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How to send a parcel to the USA from the USA

There are several options for how to send a parcel from the United States to the CIS countries. Photo:

There are several options for how to send a parcel from the United States to the CIS countries. Photo:

Sending gifts from America home to family or friends is troublesome, but pleasant. Especially if you find an inexpensive and reliable delivery option. ForumDaily learned that in general it is possible and impossible to send overseas, how long the parcel will take from one end of the world to the other, and how much it costs.

From America with the package

Natalia Zakharova has been living in the USA for several years. She moved from Russia, although she herself is from Kazakhstan. It was there that her parents and relatives remained. She sends them packages quite often. They are usually - clothes for children and adults and sweets. In order to send parcels, Natalia chooses the airmail by regular USPS mail.

“I buy a box in advance at the post office, I pack and seal everything at home. I always pay for additional insurance for premium status - this way the package goes faster. It turns out more expensive - for a parcel weighing 8-12 kg more than $ 100 - but it is safe, and there is an opportunity to track the movement of the cargo along the tracking, ”Natalia shares.

Natalia Zakharova prefers to send parcels by traditional mail.

Natalia Zakharova prefers to send parcels by traditional mail. Photos from the personal archive

But Viktoria Mikhlova, who moved to the United States 9 years ago from Ukraine, the USPS mail services did not fit just because of the high cost. She sent a lot of parcels to different cities - not only to relatives, but also to orphanages, to charity. Of the advantages of USPS, Natalia notes the speed of delivery, of the minuses, besides the high cost, there are restrictions on what can be put in parcels that will be delivered by plane.

In the end, Victoria chose the Meest courier service. “Heavy boxes can be sent. Food, clothing, toys - everything comes without any problems. Conveniently, it is possible to track the parcel. In addition, once the courier did not find the host at home and left. I called the Meest branch in the USA - on the same day they phoned the receiver and re-delivered the parcel, ”lists the advantages of Victoria.

Victoria Mikhlova chooses a meest courier service. Photos from the personal archive

Another Ukrainian Olga Khvastovich, who has been living in the United States for 3 years, also sends many parcels to her homeland. She herself is from Donbass and it is there that she sends things and gifts - not only to relatives and friends, but also to orphanages, refugee children and local residents who suffered from the war. Of all the possible options, she chose the American charity mission "Nazarene", which sends parcels by sea. This type of delivery takes much longer - about two months, but this does not bother Olga - neither clothes, nor toys, nor dry food that she sends out spoil. “It comes out cheaper than other services, for much more weight,” says Olga. "In addition, you can track the package, and they bring it directly to the recipient's home."

Olga Khvastovich considers the Nazarene service to be the most convenient option.

Olga Khvastovich considers the Nazarene service the most convenient option. Photos from the personal archive

ForumDaily compared the services of basic services that are engaged in sending international parcels from the United States so that everyone can make their choice.

Price issue

The cost of sending is one of the main factors that most often tip the scales towards one or another service.


Pros and cons of each of the services

1. US Postal Service (USPS)

Usually USPS works without complaints - all deliveries are made on time. For most parcels, it is a week or two. But even on their website they write that the time may vary depending on the destination. In the case of sending to the CIS countries, parcels often go longer because of delays at domestic receiving points. In addition, recipients sometimes complain that parcels from America are printed in the local post offices. You can track how and at what stage the delay occurs if you select a tariff with a tracking number. And the insurance will protect you from losses, even if the parcel is lost.

USPS international services are quite expensive. How much will it cost to deliver exactly your package can be calculated using a calculator on USPS page.

Helpful advice: Standard shipping boxes can be taken at USPS offices for free - they are located on a special stand at the entrance. They are allowed to take them home and later bring the ready-made package to the department.

2. Meest

Courier services are also popular, which deliver goods directly to the recipient.

Meest is one such service. The company sends parcels to individuals in the countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus.


Since the main office of Meest is located in New Jersey, the package must first be sent there. This can be done either by courier or FedEx delivery service.

To find a courier nearby, you can use the search.

If you send it yourself, FedEx stickers and instructions can be found on the courier service website.

When collecting a parcel, first of all make sure that it does not exceed the permissible weight standards and does not contain any prohibited products. The list can be viewed on the Meest page.

Helpful advice: Choosing a tariff, pay attention to the final destination. This can be a post office (cheaper) or directly to the recipient (more expensive, because the courier passes from hand to hand). If the courier did not catch the recipient at home, then you can contact the Meest branch and arrange another delivery. Whether there is a Courier delivery in your country, it is better to clarify in the Meest.

3. Charitable mission "Nazarene"

The mission "Nazarene", in addition to charity, is also involved in the delivery of goods to the countries of the former Soviet Union. The company's head office is located in Portland (Oregon), but there are collection points in different states of the United States.


Delivery is carried out in the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan.

It is possible to track the barcode on the website.

Delivery to the post office. If you pay $ 10 on delivery to Ukraine and Belarus by sea, the package will be handed directly to the customer.

4. Courier services Fedex, DHL, UPS

They work mainly with companies and sending documents. On time, safe, but very expensive rates. For individuals it is recommended to send by courier service, if urgency is important and the cost of sending is not important.


What can not be sent in the parcels

Before you collect the parcel, it is important to know what is possible and what cannot be sent. The list of prohibited items is on the website of the state mail USPS, Meest postal service, and also on courier delivery sites FedEx, UPS.

The lists may differ slightly for different services, although the basis of the list is the same. Please also note that the requirements for air mail are more stringent - for example, you may be allowed to send liquids and perfumes / varnishes by sea, but never by air.


In addition, the country to which the package is sent may also have its limitations. Therefore, before sending be sure to check the requirements of the courier service and the specific country.

Customs conditions

When sending a parcel abroad, it is very important to correctly fill out the customs declaration CN23 - it depends on this whether the customs will let it go abroad. In the document, it is imperative to indicate the cost of each item that you put into the parcel. Moreover, it is imperative to specify as much as possible what you are sending. If you just write “things”, then the customs office will open the parcel for inspection.

Each of the countries of the former Soviet Union has its own customs restrictions on the delivery of parcels. They, in particular, relate to the maximum allowable weight and value of items invested in the parcel.


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