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Where to move if you want change: 10 cheap countries to live in

Do you often dream of quitting work and moving to some heavenly place? Especially in winter, when you want warmth so much, this desire makes itself felt. Edition MC.Today prepared a selection of 10 countries that are ideal for relocation.

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Arguments for": it is sunny, warm, and hurricanes do not reach here. It’s easy to move here, the currency is US dollars, medicine is cheap and of high quality, there are many English-speaking doctors.

Good infrastructure: there is Internet everywhere, many airlines fly here, and from here you can fly to almost anywhere in the world. The government is loyal to business and stable.

Additional advantage: Panama is actively luring foreigners to itself, offering them tax breaks and other bonuses. It is not necessary to pay income tax earned outside Panama.

And to get a visa there are some good, easy to do options. This is a visa of "friendly countries", and the state visa program Pensionado. Both offer residency under a simplified scheme. In addition, real estate taxes are low, and in some cases also give tax exemptions from five to twenty years.

Where to move? Panama is famous for its diversity - from large cities to beaches and villages in the cool mountainous terrain.

An interesting option is Boquete, a mountainous town at an altitude of about 1200 m above sea level. The temperature here ranges from +18 at night to +30 in the afternoon. The central part is built up in a Swiss-style chalet and has the charm of small towns with many shops, restaurants and hotels.

There are beaches in Panama. One of the best is Coronado, just an hour's drive from the capital.

Cost: a comfortable budget for two people in the capital can vary from $ 1,7 thousand to $ 2,9 thousand per month. Other places will be cheaper. If you live alone, you can save another 20-30% of this amount. If you immediately bought your own housing and do not pay rent, you can live on less than $ 1 thousand per month.

Good housing can be rented in the Coco del Mar area, next to the green zone of Omar Park, from $ 650 per month for a one-room apartment. If you search directly on the spot, and not on the Internet, you can find it cheaper.

Movie tickets cost $ 6. Men's haircut - at $ 3. A business lunch (main course, side dish, dessert and drink) costs about $ 7-10.

In Boquet, a four-bedroom house can be bought for up to $ 250 thousand. Renting a townhouse (a small low-rise house in the city) for two bedrooms will cost from $ 800 per month. An apartment in Coronado with one bedroom and ocean views, and even next to the golf course, costs about $ 189 thousand.

Кosta rica

Arguments for": Costa Rica is a place where all life takes place in nature. You can fish, play golf, ride a horse, do surfing, yoga, hiking and scuba diving.

It is warm, sunny, and the markets are full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Life is easy and stable. A safe, long-standing democracy reigns in the country, here those who decided to move are gladly welcomed. Not to mention the fact that living expenses are very low.

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And many more say that it is easy to lose weight here without doing anything - you just get used to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Where to move? the climate in Costa Rica is mild, from warm coastal zones to cooler mountain villages.

International Living recommends Central Valley. Here you can buy housing for $ 200 thousand, and rent starts at $ 500 per month. Also pay attention to the towns along the Pacific coast, including Tamarindo.

Cost: the monthly budget for one person is $ 1,5-3 thousand. Together, you can live comfortably at $ 2,5 per month (or even less). Lunch at a small local restaurant will cost $ 4-5. For $ 50 a month, you can hire a housekeeper who will clean the house once a week. A visit to the doctor will cost $ 50 or less.


Arguments for": People knowingly associate Mexico with a beach holiday. However, here you can find many other activities.

It is full of colonial towns with colorful houses, art, music, theater. No wonder so many Americans have already moved to Mexico. It’s not difficult to become your own here. And a good life is cheap.

Where to move? If you are interested in housing on the Caribbean coast, consider the Riviera Maya region - white sandy beaches stretch from Cancun to Tulum.

Playa del Carmen is also a popular place, many freelancers come here. It is a very convenient, functional city. In the central part of the country, the most popular are colonial cities like San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato.

Cost: the budget for one in Mexico varies from $ 1,5-2,3 thousand per month. Together, you can live well at $ 1,5-3 thousand per month. These numbers are relevant for any part of the country. Some areas populated by settlers, such as San Miguel de Allende, are more expensive, but still fall short of the price level in the United States.


Arguments for": Ecuador has the charm of the old world with the atmosphere of the 1950s. Add decency and friendliness of residents, excellent service and modern cities (Quito, Cuenca) - and get the fourth place in the list of the best.

Ecuador has a great climate. There is a place for everyone. Want a hot beach or cool mountains? Ecuador has it all.

Where to move? Areas where migrants prefer to settle are scattered throughout the country, for example, in Cuenca and Vilcabamba.

Cost: The monthly budget for one is $ 1170-1275. For this amount, you can comfortably live in any part of the country. Together, you can live well at $ 1620 per month.

In Cuenca, rent starts at $ 400 per month. Along the coast, for example, in Salinas, for a one-bedroom apartment near the beach you can pay $ 450, and if you want to look at the ocean, you will have to pay $ 700.


Arguments for": Southeast Asia is full of surprises for Americans, and Malaysia is one of the best. It was once a British colony, so English is an unofficial first language here.

Rental housing is many times cheaper than in the United States. Public transport is also inexpensive, in addition it is efficient and easy to use. And from here you can easily go to Thailand, Bali, Cambodia or Vietnam.

Where to move? Pay attention to Penang: there is art, culture, history, nature, beaches and the jungle. High level of medical care. Great place for medical tourism.

Cost: the budget in Penang for one is $ 1000-1500 per month. Together you can live well at $ 1500-2500 per month. Fans of Asian cuisine will especially enjoy it - a trip to the restaurant here will cost $ 5.


Arguments for": access to world-class low-cost medicine. Easy life. Friendly population, always ready to accept new residents. And, of course, cheapness.

Where to move? If you like the summer weather in Colorado, your option is Medellin. There is spring all year round, almost no insects, full of greenery. The city is modern, with excellent restaurants, a theater and museums.

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Other noteworthy places are Pereira, Armenia and Manizales, the cities of the so-called Coffee Triangle.

Cost: in Medellin, the budget for one will be from $ 1200 to $ 1600 per month. Together you can live in a good area for about $ 2191 per month. This price includes cleaning the house twice a week, restaurant dinners, renting an apartment for three bedrooms and so on.

In the area of ​​the Coffee triangle, prices are approximately 20% lower than in Medellin. A typical local lunch costs $ 2-3 (a plate of rice, arepa - a corn bun, soup or fries, salad and chicken or pork). But even if you want a higher class in the restaurant, the check will still be no more than $ 10.

On the market, a pound of avocado costs $ 1,50, a pound of chicken breast - $ 3. A pack of six cans of local Club Colombia beer will cost about $ 3.


Arguments for": in Portugal, life is slow and steady. The local are very friendly, the medical service is on top. And here it is very beautiful - there are historical places and beaches.

About a third of what is in the USA can be spent on life. You can verify this if you order a regular lunch at a local cafe - soup, main course, drink, dessert and coffee will cost about $ 10.

Where to move? About 34 km northwest of Lisbon there is the excellent town of Mafra, just a 15-minute drive from the beaches of Ericeira, famous among surfers.

It also houses one of Portugal's largest palaces. The architecture in the city is unbearable, white houses with yellow and blue trim, narrow cobblestone streets, many cafes and bars.

Cost: the budget for one in Portugal will be around $ 2034 in Mafra and a little more in Lisbon. Together, you can live comfortably for about $ 2500 per month.


Arguments for": Peru is not only Machu Picchu. There are beaches, and delicious national cuisine, and, of course, low prices.

Where to move? There are many parks in Lima, beautiful views of the ocean and delicious cuisine. A good apartment in Miraflores (one of the best areas of Lima) costs from $ 800 per month.

However, there are other places besides Lima. For example, Arequipa, the “white city”. It is convenient to walk on it; there are many galleries, restaurants, shops and cafes. Renting an apartment for three bedrooms in the best area of ​​the city near the historical quarter will cost from $ 400 per month.

Also pay attention to the beach town of Huanchaco. Here the temperature is kept all year round from +20 to +25. Rent starts at $ 350 per month.

Utilities in Peru will also cost inexpensively: electricity - $ 50-60 per month, water supply - $ 10 per month, Internet and cable TV - $ 70 per month. Meals: local dishes - $ 2-3, a trip to a cool international restaurant - $ 10.

Cost: one can live comfortably at $ 1146 a month. The budget for two is less than $ 2 thousand per month in any region of the country, and especially in Lima. Rental housing - from $ 150. Three-course lunch and drink - $ 2,5.


Arguments for": in Thailand you will never be bored. There are lively beaches, big cities, and university campuses where you can find something to your taste. And all this costs a penny.

Thanks to its convenient location, you can quickly, easily and inexpensively fly to any neighboring country in Southeast Asia.

Where to move? There are many resettlement regions in the country, most of all in Bangkok. But for some, the atmosphere of a big city is unbearable: they prefer smaller towns and the rhythm of life is slower. For example, the town of Chiang Mai in the north of the country. Gilded temples, winding streets and grocery markets where you can buy the strangest seasonings and vegetables.

Thailand is also famous for its beautiful beaches. In Hua Hin, for example, amazing views at very low prices, much lower than you expect.

Cost: the budget for one here will be from $ 952 to $ 1,1 thousand per month. Bangkok will need a little more, but overall this will be enough in any other region.

Renting a modern studio apartment will cost from $ 400 per month. The medical care is upscale here and costs much less than in the United States - $ 10 per visit to the therapist.

In Hua Hin, rents start at $ 500 for a small apartment near the beach and up to $ 1,5 for something bigger with a good view.


Arguments for": Spain is a great place for a beach holiday in Europe. The sun, golden sand, a high standard of living, so you will be comfortable here.

The World Health Organization ranks Spanish medicine as one of the best in the world.

It’s also a gourmet paradise. Most products are grown locally, so you can eat cheaply at home and in restaurants.

Where to move? The choice is huge - from large modern city-centers of art to clean villages with white houses and beach villages. Small Spanish towns such as Jerez in southern Spain are inexpensive in terms of living and have their own rich culture.

Cost: in any region of Spain, you can comfortably live alone for $ 2 thousand per month or less. The budget for two is about $ 2,5 thousand per month.

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