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Coffee, donuts and ice cream: 9 things you can get for free in August

From Free MLB.TV to Free Nasal Sprays and French Fries Edition Money Talks News has compiled a list of goods and services that you can get for free in August.

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Free admission to national parks - 25 August

Admission to the US National Parks will be free on Sunday, August 25, in honor of the anniversary of the establishment of the National Park Service. The National Park Service includes over 400 sites, most of which do not charge admission fees at all times. Those who normally charge admission fees will opt out on 25 August.

Free nasal spray - all month

NeilMed products help get rid of mucus in the nose. Take a tutorial from the manufacturer and NeilMed delivers the flagship product right to your door for free.

Free Breathe Right Samples - Full Month

If you suffer from colds or allergies, Breathe Right Nasal Strips can help you. And if you'd like to get a free sample of this popular product, then register at the Breathe Right website.

Free delivery from Denny's - valid until August 9

It's always great when you can get free shipping and Denny's is offering this bonus to Rewards members through 2020.

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To qualify, you must have made at least one order for delivery by August 9th through the Denny website or app. You will then be eligible for free shipping every week for purchases of $ 10 or more for the remainder of the year.

Free Audio Horrors on Google Play

To the attention of horror fans! Now you can enjoy free exclusive audio recordings from famous horror masters. Just download all 35 horror stories from Google Play Books to Nightfire for free. Or select your favorite and download it individually.

Free Steak 'n Shake French Fries - All Month

Go to Steak 'n Shake, you can get free fries without having to buy another product. However, this deal is only valid for auto orders, so be sure to order from your vehicle.

Free ice cream at Carvel - all month

On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than cold ice cream. So, if you are planning a trip to a Carvel store, be sure to go there on BOGO Wednesday.

The Ice Cream Giant offers a free midweek ice cream that's perfect for a couple: two classic ice creams for the price of one.

Complimentary soft drink at White Castle - until August 31

The burger giant is offering shoppers a free medium soft drink.

While the drink is perfect with burgers, you don't need to buy them to get the free drink.

Free Donuts at Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts returns free donuts on Fridays and free coffee on Mondays. Writes about it Yahoo!.

Summer is hot, your office is probably closed, so what to do with free time. Of course, drink iced coffee and try not to think too much about the pandemic. Starting August 3rd, 2020, you can get free medium coffee (cold or hot) at any Dunkin Donuts as part of their new Free Coffee Mondays initiative in August. Not just coffee, but free donuts on Fridays.

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You must be a DD Perks member to take advantage of free coffee on Mondays and free donuts on Fridays.

The promotion will run throughout August. Yes, the promotion is only available for one month, but Friday Free Donuts originally launched in March and lasted until May, so obviously these promotions can be renewed at any time. Coffee on Mondays is free if you buy some pastries, and free donuts on Fridays are available when you buy a drink.

“Whether our guests need a little encouragement to start their week, or a sweet treat to celebrate the end of the week, we want our visitors to know that we are their mainstay during this difficult time,” the statement said. companies.

All Dunkin Donuts stores are completely safe because starting August 5, 2020, all guests will be required to wear face masks.

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