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How to survive in New York without air conditioning

Summer in New York is sticky, stuffy and long. The sun's rays are reflected from concrete and asphalt, making the crowded metropolis feel like an evil giant heats the city through a huge magnifying glass.

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Most residents, of course, turn on their air conditioners in June and turn off in September, writes The simple doll. The journalist of the publication decided to conduct an experiment in order to save money and potentially benefit health, and therefore refused the air conditioner. For two years now, Houseman and his wife have not used cooling systems for Day and explain why this is important and how to improve their well-being in a room without air conditioning.

  • You save money

If you're using box fans instead of window air conditioners, your budget will be grateful. Such a fan costs about a third of a cent per hour, while an air conditioner would cost 14. With 12 hours of daily use per month, an air conditioner would cost $ 50 more than a fan. Over the summer, you will save $ 150 just through use, not to mention the cost of buying a window air conditioner - around $ 200 or more.

  • You test your strength

Hedonic adaptation is the idea that we quickly get used to improving life situations. Buying a new car pleases only for a short time, then we get used to it, and so on until the next one. Since there is no air conditioning in my house, I value it much more when I get into an air-conditioned place, which means I do not depend on it hedonistically. The lack of air conditioning at home makes me a better summer worker as I am grateful to the office for having a cooling system.

  • You help the environment

Air conditioners consume about 6 percent of all electricity in the United States and produce 117 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. I'm not going to pretend that I save the planet, just because I do not turn on the air conditioner, but I am pleased to know that I am contributing my little bit to the fight against the negative environmental impact.

How to survive the summer without air conditioning

There are plenty of ways to control the discomfort that occurs in the heat. Here are some of my favorite strategies to stay comfortable and healthy:

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  • Take a cold shower

When I feel stuffy, I go to the bathroom and get up under a stream of cold water - this gives me about 20 minutes of comfort. If things are too bad, you can shower once an hour and theoretically reduce the overheating time by a third during the day.

  • Close the curtains

Keeping your blinds or curtains closed during the hottest hours of the day can help reduce the indoor temperature by as much as 20 degrees. At first it annoyed me - I love natural light, but my wife convinced me to try. The difference amazed me.

  • Limit device use

It goes without saying that you will not use the oven on hot days, but you will feel the difference by turning off most of the appliances. The more you can turn off, the better, because everything that is plugged in or powered by batteries radiates a small amount of heat.

  • Understand the bed

Everyone likes to make their bed their own way. I love the thick blanket the most. But in the heat you have to be inventive - so now I sleep only under a thin sheet. This summer we put the mattress right on the floor as the heat rises. Do you want to strengthen your practice? Try sleeping on a bamboo mat.

  • Practice gratitude

This is especially useful when I start to worry about the lack of air conditioning. List what you are grateful for, from good health to good relationships with family and friends. After all, tormented not so much heat as reaction to it. The practice of gratitude recalls that regardless of temperature, there are good things in life.

  • Fight creatively

I sincerely love brainstorming with my wife when we decide how else to optimize life to fight the heat. This can be an addictive puzzle, not an unbearable burden.

Cherry on the cake - health benefits of sweating. Instead of seeing sweat as a gross side effect of overheating, think about it as an important bodily function. Sweat helps us flush heavy metals out of the body, promotes skin health, lowers stress hormones, and more.

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