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How to sell an old iPhone at the maximum price and with minimal hassle

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

September 7 Apple presented the seventh model of the iPhone, and this means that there will be a lot of people willing to sell their old devices to buy a fresh model.

Edition Time gathered a few tips on how to sell old iPhone models at the maximum price and at the minimum hassle.

If you are not against making a description of your phone, its promotion on the site, discussing the price with customers, then the site can be quite profitable in terms of money. Craigslistbut, as you already understood, there will be a lot of trouble here.

One of the easiest ways to sell an iPhone is to use wireless companies: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile all have programs for acquiring old devices, but, unfortunately, they do not offer the best prices for them.

Therefore, we offer you a list of other sites where you can sell old iPhones.

Amazon's trade-in program offers up to $ 265 for the 6GB iPhone 16. This is the most profitable offer at the moment, which assumes almost perfect condition of the smartphone. On average, prices for the sixth model on Amazon range from $ 105 to $ 265. It is worth remembering that the company does not pay for the purchase of goods - for your iPhone you will receive an Amazon gift card for a certain amount.

Apple's Trade Up program also does not pay with money, but provides discounts in stores for old iPhones. This program offers gift cards up to $ 225 for iPhone 6 on 16GB.

Best Buy Offers a $ 166 network gift card for iPhone 6 on 16GB in good condition.

In the shop Gazelle You can get $ 50 for an old broken iPhone that doesn't even turn on, $ 160 for a smartphone in good condition, or $ 176 for an iPhone that looks just like new.

Clyde Is a service of communication between the seller and the buyer, which does not require uploading a photo of the product and creating extensive descriptions for it, you just need to report its sale on the website. At the moment, for a 6GB iPhone 16, the seller can get up to $ 265 on this site.

NextWorth offers up to $ 190 for iPhone 6 on 16GB in good condition or up to $ 210 if the device looks like new.

Swappa offers 2 options for sellers. You can download and sell a 6GB iPhone 16 immediately (the company will buy it), then you get $ 190; but you can publish an advertisement on a product on the website and wait for a direct customer to come to you - this is a little longer and more difficult, but in this case, you can get up to $ 310 for the device.

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