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How to open a cleaning business in the USA and make it successful: personal experience

She claims to be earning $600 a month after starting her own cleaning business at age 000 while six months pregnant. The edition told in more detail Daily Mail.

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The woman told in detail how she went from being financially dependent on her husband to being a self-made millionaire. It all started with the fact that at the age of 23 she opened her own cleaning business.

Jennifer Hernandez shares her story and tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs on her page @tropicalcleanings_ on TikTok, which has amassed over 675 followers in just a few weeks.

The young mom, whose blade company now operates in residential and commercial settings, went viral last month after she claimed she was making $600 a month.

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Hernandez said she cleans five offices a day, seven days a week, and charges $250 for each cleaning, for a total of $8 a week. She also has 759 employees who work eight-hour shifts and earn $20 a day each.

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“Do the math: $600 a month,” she wrote. – The growth of the cleaning industry is fast and real. I'm 000 years old and I just said, "Let's do it." You can too."

The video has been viewed over seven million times and many commenters wanted to know how she got her business started.

Over the past month, Hernandez has posted dozens of videos answering questions about her growing business and sharing tips for getting started.

She explained that she was six months pregnant and needed to take care of a baby when she first started her business.

“I had a big belly. I also had a one year old child that I took with me. I put him in a stroller and cleaned people's houses, ”she recalled.

Her husband soon quit his $18 an hour job to help her grow her business, but they continued to take their child to work until they could afford a babysitter a few months later.

“When you want something, you get it,” she said.

How to start

Hernandez did not have investment money when she opened her business. Now the entrepreneur shares her tips on how to start your own business if you can't afford insurance and register your business.

She recommends joining various apps, including Homeaglow, which connects cleaners with clients. Hernandez advertised her business to neighbors for free using the Nextdoor app.

“You can write a message saying: “Hey guys, I'm starting my own small cleaning business and I want to take on some clients. Write to me if you are interested,” she advised. “People will be drawn to you.”

In addition to the apps, Hernandez recommended getting a magnetic business badge and putting it on your car to attract new customers.

“When people passing by see you cleaning houses, they immediately think to call you,” she explained. “Do you know how much money I got from people who just drove by and saw the logo on my car?”

For those who are really going to start their own business, she advises not to forget to register it and get a social security number for business (EIN). After that, you can open a bank account and get a loan for business development.

And when things have already gone, do not forget that everything comes with time - set small goals, you will not be able to earn a million in the first month of work. Just set realistic goals and improve. For example, earn $3000 a week, hire an assistant, earn $40 a month, hire a few more employees.

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What not to do

In addition to advice, Hernandez also talked about the three most common mistakes that people start their cleaning business make.

The first mistake is to buy a lot of cleaning products and tools without having work contracts. To get started, you need a minimum: a vacuum cleaner, a good mop, garbage bags and quite a bit of cleaning products.

Second, you are not investing in yourself. You do not know anything and do not try to find out about the business that you are planning to open. In this case, you do not know how to evaluate your work, how to behave in meetings with clients, it looks like you do not know what you are doing.

You can get all the necessary information from a person who is already in the cleaning business and is doing it successfully.

And third, but no less important, you don't focus on the business. If you want him to "shoot", give him your full attention. Hire staff so you have more time to find and communicate with clients. Don't try to do everything yourself. Give some of the responsibilities to the hired staff. This way you will have a better chance of success.

@tropicalcleanings_ 3 mistakes people make when starting a cleaning business. #moneymotivation #sidehustles #cleaningbusiness #moneytok #foryoupage #businessideas #cleaningtiktok #cleaningtiktok #smallbusiness #mistakes ♬ original sound – Start your cleaning business
A matter of time

In her videos, Hernandez emphasized that commercial cleaning contracts make her a lot of money, and she used this as an opportunity. Under commercial contracts, she received money in advance, and this allowed her to purchase all the necessary materials.

“When I started, there were ordinary houses, and then I was cleaning Airbnb houses,” she said.

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From there, Hernandez moved on to hotels, gyms, and vehicles before starting to provide office cleaning services.

She eventually opened a second out-of-state cleaning business, and her residential and commercial cleaning companies spun off.

“Personally, I no longer do cleaning because I have a wonderful team that does it for me,” said the businesswoman. “Now I travel from state to state to manage my cleaning business. But before, I just cleaned and did it every single day.”

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