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How to prepare a child for the future, and where does English?

Our children will be citizens of a world where everyone speaks English. It doesn't matter if they decide to live in Russia or want to move to another country. Already today the borders between states are becoming more conditional. You can live in Moscow, study in Tokyo, and work in New York, without leaving your own kitchen. More and more companies are choosing to hire remote workers around the world, and in 15 years this will become the norm. Knowledge of English will become as essential as knowing how to use a computer today. The worst thing we can do is to let our children out into this world unprepared. Therefore, you need to start learning English as early as childhood.

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On the way there are difficulties. Strict school rules scare more than they attract, and as a result, many people develop a persistent hostility towards English. Unfortunately, practice shows that the school language learning system is outdated. We need advanced, innovative methods adapted to modern children and their interests.

Online English School Skyeng proposes a solution: a unique technique, specially designed for classes with the youngest students. Let's see what difficulties arise in working with children of preschool and primary school age, and how Skyeng teachers cope with them.

Small children are not accustomed to strict discipline and to a teacher-student relationship.

There is no need to get used to it too early. Therefore, a teacher at Skyeng is first and foremost an interlocutor, friend and helper who can be trusted. This teacher will not scold for mistakes (after all, it is the fear of making mistakes that causes the language barrier!). The teacher's job is to inspire, which is why every Skyeng tutor praises, supports and guides their little students by becoming a guide for them in the Skyeng educational ecosystem. Video chat creates the effect of the teacher's presence in the atmosphere familiar to the child. So the activity is perceived by the child as entertainment, and not as a lesson. By the way, you can choose both a Russian-speaking and an English-speaking teacher, depending on the level of the child. Skyeng online lessons are held individually, at any time convenient for the child and parents.

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Young children find it difficult to incubate “classic” lessons, they want to play, be active, feel at ease.

Skyeng takes into account the needs of children, and therefore classes are designed so that they can not get bored. Lessons include motor activity and even easy pranks. The teacher may offer the child to play hide and seek, run around the room, jump on the spot, sing or dance. Of course, the conversation will be conducted in English, all games are aimed at memorizing new words and expressions. During the lesson, one activity is quickly replaced by another, and the child simply does not have time to get bored. In addition, for preschool children, lessons last only 25 minutes, and for 7-9-year-old children - 40 minutes.

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The child is too busy with other creative and developmental activities, and you are afraid that the language classes may “overload” him.

Skyeng lessons include an obligatory creative component. In the process of training, the child will draw on the computer, select suitable hats for funny snowmen, solve light logical puzzles, invent fairy tales, and so on. Thus, simultaneously with the development of language skills, the overall development of the child takes place. In fact, the child does his favorite things: sings, draws, fantasizes, plays, dances. English becomes the language of creativity and play, as well as the language in which the child’s friendship with the teacher is formed. In the process of this friendship, children can easily get rid of embarrassment and language barrier. And this will allow them to later easily integrate into the environment of their English-speaking peers.

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You are not sure that the child will enjoy English classes and that he will not be shy to speak with a stranger.

Nothing prevents you from trying the first lesson for free. Skyeng educators will assess the level of knowledge, lead a guided tour of the virtual classroom, talk about learning methods and give individual recommendations. To continue classes or not is up to you. But if you decide to study at Skyeng, keep in mind that it will always be possible to reschedule the class or change the teacher. And if you want a refund, Skyeng will compensate for any unused lessons.

Sign up for the first free lesson you can here. For readers of the Forumdaily + 2 lesson as a gift when you first pay for the promo code FORUMDAILY2.

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