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How in a few minutes to pass the customs control in the United States

Before entering the United States, all passengers must pass through the United States Customs and Border Protection Bureau. This scares many, but following our steps, you will pass through customs control in a matter of minutes without problems.


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1. In the plane you will be given documents of the customs and immigration services.

If you are not a US citizen, you will need to complete an I-94 form. US citizens do not need to fill out this form. In addition, all passengers (both US and non-US citizens) must complete a customs declaration. Be sure to make all the documents just before you pass the customs and immigration controls.

2. When you get off the plane, always follow signs for international flights to the immigration and customs control service.

Do not stop to look around, as you may be suspicious of the inspectors. Most often, you will need to go down the corridor or go down the escalator to get to the customs and immigration control. Less often (mainly in small airports with a small number of flights) you will have to catch a bus.

3. The first item is passport / immigration control.

If you are a US citizen, go to the passage marked “United States Citizens”. If you are not, go to the Foreign Citizens Pass. If you are traveling in transit through the United States, sometimes there are special passages labeled “Transit Passengers”.

4. Give the inspector your passport and the completed forms for immigration / customs control.

He will look at your passport, scan it and possibly approve it. Also, if it does, it will approve the I-94 form and customs documents, and then return them.

5. After passing through passport control, follow the signs for baggage claim

Here you will receive your luggage, even if you transfer to another flight. Look at the screens, which baggage number assigned to your flight, and wait for your suitcases.

6. Once you have received your baggage, your next item is customs control.

If you do not have any baggage that you want to declare, go to the green aisle with the words "No baggage to declare." If you have things that need to be declared, head to the red aisle with the words “Goods for Declaration”. There you will return your form for customs control, and if you do not have those things that need to be declared, you will be sent to the exit.

7. If you transfer to another flight, follow the signs “Transit flights / Baggage collection from transit flights” when you pass through customs.

If this is your final destination, go to step 8.

  • When you come to the conveyor baggage conveyor from transit flights, be sure to put all liquids, gels and aerosols of more than 85 g or other items that are not allowed to pass through the checkpoint of the temporarily reserved zone in the main baggage. Make sure your destination is correct. Put your luggage on a conveyor belt so that the wheels and handles are on top (the suitcase must lie on it).
  • Continue to follow the “Interchange Flights” signs and go through security control to the departure area.

8. If you are already at the end point, follow the signs to the exit and ground transportation.

As soon as you exit the customs and immigration services, you will be transferred to the arrivals area of ​​international flights. Here you will be greeted by friends or relatives, and you can take a bus, taxi, rent a car or choose another type of transport.

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