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Who go to work and how much Russian-speaking immigrants in the USA earn

When arriving in another country, it is sometimes very difficult to find a job, especially without knowledge of the language or without education. Author blog "Let's fly to America?" on Yandex Zen told who the Russian-speaking immigrants in the USA go to work.

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Next - from the first person.

Not every employer will accept a diploma from a post-Soviet country in the United States. It also needs to be confirmed.

And this is another story and path - through an official request to the employer and the translation of the diploma, and only if your education and profession are needed and relevant there, and these are mainly doctors and programmers.

Today I’ll talk about who the most likely to be Russian-speaking immigrants in the States.


Since Americans often move, you need to transport and carry all this furniture and their personal belongings.

Sometimes they tip here, which is a nice bonus. Bonus because they are very small. And not all give.

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And the salary directly depends on how much you drag. And how many families you can transport. On average, about $ 3 a month comes out. But there is a very strong turnover due to physical work.


Not only food delivery, but also documents. The work is not dusty. And not complicated. Usually you need to have your own car. Or at least an electric bike.

Because no one can stand so many feet with their feet, and the distances here are very large. Cities are stretched due to the one-story country.

Less gasoline costs, a little more than $ 2 is obtained.

Waiters and cooks

This includes everything related to restaurants and cafes. Chefs, cleaners and waiters.

It's especially easy to be a waiter. What is a plus - it is always customary to leave a 20% tip here. So if you go out a lot, you can have an income of up to $ 3.

And another work from a series of physical

Builders. They are needed everywhere. In all countries under construction and developing rapidly. As elsewhere, they are mercilessly exploited and paid.

But the salary is good. Approximately $ 3 per month.

And the most favorite

The most beloved profession among men is taxi drivers.

Cars here you can buy quite affordable. Because the whole country is in cars and finding good and cheap here is easier than ever.

But the taxi driver's prospects are Uber. And they pay well, and nobody canceled the tip. And if you also take an electric car, then it will come out about $ 4 per month.

Sellers in stores and no one has canceled the consultants. They earn about $ 2 per month.

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