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As an immigrant from the USSR, brought to light the Brooklyn bribe judge and sued her children back

Some time ago, my family violence notewhen the husband is a US citizen and the wife is from the former USSR. I decided to write it because I often received requests for help from women who endured mental and physical violence from their husbands, but did not divorce, fearing that they would not receive a green card.

The note is out. And I continued to receive requests for help, but also of a new kind - “The husband wants a divorce (he cheats and demands to reconcile / scoffs and I’m afraid to go to the police / scoffs and does not allow me to file for divorce ...) and says that if I only I will peep, then I will be left with nothing, because his lawyer has his own “pocket” judge. And the children will be taken away, and they will also be thrown out of the country (they are already preparing documents for my deportation).

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I will not hide, in the minutes when I read this, I freeze in amazement, but not because I realize the depth of universal injustice, but for a completely different reason - ladies, my dear readers, how can you live in the USA and not know your rights so much? After all, many of you, those who want my support, know English well and are still afraid of both my husband and his lawyer, and still don’t know how to defend themselves. Well, what exactly are you afraid of being legally married? What deportation are you talking about? Yes, there is corruption in American courts. It is worth reading just one book by Michael Vecchione, Crooked Brooklyn, which he co-authored with Jerry Schmetter, to understand that the situation is rather sad. But after all, it is not just possible to fight this, but also definitely! And you are not bored, and we still live in the United States, and not where there is complete lawlessness. And it makes no sense to be afraid of some kind of pocket ruler of destinies, on whom you can also find justice.

You don't have to go far for an example - below is a story about one such "ruler of destinies" in a mantle Judge Garzonwho famously took away the children of their ex-wives, deprived them of their property, and all this was in favor of their husbands.

True, it never came to deportation. And our former compatriot brought him to clean water. As a result, the “arbiter of destinies”, almost eighty years old, diagnosed with cancer, thundered into prison, served time, lost all titles and benefits ... This story thundered throughout the country. And although Judge Garson died two years ago, judging by the messages that constantly come to my mail, it is his ghost that gullible and intimidated wives are still frightened by. Those wives are so downtrodden that they are afraid to open Google and check - is it so easy to buy a judge in New York, is it so easy to deport a woman who lived with you legally (!), Is it necessary to put up with the court verdict right away and so on, on, on. .

Frida and her children

Gerald Phillip "Jerry" Garson was born in 1932. He received a good legal education - in the early 60s he graduated from the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania. Then he almost immediately opened his own law office, and his business went uphill. True, in 1984 he was accused of trying to bribe a judge - he gave him gifts, took him to rest and even shared money. But the scandal was quickly forgotten. Thirteen more years passed - and Garson himself became a judge. A respected position, but with a fairly modest salary - no more than 140 thousand per year. He was engaged in the family affairs of Brooklyn residents and by the time a criminal case was opened against him, he had already made more than a thousand decisions on alimony for children and wives, as well as on who the children remain with after a divorce.

The lawyers working with him were delighted, which was confirmed by research: in the United States there is a practice of anonymous polls when exactly the defense lawyers should evaluate the judge. Opinions about Garzon were almost always beyond praise. In 2001, he received a standing ovation from New York City feminists for the decision he made in a divorce case in a religious Jewish family. The husband refused to give his wife a gett, a special document issued in case of divorce in Judaism, and Judge Garzon decided that for this refusal he should pay alimony to his ex-wife in the amount of five hundred dollars a week for the rest of his life (I hope this decision was not revised after that how Garson ended up in the dock). I myself learned about this story from a very close friend, laughing, he said that, apparently, he was the last husband in Garson's career, who was honestly divorced from his wife - the children remained with their mother.

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Either the judge did not have enough salary, or he really decided that the children and their dad would be no worse, even if their mother was almost completely deprived of dates with them ... One way or another, but at some point Gerald Garson began to pass sentences only in favor of husbands. And he endured them for several years. And everything, perhaps, would have continued further if not for Frida Khanimov - an attractive blonde who was born in the USSR, immigrated to Israel, and later moved to the United States. In America, she married Yuri Khanimov. In the marriage, the spouses had three children, and then the husband left, leaving the family not a cent. Frida filed for divorce. As a result, Judge Garson awarded the children to live with their father, and left Frida not only without children, but also property. Quickly enough after the divorce, Frida got married, but all this time she fought to get her kids back. In October 2002, already in her fifth month of pregnancy, Frida accidentally learned that the judge had been bribed by her ex-husband's lawyer Siminovsky. He gave him a bribe through a certain Nissim Elmann. Frida turned out to be a heroic mom - when she found out what had happened, she immediately called the district attorney's hotline. She was scheduled to meet - she agreed without the slightest hesitation to put on a microphone and went to meet with Elmann to offer him a bribe for another decision of the judge. Elmann replied that her ex-husband Yuri paid so well that it is no longer possible to get another decision from the judge.

Wiretapping and surveillance continued for some time, and in April 2003, Judge Garzon was arrested. Soon Siminovsky's lawyer was also arrested. Among the accusations against him there was also confidential communication with Judge Garzon, which is prohibited by law: if a judge is considering a case, then he can meet with a lawyer in the case only on condition that a defender is present at the meeting and from the opposite side. And Siminovsky also entertained the judge with dinners, paid his bills, gave him money directly ... even a box of expensive Cuban cigars that Garson received from a lawyer, and that was marked as a “bribe”. Ultimately, Siminovsky received “only” a year in prison. It was a kind of gift to him for admitting guilt and agreeing to cooperate with the prosecutor's office. He also lost his lawyer's license forever. By the way, two clients of this lawyer were sentenced to hundreds of hours of community service and several months in prison for donating money to the judge through Elmann - these are the same husbands who have the same lawyer who has the judge in his pocket ... By the way, the convicts the clients did not even know if their money reached the judge or not. Their cases were later reviewed and custody of the children was given to ex-wives. By the way, in total, the New York courts had to review fifty divorce cases, as a result, only in three cases of Garson were not changed.

For three years, Gerald Garson and his lawyers tried to reject the accusations. During this time, he was diagnosed with cancer, he went through a complex operation, and the investigators continued and continued to find new episodes. But the judge did not give up, unlike his assistant Nissim Elmann, who pleaded guilty to seven criminal and six administrative crimes in February 2005. During the investigation, it turned out that he himself, the seller of electronics, met the judge when he divorced his own wife. At trial, Nissim admitted that he handed over twenty-four thousand dollars to Judge Garzon for Siminovsky. As a result, Elmann was sentenced to a decent prison term, and he was later denied parole.

In April 2007, Gerald Garson was convicted of third degree bribery. And even though the jury acquitted him on some counts, this did not particularly improve the situation - on June 2007, XNUMX, Judge Berry delivered as many as three sentences in the Garson case, resulting in a total sentence of up to ten years of freedom. Gerald Garson, hearing about this, shouted to the whole audience that he was very sorry. His lawyers pleaded for leniency, stressing the defendant's illnesses - alcoholism, bladder cancer and others. But Judge Berry denied all requests for leniency, noting that the Brooklyn people deserved more than such a judge. "You are not some dumbass, you are a smart person with a decent education."

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True, many at that moment were sincerely sorry for Garson. To his health problems was added grief - his granddaughter died, one of the adult sons of the former judge was mentally retarded and had to be taken care of. But the verdict remained in effect. Garzon went through a mandatory detox program and arrived at the New York State Supreme Court in Brooklyn on June 28, 2007 to begin serving his sentence. He was sent to prison, which is located almost two hundred miles from New York, where he was held for the next two years. Garson was released home in December 2009, considering that at such an advanced age, parole is appropriate. True, on condition that until June 2017 he does not cooperate with any law firm, does not drink alcohol and undergoes a special check with an officer. When he was released, Garson tried to appeal his conviction, but the Supreme Court dismissed all of his appeals.

Gerald Phillip "Jerry" Garson died in February 2016 of the year. His case was perhaps the loudest in a series of such cases. Both lawyers and other judges made their findings. But husbands, who are afraid of such “decision makers” wives, apparently not. And in vain. To bring such and such a lawyer to the clean water, and such a judge, as life has shown, is not so difficult. Even a fourth child pregnant woman who has been taken to the extreme can do this.

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