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How to send a letter, parcel post and parcel from the USA or to the USA

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

“When I came to America, I only corresponded with friends and family by mail; now, of course, everything has changed. But sometimes you still want or just need to send a real letter or send a parcel from the USA. In this article I will describe how to do it ”, writes Andrey Boychuk in an article for Immigrant porada.

How to sign a letter in the USA or from the USA?

So, envelopes must be signed as follows: in the upper left corner we write the sender's address, in the lower right corner - the recipient's address. We glue the stamp in the upper right corner. If shipping within America - 1 mark, outside - 2 marks.

Example of writing the sender's address:

Andriy boychuk

1234 86th street apt # 5

Brooklyn NY 11214

Apt # is your apartment number.

If you send someone a letter to America, then sign the same way: the name of the person to whom you send it, the address, city, state and zip code.

By the way, each state has a specific abbreviation. Therefore, instead of the full name, you can put only two letters of the abbreviation. Here is full list all states and abbreviations for them.

Zip code is the zip code of the city or suburb where you are sending the letter.

If you send a letter, for example, to Ukraine, the order of the address is the same, but it is better to write all the information about the recipient, except for the country, in Cyrillic, because the local mail will already read it. For example:

Andrey Boychuk

st. 20 / 6 Builders



Ukraine (in English)

Letters can be thrown in any mailbox on the street or in the post office. Here is адреса all post offices in America. Just enter the zip code and see the nearest branch.

How to send parcels and parcels in the US

In order to send a parcel or parcel, you need to go to the post office. There is another option: the package can be taken directly from your home, but these are additional costs and, frankly, I have never used it.

For sending parcels and parcels, in addition to mail, there are 2 more large companies that specialize in this - Fedex and UPS. For small parcels, it is better to use regular mail, but the prices for sending large ones need to be checked against the prices of these companies.

The cheapest way to send parcels and parcels by mail is to send at a fixed price. At the post office they give you a box of a fixed size, and you can send everything that you fit there, regardless of the weight of the items.

And believe me, our people can accommodate an unreal number of things there (this is me about myself - sometimes I shoved such things that they looked at me with square eyes?).

Some post offices are equipped with kiosks. In some of them there are always long lines. Therefore, if there is a kiosk in the department, then go to it, even if you do not know how to use it. You would rather learn than wait your turn.

The kiosk contains instructions on how to use it, but it should be noted that you cannot pay in cash here. The kiosks only accept credit and debit cards. You can also buy postage stamps there - at least 10 pieces.

There is also an opportunity to go through the whole procedure online, pay for and print the necessary labels that need to be pasted on the parcel post or parcel, and then just bring the parcel to the post office. In this case, you are not standing in a queue, but simply approach the window and give the parcel, or leave it in a specially designated window.

For the transfer of parcels and parcels from the US abroad

If you plan to send a parcel abroad, you can use one of the services involved in shipment:

USPS (simple mail)

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

I do not recommend sending via USPS, many complain that the packages do not reach as they pass through the national mail of the country where it is sent. I once sent an iPhone to my brother by mail. I sent something, but he did not receive.

Abroad, except for the CIS countries, it is safer and cheaper to send via DHL.

And if you plan to transfer the parcel to the CIS countries, then I recommend you the Ukrainian company Meest. There are also others, such as Dnipro, Roxolana, Ukrainian Express, but I have never used them, so I cannot recommend them to you. By the way, prices in our shipping companies are cheaper than in USPS, Fedex, UPS or DHL.

About the Author: Andrey Boichuk is the founder of Immigrant Porada (, a platform for Ukrainian immigrants in the United States. Cheerful husband beautiful wife and father of a joyful daughter.

This blog is translated from the Ukrainian language. The original article can be found on the website. "Immigrant Porada" (Ukrainian online advice platform for immigrants in the United States).

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