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What tax breaks can pet owners get in the US?

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The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not deduct pet expenses from taxable funds, so your pet can be quite expensive, even in terms of taxes.

However, there are several loopholes in the law that allow you to deduct expenses for a pet from taxes, if the animal serves some special purposes. Their list was collected edition Go Banking Rates.

1. Guard dog

It is usually difficult to associate your pet with business expenses. But if your pet is guarding your business office, you can deduct expenses related to its food and care.

But in this case, the size of the dog is important, since Chihuahuas and other small breeds cannot serve as a guard dog. Therefore, this deduction can be made only if you have a large dog.

2. Cats used for pest control

You can also keep the cost of a cat that protects your business property from mice, rats and other pests.

But in order to make a deduction, you will need to prove to the IRS that hiring an animal to serve is really necessary.

3. Hobby

If you make money by showing off your pet, then the IRS can count it as your hobby-generating income, and in this case you will have the right to deduct the expenses of the pet from your taxes. It may also be deducted from taxes expenses associated with the dog's trip to the competition, in which she wins money.

But the process of tax deduction in this case may be difficult, you must apply for it, in addition, there are many restrictions. The amount of deduction will depend on how much you earn on a pet, as well as on your total income.

4. Animal shelter deductions

If you take homeless animals from charities and non-profit organizations, you can take advantage of tax breaks and deduct the costs of pets from taxes, since they will be considered as charitable contributions.

These costs include feed and veterinary bills.

5. Service animals

Medical expenses are not taxed, so if you use your dog for medical purposes (guide dogs or service dogs), then you can deduct expenses from your taxes. In this case, you need to have documents confirming the medical need for your pet.

6. Pet expenses due to relocation

If you need to move to another city or state in connection with your job, the IRS will allow you to deduct expenses related to moving a pet.

But for this you need to meet several requirements: your move must be work-related, your new workplace must be located at least 50 miles from the previous one, you must work in a company full-time.

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