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Climate, taxes, entertainment: why it is worth moving to Florida in 2021

There are several good reasons why Florida is one of the best places to live in America. Learn more about life in this state offers OLM.

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Most of the year is bright and cozy

Many people try to settle in Florida because of the favorable climate. More than 200 days a year are sunny here - and at this time the state provides residents with an incredibly comfortable climate. Despite the suffocating and humid summers, the seasons in Florida are mostly mild and warm. Those who live in the southern part of the state are unlikely to need an extra sweater during the colder seasons.

No annual state costs

Looking to start saving more money? Consider moving to Florida where there are no annual state fees. Fortunately for Florida residents, this allows them to save a lot of their well-deserved money for no particular reason.

The coasts are incredible

Living in Florida means being close to some of the world's most beautiful coasts. Famous and award-winning seashores in Florida include Siesta Public Beach in Sarasota, named the top U.S. coastline by Trip Advisor, Clearwater Beach, Pensacola Beach, Delray Beach, St. Joseph State Park, Public Beach Panama City, Greyton Beach and St. George's Island.

The state is socially diverse

There is no other state like Florida in terms of social diversity. Throughout the state, you will find people of all ages, religions, and backgrounds. Many residents are displaced persons from different states who have moved because of the climate, job opportunities and tax cuts.

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Living where others come is a significant advantage. From Walt Disney World in Orlando to The Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, several attractions offer residents easy access, especially during times when there are few tourists - usually during early summer and late summer.

There is something to do

There is no shortage of activities in Florida. Given the number of sunny days per year, residents can invest a lot of their energy in outdoor activities, from water sports to group gatherings. Aquatic activities in Florida include swimming, drifting, scuba diving, rowing and fishing. Miami's many eateries and a variety of outdoor activities are also generous to residents and visitors alike.

Florida life is available

Hoping to get the most out of your living money? While the average cost of basic necessities in large urban communities in Florida, such as Miami, may be higher, most regions across the state are affordable compared to many other states in the US. According to Area Vibes, the total typical cost of basic items in Florida is one point below the national average.

Sports games are impressive

From professional athletes to high school sports, Florida offers some of the finest athletic groups in the country. While most states have a couple of professional soccer teams (or none!), Florida has three. Florida also offers professional clubs, basketball and ice hockey teams. Major sports groups include the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Marlins to name just the tip of the iceberg. Educational institutions additionally offer their own groups for students and graduates.

Food and drinks are delicious

Florida offers a variety of delicious dishes, from famous crabs to custom made culinary arts. With numerous atmospheric zones and thriving ranches, Florida is always full of delicious foods like oranges, sugarcane, tomatoes, watermelons, avocados, strawberries - the list goes on forever. The Cuban influence on the state also makes it a popular destination for empanada, Cuban espresso, sweet bananas. Eateries in Florida serve many island-style and Caribbean-themed foods such as lime pie and coconut prawns.

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You can rest where you live

If you live in Florida, you don't have to go anywhere else. The state's numerous seashores, amusement parks, and attractions mean you have multiple leisure options - all within a couple of hours' drive. From individual sandy seashores along the Gulf Coast to Disney World family parks, there is no shortage of entertainment in the state.

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