security. Later, Russia (one of the guarantors) attacked her. And the other guarantors did not lift a finger to help.

North Korea and Iran are holding onto their atomic weapons, knowing that no one will climb to change the regime for them, as long as they have the opportunity to turn the planet into a radioactive fireside. Israel holds atomic weapons as a guarantor of its independence. The calls for disarmament sound beautiful, but neither America, nor Russia, nor China, nor India, nor Pakistan will surrender their weapons. Otherwise, those from whom it remains will immediately begin, without encountering resistance, to try to take away from the unarmed that which has attracted. And their appetites will grow by leaps and bounds.

See the discussion on weapons led by Leon Weinstein, a member of the Libertarian Party Central Committee, and Yuri Tabakh, captain of the 1 rank of the US Navy, head of the NATO antiterrorism center in the Middle East, head of the NATO headquarters in Moscow.

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