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How to get an IT specialty in New York in 3 weeks!

This profession has a complicated and long name - “a specialist in software quality control”, but in a simple way we usually call it “tester”. To master it and get into the world of IT, which is so desired for many, has now become much easier - just three weeks of intensive training in the center IT Pass - and you are ready to conquer new horizons. This is the easiest way to get into the IT world.

Graduates of IT Pass School. Photo author

Center IT Pass Brighton Beach is still young - a little less than 2's. During this time, its creators managed to release 7 courses. The first graduates have already found their first job in the profession.

IT Pass co-owner Alexander Rubinstein says: they and their colleague Valery Kruglyak have been working in this field for more than 20 years. At some point, familiar recruiters began asking them to hold seminars for those who want to become testers or to prepare people for an interview.

They did it once or twice - requests became more frequent. And then Donald Trump won the election, the issuance of H1B work visas, which many IT specialists came to the US, became more complicated - employers rushed to look for employees among those already in America - and it was decided to open courses on an ongoing basis.

Practice from day one

Manual testing is taught here for the entire 3 week. The authors of the course assure that the basics of the profession can be mastered so quickly that they are not scattered on different things, but are taught precisely to testing. And not in theory, but in practice.

Lesson in IT Pass. Photo author

“Our course has its own flavor, which fundamentally distinguishes it from other seminars. We have a website that we have created ourselves, and students test it during their studies. The site is deliberately made with errors. Using his example, students write all the documentation, we find errors, draw up reports, that is, we do everything that a person working as a tester does. Accordingly, when our students come for interviews, they do not just tell the theory, but describe the process of work - this is a colossal difference, "says Alexander Rubinstein.

The groups on the course are small - from 5 to 10 people, so each student is actually taught individually here. After all, everyone has his past and his experience. Former trucker to get used to the computer more difficult than the former accountant, and therefore time to master the material need more. Teachers are not only willing to engage in additional with those who are lagging behind, but they are also allowed to take the course twice - if you do not understand the first time or if you want to consolidate your knowledge before going to the interview.

From the basics to a difficult course

To the interview in the center IT Pass cook diligently, based on their own experience. This is because teachers themselves are extremely interested in finding jobs for their students. Firstly, this is the best advertisement for the center, and secondly - for each employee who is employed, they receive a commission from recruiters.

After the first graduates began to get jobs and develop, they began to come to school and ask to teach them more. Then the teachers thought about creating a more complex course on advanced - automated (automated) - testing.

If “manual” testers earn $ 55-60 thousand a year from the start, then, having mastered automated testing, you can immediately raise your income to 100 thousand.

To do this, you need to learn the Selenium program. “Both of these specialties are now in great demand on the market,” says Alexander Rubinstein. “If you do your research on the Internet, you can see that there are about 800 proposals in the area of ​​automated testing in the New York area alone. I would say that for specialists who have mastered Selenium, the chances of finding a job are close to 100%. "

However, not everyone can master the advanced course, so the teachers warn that if you did not have any past associated with computer work, it will be difficult to study, but nothing is impossible, the main thing is desire. Usually, Alexander suggests that new students first take a short course and only then move on to an in-depth one. Moreover, in this case, there is a $ 500 discount for the second course. A 3-week seminar costs $ 1000 ($ 100 discount for early registration), and a 12-week seminar costs $ 2700, with a discount of $ 2200.

Work is not guaranteed - but help to search

During the courses, teachers not only write resumes with students, but also carefully prepare them for interviews, playing the entire process over and over again. But promise 100% employment in the IT Pass can not.

“I am proud of those graduates who, in addition to the lessons, study themselves. We are often asked at the Open House if we guarantee a job. The question I ask is, does Harvard guarantee a job? No, after all. And we are not. The job is guaranteed by your desire to do it, ”says Alexander.

Alexander Rubinstein. Photos from the personal archive

True, with each new release of the employed testers becomes more and more. Nikolai finished a short three-week course last fall. He himself is a former driver, and he honestly admits that initially he was skeptical about trying to master a new profession, he went to courses rather out of interest. When I started going to the first interviews, refusals fell down. But the man did not give up.

“One, two, three - and, in the end, I got my hands on the interview and stopped being afraid. After that, almost immediately I was hired. I came to a small company that makes mobile applications for banks, and honestly told them that I practically had no experience. I was unexpectedly not refused, the manager suggested: let's take a look at you. And after some time I was given a contract for a year at $ 35 per hour, ”says Nikolai. Now he is going to sit down at his desk again - to study Selenium.

After graduating from the IT Pass courses, Valery also got to work in a startup, he tests software for applications for the restaurant business. He says: he also had to run around in interviews, many of his experience did not fit, but in the end they still found what they needed: “Finding a job is work, many do not understand this, but it took me several months to do it,” says the man ...

Classes in IT Pass. Photo author

Alexander confirms: in order to be guaranteed a job after the courses, you need to send several resumes every day. And then sooner or later the quantity will grow into quality. Now the company has plans to organize for its students a kind of internships in various start-ups - so that they still try themselves in a real project before they go looking for work.

In addition, the plans for IT Pass - geographical expansion. In the near future, they plan to open a branch in Queens - there are already many who want to learn. All this Alexander Rubinstein promises to tell at the Open House Day (Open House). Everyone will be waiting 30 April at 8 PM at: 1117 Brighton Beach Ave, 4th Floor, Brooklyn. The course itself starts on May 3.

Detailed information about the schedule and registration on the site

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