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How to receive a parcel if you do not have a permanent address or do not want to use it

More and more people are shopping online these days thanks to the convenience and wider choice of online stores. But the obvious downside to shopping online is that you need to be able to receive packages to a physical address. Edition Usebounce told what alternatives exist for receiving parcels.

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There are many reasons why you may not receive your packages at home. You may be in the business of buying gifts and don't want the people you live with to know what you are ordering. Maybe no one is at home during the day to safely receive the package. Maybe you live in a small apartment where the goods will not be delivered to you. Or maybe it’s just more convenient for you to pick up the parcel elsewhere and deliver it home yourself.

Here are some home delivery alternatives to consider if you can't or don't want to receive home deliveries.

Service of receiving parcels

A parcel pick-up service is a great way to receive goods without using your home address. Parcel pick-up services can accept your parcels and store them until you are ready to pick them up. This gives you the ability to protect your packages from theft and weather damage, and also means they'll be ready when it's best for you.

The parcel pick-up service is an excellent solution to the problem of delivering parcels not to your home address. They are also useful if you are wondering how to deliver something secretly. A parcel delivery service can store your items outside of your home so your surprises don't get spoiled before you can gift them.

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One of the great benefits of a parcel pick-up service is that it gives you the actual mailing address to which parcels need to be delivered. This is useful because many online retailers do not ship items to PO Boxes or addresses other than real ones.

Services like these can also be useful for cross-border shopping or if you are in a different location than usual, such as if you are on a business trip.

Parcel storage systems

A parcel storage system is another good solution if you don't want your parcels to arrive at your home. Some cells are completely contactless. You can agree with the driver about the delivery so that he leaves the parcel in a cell convenient for you, and then you can pick up the parcel yourself.

Alternatively, you can use a pick-up service for added security. But remember that if you choose this option, you will need to take into account the opening hours of the service in order not to come to pick up the package after the service closes.


A mailbox works similarly to a parcel locker, but more generally suits both mail and parcels. The postman drops your mail in a box and locks it. Then you can take everything. Mailboxes aren't just for mail. Some of them are large enough to accept even large packages.

Like the parcel locker, the mailbox is completely contactless. However, it is recommended that you check with the shipping company before using it. While a PO Box can be a great solution if you need a service that will receive mail and packages for you, some companies don't deliver to a PO Box and instead require an address.

Delivery of the package to a friend (or to the office)

“What if I don’t want the parcel delivered to my home,” you say, “but I cannot find a parcel pick-up service near me?” Well, in that case, your best bet might be to see if a friend can get your packages for you. If you know someone who is at home during the day, this may be the easiest way to get your packages. A friend will probably be more flexible about when you can pick up your packages. And it may cost you nothing, although it would be nice to give your friend something to help you.

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If you don't have a friend to help you, consider whether it is possible to deliver packages to your work place. This can be a very handy solution if you're already at work anyway, and saves you a trip to the postal service.

Of course, this depends on your workplace. Not every company allows its employees to do this. Your office may run out of storage space for packages. It is always recommended to check with your employer first.

Plus, you may not want your coworkers to know what you are buying online. In this case, the best option for receiving parcels without using your home address is to use a parcel pick-up service to keep your online orders safe.

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