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How to improve English in two months in order to get a job in an American company

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Those immigrants whose work in their homeland was related to the language in the United States often face difficulties in finding work. So it happened to me - without perfect written English, I could not get a job as a journalist or copywriter. Nevertheless, over the past two months, I have improved my skills so much that I was able to successfully complete the test task and pass the interview for the position of a copywriter in an American company. Today I will tell you how I did it.

Two months ago, I dreamed of getting a job by profession, however, to get a journalist in the American media or a copywriter in an agency, I needed perfect written English. I couldn’t say so about my knowledge of the language, although I had no problems with everyday communication. Then I set a goal for 8 weeks to improve written English so as to get a job, and went to study at the online English school Skyeng.

All these 8 weeks I shared with ForumDaily readers my impressions from lessons and life-lessons in learning English, and today it is time to summarize.

To be honest, at the beginning of this experiment, I myself did not really believe that in two months it was possible to switch from translating text into English through Google Translator to writing texts in English at almost the same speed as in my native language. However, after a month and a half I was so confident in my knowledge of English that I sent my resume to the position of a copywriter. Moreover, the employer liked how I completed the written test task, and during the face-to-face interview I answered all the questions without hesitation and excitement.

If you have not read my previous articles, it will be interesting for you to follow from what this result came together week after week.

We study online

I understood that in order to improve the skills I needed, such as the ability to quickly and competently write texts in English, literally understand speech by ear and speak correctly, I cannot do without a teacher. I decided to take personal lessons online so as not to waste time and money on the way to the tutor.

My choice fell on the online school of English Skyeng. There were many reasons for this choice: starting from the opportunity to choose a teacher that suits me both from the point of view of my goals and character, to a convenient multi-functional video platform with which you can write dictations, watch movies and even prepare for employment. As shown further studies The benefits of online training turned out to be even more than I thought initially.

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However, how quickly progress will be made in your knowledge of the language depends mainly on whether you are responsible for doing your homework, if you have a strong motivation to learn English, etc. Read 4 tips that will help you quickly reach your goals, studying with a teacher in an online school.

Undoubtedly, the personality of the teacher also greatly affects the success of the student. Fortunately in Skyeng they take care to select a person who will be sympathetic to you and will be able to help master all the necessary skills. If suddenly the teacher does not suit you on a professional level or on personal qualities, it can be easily replaced, and for free. Both my teachers liked me, and I had to change Elena for Will only because it was time to move from classes with a Russian-speaking teacher to lessons with a native speaker. If you want to learn English, but do not know how to choose a teacher, you will be helped to understand this question. an article about the pros and cons of Russian-speaking tutors and Americans.

Of course, it is impossible to achieve a significant result in a short time, if only to study with a teacher and do homework. It is also necessary to do every day by yourself: train your knowledge of words using the application Sword, watch videos and listen to audio tracks in English, write and speak a foreign language as much as possible. The more you study independently, the faster you will master the language. Those Opportunities for self-study Englishthat the school provides Skyeng, frankly, helped me make a breakthrough.

Fine tuning

For people of many professions related to communication with people, it is important to perceive speech by ear, so as not to ask again constantly or, even worse, misunderstand the interlocutor and give him the wrong product or distort his words in the article. Naturally, the skill of listening comprehension was critically important for me too, and I was able to significantly improve it in these 8 weeks thanks to several very effective Skyeng instruments to practice listening comprehension.

For journalists, copywriters, public relations specialists, marketers and other people who work with texts, when moving to the United States, you need to be able to write in English not just quickly and without mistakes, but so that the text sounds American. This is not an easy task, but regular classes help to cope with it. So, I wrote a text in English to each lesson with a tutor, and together we examined how to make it more understandable and interesting for the American audience. Thanks to this, I learned in which order to put the words in the sentence, what speech turns and idioms are used in the USA, what are the subtleties of using synonyms. In addition to these analyzes of texts, I also used a series of trickswhich, I am sure, they will help you to quickly bring up written English.

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Work and relax

I don’t hide it, for me these two months were not easy, because learning English literally became a job for me on the second shift, and without days off. However, the desire to improve English, then to find a job in a profession, did not allow me to relax and allow myself to do nothing, except for homework and tutoring.

Nevertheless, the process of studying did not at all resemble a cram known from school. On the contrary, he was quite creative and fascinating. This was facilitated by a variety of tasks, such as essays on various topics or psychological tests, and opportunities to have fun, which are on the video platform of the school Skyeng. Actually, I love to watch movies and listen to music, and just for fun, and then I got the learning effect. I think from all the ways to have fun while learning English at Skyeng School you will surely choose something to your liking.

It should be noted that the same video platform seriously helped me in the process of finding a job, as I found a large section of employment lessons on it. This section covered in detail all the stages of getting a job - from writing a resume to answering tricky interview questions, and this is what allowed me to feel confident when communicating with a potential boss. In the meantime, I am waiting for an answer from him, whether they are hiring me for the position of a copywriter in an IT company or not, I am studying the section with other lessons, this time dedicated to specific specialties - marketing and information technology, in order to master all the necessary vocabulary.

You also have an interview? I hope story about my experience help you pass it with glitter.


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