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What Russian products can be bought in the USA and how much do they cost: personal experience

Author of the channel Kuzminatravel on Yandex.Zen Is a professional traveler who has visited over 40 countries. The girl lived in California for 3 years and talks about what products she lacked and what can be found in Russian grocery stores in America. Further - from the first person.

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After a month of living in America, I missed our products. Many grocery products in standard stores have an unusual taste for us, and some are not found at all.

Since there are a lot of Russians in California, there are quite a few Russian stores where you can find everything we are so used to.

I’ll tell you more about it, and at the end of the article I will publish prices.

Despite the fact that I didn’t live in a Russian-speaking region, we had our own shop. Although small, but with a large assortment. True, a little expensive. Any sweets by weight will cost $ 10 per pound (0,45 kg).

Here you will also find homemade pastries, mackerel, herring, chocolates. There are also business cards - any visitor can put them here and advertise their business. As they say - their own for their own.

In any national store (the Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Turks and other foreigners also have such) there is a private cafe where you can eat or order ready-made food with you. For this, not only immigrants from the former USSR come here.

Nesting dolls, icons, books, newspapers, sweets, sprats, pickled cucumbers are also sold in the same store. And almost always there is a queue.

There are a lot of our stores in the Los Angeles area. For example, in Hollywood there is a whole street with our shops, agencies, beauty salons, restaurants and bathhouses.

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There is also a hypermarket. It prices are much lower than in small stores. Having talked with the seller of such a supermarket, I found out that they have their own production, where they bake bread, make sausages, dumplings, cottage cheese, etc. All dumplings, dumplings, khinkali, pasties of their own production, they are sold in other small shops.

The selection of sweets is huge and costs about 1,5-2 times cheaper than in small stores. There is beer and soda. And where without caviar: even the refrigerator was named accordingly, “Life is beautiful”.

The sausage department here is huge, because in ordinary stores there is no cooked sausage familiar to us, and the sausages are tasteless. Ice cream is much tastier than American, which seems too sweet to me.

Cakes sell frozen, for $ 25. Our bread, by the way, is also sold frozen.

To be honest, after a year I stopped going to American shops, except for farmers and organic, preferred my, Chinese and Japanese.

Prices for some of our products:

  • Pelmeni - from $ 6 for 450 g
  • Bread - from $ 3
  • Curd cheeses - from $ 0,75
  • Zephyr “Sharmel” - $ 5,5
  • Clubfoot Bears package - $ 5,6
  • Buckwheat - from $ 2 to $ 5
  • Condensed milk - $ 3
  • Jubilee cookies - $ 3
  • Gingerbread - $ 2
  • Baltika beer - $ 2
  • Red caviar - $ 10
  • Black - from $ 100
  • Curd - $ 4
  • Kefir - $ 3

Branded brands are brought from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and other countries of the former USSR. Many European-made products (Poland, Latvia, Germany). But most of the goods are made in the image and likeness of domestic products in small factories directly in the United States.

Original column published on the blog. Kuzminatravel on Yandex.Zen

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