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How to become a truck dispatcher in the USA and earn $30 for 15 minutes of work remotely

Due to the pandemic, the remote work market in America has expanded greatly, and even residents of other countries can now get a remote job in the United States.

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At the same time, there are professions that allow you to work online with the most convenient schedule for you and earn from $ 30 in 15 minutes. Yes, that's right: $30 for 15 minutes of your time. This is possible if you are a truck dispatcher in the US logistics market.

A truck dispatcher is a specialist who finds a profitable load for a trucker, then draws up the best route and accompanies the driver remotely helping him deliver the load to its destination. For this, he receives his percentage of the total profit for shipping.

The essence of the work of the dispatcher of cargo transportation in the United States

At the Dispatch42 School for training dispatchers, they explained to us in detail how, on what and how much truck dispatchers earn in America. If you are also interested in more information, sign up for a master class on the work of truck dispatchers in Telegram.

In addition, Dispatch42 channel there is a video on this topic. A professional dispatcher analyzes the dispatcher's work process and his final earnings for 1 transportation.

This is one of the most popular logistics videos in the US, with over 80 views.

The work of the dispatcher consists of five main steps

Stage one: tools for the work of the track manager

In order to make money in the field of dispatching, in addition to a computer, headphones, printer and Internet access, you need to install special paid platforms and applications that allow you to find and register cargo for transportation within the United States.

What are these programs

Firstly LoadBoard - a platform on which dispatchers find goods for transportation. Information about the cargo enters the platform through a broker: he publishes details about the cargo itself, as well as payment terms. The dispatcher studies them and selects the appropriate load (cargo) for his driver. On average, access to LoadBoard costs $40-$200 per month.

Google maps a map of the US territory, where you can see the location of your driver, calculate where it is best to send it, and also trace the route of delivery of cargo from point A to point B. The program is free for users.

IP telephony – to negotiate with a driver, broker or company owner. For example, you can use RingCentral. Its price is $25 per month.

Services for signing documents in electronic format, for example PDFescape - $6 per month.

Email – for negotiating and exchanging documentation with brokers and drivers. This program is free.

Dispatchers often use special support platforms to keep records and always have at hand information about the drivers, transactions and brokers they work with. Suitable for this Google Sheets. The program is free, but you don't have to use it.

Access to all these programs is offered by the company where the dispatcher works. If he works for himself, he pays for the subscription to these programs at his own expense.

Stage two: work with a broker and a driver

Working with a driver is one of the main components in the dispatcher's earnings. Experts in this field keep in constant contact with their truck drivers, know about their preferences for cargo transportation, as well as how far and to which states they are ready to go. Based on this, the dispatcher is looking for a suitable load for his tracker. But before finding him, the dispatcher must know exactly where the driver is, whether he is free and ready for a new load.

Driver preference example

The search for cargo begins at the moment when the trucker informed the dispatcher that he was approaching check in, that is, to the point of delivery of the previous cargo. On average, the shipment and delivery of cargo takes about two hours, after which it is already possible to load the truck with the next product.

Thus, the dispatcher usually has enough time to find a new load for the trucker. He will search for it on LoadBoard, focusing on the location of the trucker, his preferences and, of course, on the level of transportation payment.

Stage three: search for cargo

Example of loads on Loadboard

The search for cargo begins with viewing the offers of brokers on LoadBoard. In this case, the dispatcher must first set the preferred search parameters on the platform: a possible route, limits on the weight of the cargo, and so on. In this case, the program will filter the offers and will issue only those that meet the specified requirements.

Of course, the dispatcher not only chooses the most suitable cargo, but also conducts online negotiations with the broker. They discuss the details and terms of the deal, in addition, the dispatcher usually tries to negotiate the highest possible delivery fee, citing various reasons why shipping could cost more than what is indicated in the description.

After agreeing on the price, the weight and type of cargo, route, time and place of delivery are checked. Then the dispatcher sends a request to the broker to pick up this cargo along with official data about himself or his company - MC.

If the broker confirms the transaction (sends a rate confirmation), the dispatcher believes that he and his drivers have received the cargo. In the slang of dispatchers, this is called "boot load"

Stage four: paperwork

When the broker and the dispatcher have agreed on the delivery of the cargo, they exchange personal information. The dispatcher sends data about himself, the driver and the company to which he provides dispatching services. The broker, in turn, sends a Carrier Packet with confidential information about the company that needs to transport the cargo.

In addition, the dispatcher is obliged to check the Rate Confirmation received from the broker. It should indicate the price of the cargo, the places of loading and unloading. If there are no errors in the document, the dispatcher signs it with an electronic signature and sends it back to the broker.

After that, he notifies his driver that there is a new cargo for delivery. The trucker can go on the road.

Stage Five: Driver Dispatch

The dispatcher is obliged to inform the driver of all the most important details on the delivery of the cargo, which are contained in the Rate Confirmation:

  • time/address/load number;
  • time/address/unload number;
  • cargo data.

After that, the truck driver is obliged to keep the dispatcher informed about his movements: when he arrived for loading, when he left, when he arrived for unloading, and so on.

After the driver has delivered the goods to the destination and unloaded, he sends the dispatcher Bill of Lading - Confirmation of delivery of cargo and unloading. The document is sent to the broker, and he, in turn, is obliged to send money for the work performed.

How much does the dispatcher earn on one delivery

As a rule, a professional dispatcher takes no more than 15 minutes to complete all these stages of work.

On average, a dispatcher in the United States receives 3-6% of the profit from the transportation of one cargo for his work. Let's calculate the earnings of a novice dispatcher who charges 3% of the profit for his services.

The scheme of formation of the dispatcher's earnings on the example of transportation of one cargo for $3000

Earnings are calculated according to the scheme: cargo cost / 100% * 3%. Loads and costs vary, but 3% of the profit is a minimum of $30, and in just 15 minutes of work.

The dispatcher is guaranteed to receive his interest within 2-3 days if he works through a factoring company.

How much does a truck dispatcher earn per month

On average, 1 truck makes $30 per month. This means that the dispatcher earns at least 000% of this: $3 / 30% * 000% = $100

But the dispatcher's salary also depends on how many trucks he drives. As a rule, on average it is 6-7 trucks. So, their earnings are: $900 * 6 trucks = $5400/month.

But it can be much higher if:

  1. The dispatcher is driving more tracks.
  2. Takes a larger percentage of profits.

How to become a truck dispatcher in America

If you want to become a truck dispatcher in the USA and are ready to immerse yourself in this process in more detail, we invite you to take part in a master class from the school Dispatch42 School.

As part of the master class, Dispatch42’s top dispatcher Nick Pleshuv will go through all 5 stages of the dispatcher’s work in detail and demonstrate in Live format how to earn $ 15 in 30 minutes, and at the end of the lesson he will answer all your questions.

You can check when the next master class will take place. link.

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Dispatch42 School

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