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How a Russian-speaking immigrant doctor treats Indians in Alaska

Alexander London is an Emergency Medicine Specialist. He works as a paramedic and director of medical affairs at a hospital in the remote Alaska region of Fort Yukon. Alexander managed to gain favor and trust from the local Athabaskan tribe. He told his story “Voice of America".

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Alexander spends 6 months a year in Fort Yukon, but his house and family are all located in Anchorage, Alaska. Due to the lack of medical workers, he has a shift method of work, that is, three to four weeks in Fort Yukon, and the same number at home. For the staff, this is the usual way of working. While in Fort Yukon, Alexander works seven days a week. After finishing work, in the evening he is also in touch. That is, if something happens, they call it.

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In Russia, Alexander worked as a surgeon. In 1979, he graduated from medical school and went north.

“Since then, I have lived all my life in the regions of the Far North in the Arctic Circle,” says Alexander.

He came to Alaska by coincidence. When the border opened, people from Alaska, in particular from the Alaska Native Medical Center, began to come to Chukotka. And so he met a surgeon from a medical center, who several times visited Chukotka and invited Alexander to Alaska. Having visited Alaska twice, there was no thought to remain in the USA. During the third visit to Alaska, the Soviet Union collapsed, and Alexander has since remained in the United States.

“It wasn't easy. I arrived without knowing the language, without connections. I literally had nothing. I started everything from the beginning and received a diploma from three American universities, ”the hero recalls.

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He has been working in Fort Yukon for the past 12 years.

Having already been here in the USA, Alexander met Olga from Russia. At that time, she was in a difficult situation: her husband died, she was left alone with the child. There was perestroika outside the window, there was no work or livelihood. She corresponded with Alexander for two years, after which she moved to him in Alaska.

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Olga admits that it was in Alaska that she felt a second wind and confidence that here she can do anything. She graduated from the university, received a new education and got a job. Not surprisingly, her work is related to medicine.

“I work with the staff, organize transportation, caring for a person at home, that is, we hire a person who will take care of a person with a disability. I will arrange all kinds of services so that the person can stay at home with all kinds of Medicaid services. ” - says Olga.

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She admits that it is very unusual to live with a person who is constantly on the move.

“For me, working in the north is an opportunity to work with those people who do not receive all the necessary services, because they live in remote areas and, naturally, the amount of medical care there is insufficient. This makes it possible to bring help, ”says Alexander.

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Alexander says that at the very beginning of his career there were fewer specialists. Fort Yukon has experienced major positive changes over the past 12 years. A new medical center was opened here, new specialists came, managed to establish medical contacts with big cities.

However, when he returns home, he changes his rhythm of life.

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He enjoys what is not on the trip: silence, the opportunity to sit by the fireplace and spend time with his wife.

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