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Einstein's visa: the history of the Russian prodigy who emigrated to the USA

Calculator boy Mark Vishnya moved from Yekaterinburg to the USA. Now the child, who became famous throughout the country in the Minute of Fame program, lives in Houston and attends school in English and Spanish.

His mother, Natalia Vishnya, raising Mark, his older brother and younger sister, applied a whole range of her own developments in the field of child psychology.


As told E1.RU Natalia Vishnya, a schoolgirl's mother, they started thinking about moving for the first time when Mark was still quite small.

- When Mark was 2 of the year, I realized that he did not need Russia, “Minute of Fame” proved it. I could not tell you in Russia the reason for our departure. I can now, she admitted. - My husband and I just took our children out of Russia. Because talented children do not need the country. Because education is a nightmare.

According to Natalya Cherny, she has been looking for like-minded people in Russia for a long time, but she hasn’t found one.

“We moved to Houston in March.” “They celebrated the 14 anniversary of Mark and the 12 anniversary of Alina’s youngest daughter,” she said.

Now Mark is studying at Pershing bell ScheduleThe new school is taught in English and Spanish.

- Mark knows both languages. The children like it very much here, - shared Natalya Vishnya.

On the eve of departure E1.RU talked with Mark and told how a unique child lived in her homeland.

“Math in schools is boring”

After participating in the program, Mark was hit by a wave of popularity: someone considered him to be brilliant, and someone was sick, and his parents closed the boy from the press.

At two o'clock in the afternoon Mark comes from school, rests for a bit and is ready to receive guests in a couple of hours. Today there is no fine arts or chess, so there is time to talk with us. Spoiled (or tortured?) In childhood by the attention of journalists Mark admits that he is now worried when he speaks with strangers, but he loves when he is asked about his life. We start the conversation with his mother - Natalia Vishnya.

- How did the life of Mark and your family change after participating in the Minute of Fame project?

- First of all, I want to say that in “A Minute of Glory,” no one wanted to participate, because we did not need fame. Our family is television: then I was a TV presenter, and my dad was also a reporter. At that moment, our eldest son Matvey was growing up, who wanted to act, play everywhere. When Mark showed up talents - we saw that he knows the numbers, he believes in two years, Matvey behind our back wrote “Unique Talent” for the program - that’s what was called “Minutes of Fame”. Matvey wrote a letter that his brother has a unique talent - he knows the multiplication table in 2. Then they came to Ekaterinburg with a casting, and he said: “Let's go, we’ll show Mark”. You could say Matthew was a producer for Mark. When Mark participated in the program, he was very small and didn’t remember anything from there, he was just doing his favorite thing, but for me shooting was an ordinary television process.

What has changed is probably the fact that after the program many journalists appeared who wanted to talk about Mark. At that time, few children manifested themselves so vividly at an early age, so they would be more confronted with a negative opinion about Mark, after which we closed him off from the press. We were told that the early development is ruining the child, that it does not need anything, and for some reason it was said that he is an autistic patient, that normal children cannot have such abilities.

Journalists from Moscow came to us to film a program, they saw that we had a normal family, that all children had early development. We even drove Mark to the Brain Institute for the experts to give their opinion. And we were told there that yes, such children are found, that Mark is a normal child, just fascinated by numbers.

The fact that Mark - the star, he learned only a couple of years ago. Parents took care of him from star fever and did not tell him about the show. Photo

- It so happens that you watch videos from childhood and do not believe that you are on them. Mark, when you look at yourself in A Minute of Glory, in other programs, do you believe it was with you?

- Mark saw these records only a year ago 2. We did not develop any star disease in him. Mark didn’t know for a long time that he had participated in The Minute of Glory, Mom replied for him.

- Really before this in kindergarten, elementary school, no one told Mark that he is a star?

- His peers in kindergarten, too, was 2 – 3, and they do not remember this program, they do not know that Mark participated in it. He played the same games with them and did not differ from his peers in the kindergarten. At home, Mark was already doing what he liked, it was already his entertainment.

- The teachers knew for sure that Mark is a special child. And they did not tell him anything? Unbiased?

- When Mark went to the first class, we decided to send him to a private school. Probably, like all gifted people, Mark in the first grade was a little uncollected, he did not know where his belongings lay, he missed many things. The first week he went without a briefcase, just forgot it. I ask: Mark, why are you without a briefcase? And he did not even notice that he was without a portfolio, so we understood that in an ordinary school there would be difficulties with this, and we gave Mark to a private school, “Consent.” Many thanks to this school, where they did well with him, developed him, and there in the third grade he won the Znayka Olympiad. At the initial stage, Mark was an excellent student, but within the school. We are grateful to our teacher that she did not single out him, no one told him that he was better than someone, and we did not speak. Because no one has the right to "stick out" himself and say that he is better than others.

- All my classmates know that I starred in the program, but no one refers to me as a "calculator boy" or "the same one from" Minutes of Glory ", - Mark joins the conversation. - They call me by name, and I do not see anything so surprising in this. Because I don't think I stand out. There was a case when I thought well, but it ... it was. Now I have other interests.

- What is interesting to you now?

- I like animation and literature. In the future I want to be either a writer or an animator. On drawing and on the manuscript, let's call it that, I put a lot of emphasis. The school is also busy mostly with this.

Sometimes I write, but for now this is a pure attempt at writing. Now I occasionally write mini-sketches, tales and all that. These are the stories of the day, my impressions, I usually write by mood. Everything that I wrote is in my phone, but I do not publish it. I am writing a little fantasy style. My characters have copyrights - from cartoons, all sorts of movies, TV shows, like that.


- Mark does not show us what he writes, does not consider it necessary. Although there was a time when Mark began to write hard, we wanted to take and publish, but Mark’s desire is the law.


- I have classes that I chose myself and which I attend, and my mother simply agreed with my choice. As my mother said, my desire is practically the law in our family. I go to chess and drawing in the art studio, 2, already.


- Before that, Mark went to English, was ahead of the program, received two Cambridge certificates, he has a good level of English. But we did not torpedo and decided this year not to burden the brain, since Mark and English are fine. In essence, a school is a school, and everything else is entertainment, in order not to be overloaded: FROM, relaxation, chess.

- Mark, aren't you bored with your peers? In kindergarten, school, they did not seem to you stupid?

- Actually, I will be honest, I have never had such a problem. They always seemed to me the same as me. I just looked a little smarter, but in fact was always the same as they are. And talked with everyone, and even continue now, I have one friend from kindergarten.

I have many friends, I love to communicate with them, but I am afraid to communicate with strangers. I used to create myself the social circle that I like. If some random person outside my circle wants to talk to me, I will be silent. No, I'm not saying that I do not like to give interviews now. I like to talk about my life, it allows you to analyze it. But I do not do this because of fame. I just like it.

- Well, what about math now?


- I will be honest, in general, in general, I don’t really like the Russian training program. She is pretty boring and uninteresting. Mathematics itself is not bad, but there are shoals, or rather, there is no interest in it. I would love to do it if there was a program that I like, for example, like in Finland.


- Mark got acquainted with education programs in Finland, Sweden, Europe, America. Mark says that the program of our school lacks visibility. It is very flat ...

“And what is the perfect lesson for you?”

- This is a lesson in the form of a presentation of the works of the students themselves, so that the lesson is spent most of the time not by the teacher, but by the student. And so the teacher would give a lesson the way the student likes it. Considering that this is social work, this will help children to be more sociable in the future. They will probably be able to do something more with other people and contact them will be easier.

- After graduation, where do you want to get a higher education?

- Most likely, I will learn from the animator, perhaps a programmer.

- Well, after getting an education, do you want to return to Russia or will you stay abroad?

- Over this, I still think, but most likely I will stay. But I will not forget Russian poetry, I love my homeland.

Unique children unique mom

Natalya Vishnya, Mark's mother, is no less unique person. She raised three children, each of whom, from the point of view of a simple layman, could be called a child prodigy.

The elder Matvey is gifted humanistly, at ten months he knew the alphabet, in 2 he studied English, in 3 he read books in his native language fluently. In 13 years he created several media and Internet projects, took part in the Big Difference parodies show (parodied by Andrey Malakhov).


Mark Vishnya is the owner of a phenomenal visual memory, thanks to which he knew the multiplication table in 2 of the year and could perform the most complicated mathematical calculations. He was nicknamed the “boy calculator,” besides that, Mark already read and wrote in 3. In the intellectual program “Children against adults” of the STS channel, first-grader Mark Vishnya beat Wasserman, showing phenomenal knowledge of biology.

Alina Vishnya - tries herself in art, is engaged in ballroom dancing, but she has achieved the greatest success in the game of tennis. She was engaged in the school of Olympic reserve named after B. N. Yeltsin.

Natalya Vishnya, except that she is a mother of many children of talented children, is also a successful business woman. Natalia applied a whole range of her own developments in the field of child psychology during the development and upbringing of Matthew, Mark and Alina.


In 25 years at the Department of Psychology at the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture participated in the project "The development of giftedness in children of primary school age." At home, Natalia led trainings on personal development, led the “School of talent education” and wrote the book “A trap for a prodigy.”

The fact that Natalia is also a beauty cannot be overlooked. In addition to a title in a beauty contest in her hometown, she was a model in the 90s and starred for Italian publications.

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