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How to create a successful business in the USA without English and for a couple of thousand dollars

Ivan Dyakov, a serial entrepreneur who founded and sold a successful cleaning company in the United States, is now helping immigrants start their own business in America. His company is ready to share marketing experience, data on the cleaning services market, as well as ready-made ideas and scripts for websites, in order to reduce the risks of new entrepreneurs to almost zero and allow them to earn up to $ 100 thousand a year. More details about the services company All Cleaning US Read here.

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In a new interview, Ivan told ForumDaily that immigrants do not need perfect English to create a successful business in the United States. Thanks to the time-tested online scripts, you can communicate with the client even with a minimum level of language. In addition, Ivan shared the secrets of creating an effective business website.

The minimum level of English for building a successful business in the USA sounds incredible. What does this mean, and how does the system you created work?

This means that you can open a business and become successful with a minimum level of English. I set up a site, online booking, online chat, I give the necessary scripts for service dialogs. Thus, more than 90% of communication occurs online.

I had a customer - a professional simultaneous translator who knew English and Italian at the native speaker level, but this did not help him in business. Since being able to speak and being able to do business are two different things. After working together, he became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his field (carpet and upholstery cleaning).

Most customers in the United States do not really like to waste time on conversations (although small talk has not been canceled) - they need to quickly get high-quality service. The average American is bombarded with so much spam, ads, and calls every day that he prefers to work with either the companies he knows or those where most communication automated so that you can independently place an order, pay, etc. That is, often you need a simple site with an interface that is understandable to the end client and the ordering process.

What level of earnings can you reach if you order the setting of a site and online services from you?

Some of my clients in the first month of work earned up to 10 thousand dollars a week, but this is rather the exception. On average, budding entrepreneurs earn between $ 200 and $ 600 a day, but it depends not only on how I set up the IT part. A lot depends on how much the entrepreneur is ready to immerse himself in the nuances of doing business, his experience and so on. You have to be ready for real work 24/7.

On the subject: Income up to 100 thousand a year: a Russian has built a successful cleaning business in the United States and helps other immigrants to open their business

Of course, there are those who do not have clients at all in the first days of work, since in the USA there is very strong competition in almost all areas, and it is not an easy task to become a noticeable and successful business. Previously I already told about the service "turnkey cleaning business". As part of this service, the chances of making a profit are greater than those of competitors, of course, are higher. If I have appeals in other areas of business, then of course I will try to help everyone.

Most of my clients are cleaning companies, moving, household appliance repair, handman services, construction and repair. That is, the most popular areas of business among immigrants. Therefore, I have something to offer almost every customer.

Let's face it: the services of IT contractors from Eastern Europe or freelancers when creating a site will be cheaper. Why should novice businessmen in the US go to you?

If “our” customer wants to save money, then of course he will find an IT specialist he knows or guys from post-Soviet countries. I can not compete with them in price, since the cost of work in the US is initially higher. But it is worth noting that about 50% of my clients came to me just after a bad experience working with remote teams or freelancers.

Yes, they saved and got a site, at best, they got ads set up if there was a budget for that. However, without knowledge of the features of doing business, the competitive environment, the mentality of customers, this becomes useless. Moreover, IT contractors so skillfully hide their competencies behind technical terms that it is really difficult for a person without special experience to choose a reliable IT partner.

If the need to save is very urgent, then I recommend using various site designers. True, this will be an interim solution, but it is also an option. In addition, you can use social networks to search for partners and customers. A great tool in this regard is LinkedIn. You can read more about this option. here.

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What advice would you give to those who want to open a business in the United States, but have a low level of English and are limited in finances?

As an entrepreneur, I will say that the language and amount of investment to start is very important, but not critical. The main thing is to believe in your strengths and not give up. It is also very important at first to choose reliable contractors in those areas where you do not have enough competencies, or to outsource some of the functionality. Of course, as a leader web studios I would be happy to become such an IT services contractor. My prices are much lower than American companies, plus I focus on the difference in mentality and language barrier.

By the way, about the web studio ... How did one person think of combining the cleaning business and the web studio? What was the inspiration?

Not really combined, these are two different projects of mine. I came to IT quite by accident, and was always very far from this. It so happened that, living in Russia, I invested or led a number of IT startups. I often had to communicate with programmers, designers, and so on. After moving to the USA, I was working on one IT startup, but it so happened that the two remote teams from Russia and Belarus that I led did not cope with the tasks for various reasons. It is worth noting that the cost of their work was significantly lower than that of contractors in the United States. Then I decided to try on my own to do part of the project work and for a couple of months I mastered the necessary skills. Of course, previous experience in IT has greatly helped this.

On the subject: Personal experience of a Russian-speaking immigrant: how to find investors or work in the USA through LinkedIn

Why did you decide to open a web studio in the USA, because there are so many of them?

In fact, only I work in my web studio, I take only small orders, which do not need a large team to complete. I myself went through many entrepreneurial stages, from the creation of various companies in the USA (there is even my own charitable foundation) to the sale of a business and the attraction of investments, therefore I speak the same language with my customers.

Among other things, I talk about doing business in the United States, where to find clients, which advertising platforms work, and which are a waste of time and money. You know how Americans know how to “pack” a product or service, but in fact, there may be nothing behind it. Thus, my knowledge in marketing and sales comes to the fore. After all, entrepreneurs do not need a beautiful, but useless website, but they need customers and sales of goods or services. We need stable revenue and profit.

Also, not everyone wants to work for years "for uncle", so many aspiring entrepreneurs have a motivation for success, which locals do not have, because they do not need to "conquer America." If my customer chose the wrong direction in business or incorrectly calculated profitability, I can recommend him what needs to be fixed. Since I need the customer, over time, when the business will generate enough income, be able to order services from me to promote it, set up advertising, and so on, I am really interested in the success of each project.

If you want to contact Ivan Dyakov for advice or order one of his services, you can leave a request below the article or go to his siteto select and purchase the service of interest. Ivan also provides free consultations in order to help with the selection of a specific service and the selection of an effective site format and its settings.

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