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How to take a break from San Francisco: top 10 seats

When you come to San Francisco to live, work or just relax, at first you revel in the city, carefully study guides and magazines. But there comes a time when you want to take a break from the big city. ForumDaily offers ten alternatives in the vicinity of San Francisco.

1. To the Buddhists on the farm

If you haven’t enjoyed your eyes for a long time, enter the words into the navigator Green gulch and just follow the route.

The Green Gorge Farm was founded by Buddhists who, in a success-oriented and materially prosperous America, are seeking pacification and enlightenment. Life flows there very slowly, although the farm is located just 20 minutes from the always rushing San Francisco. Guests are welcome there all year round.

Green Gorge lives off natural resources - an organic farm and its own restaurant in San Francisco, a bookstore and a Buddhist hotel, where people come from all over America to meditate and disconnect from reality. A sort of private monastery that can provide for itself.

The road leading from San Francisco to the Green Gorge is a beauty that no photo will convey. It is better to leave the car at the very first parking lot, even before the big wooden barrier of the farm, to walk along the eucalyptus alley. The smell here is such that I want to pack it in bottles and carry it with me.

Buddha statues will meet here every step of the way. Even between beds of lettuce and workplaces, there are smiling Buddhas of all sizes and stripes.

In the local canteen for a little money to join the Buddhist cuisine. In the room for tea ceremonies - buy local jam and local cakes. Just do not look for price tags, everything here is worth so much, "how many do not feel sorry."

The main rule for the curious is not to interfere. But to participate - you can. Gardening, Japanese tea ceremony art and other disciplines bordering Buddhism are taught on campus. You can sign up for lectures in advance on Online farm or just podgadat and come specifically to some interesting seminar.

Recently, after a big renovation, the gardens were reopened on the farm. This is not just flower beds and bushes, but without exaggeration - the top of landscape design.

On footpaths you can walk to Muir Beach and to Pirate Bay by grazing horses and a reserve of strange red frogs.

Cost: is free. Parking is free.

Address: 1601 Shoreline Hwy, Muir Beach, CA 94965.

2. City to which no pointer leads

In order to know the name of this city, you must be either a supporter of the hippie culture, or a big lover of love stories. Bolinas is a point on the map that you won't accidentally hit. If only because no pointer leads to the city. They say that the locals simply break them, so that the onlookers do not move out of the highway and do not disturb their peace.

Bolinas in the 60 of the last century seemed to be a magnet attracting freedom-loving hippies from the sultry San Francisco, noisy Los Angeles and Hollywood. Here settled artists and lawyers, poets and lawyers - in general, everyone who was tired of city life and wanted a quiet life in harmony with nature. And since these were, as a rule, bright and even famous personalities, it is not surprising that their life formed the basis of beautiful love stories. So, for example, the writer Daniela Still in Bolinas had not only one heroine’s heart.

The shacks, which were built almost half a century ago, still stand today. There are a little more 600 houses in the town, and if not every second, then every third is a real work of hippie design.

Walking around town, be prepared for surprises. For example, such as a store in which you can not buy anything, but you can take any thing, leaving your own in return. Or as a market with the freshest vegetables and greens, on which there is no seller, but there are price tags and a sign: they say, take as much as you need, leave as much as you like.

Cost: is free. Parking is free.

Address: Bolinas, CA 94924.

3. Star Wars Forest

Muir Woods National Forest is the closest relic of giant sequoias to San Francisco. If you are not attracted to a description like “fabulously beautiful forest with crystal clear air”, you may like more the fact that Muir Woods is the planet of Andor from Star Wars covered with sequoias. It was here that a significant part of the shooting of the sixth episode took place.

The giants that grow in this forest are of the same age as civilization. It is known that the oldest trees are over 3,5 thousands of years old. If possible, count the number of rings on the logs of trees that are exposed as evidence. One of the giant log cabins is marked with flags: you can see that the tree was born before our era.

During the last measurements, many trees officially crossed the mark on the 35 floors (which is more than 110 meters) and fell into the list of the tallest trees on earth. The highest redwood even gave the name - Hyperion. In the summer of 2006, its growth was 115,8 m and, alas, it stopped there: local woodpeckers damaged the top of the giant, and the tree stopped growing.

It is convenient to walk in the park: there are wide paths, there are more extreme paths. If you walk quietly, not scaring the inhabitants of the park, you can see the breakfast roe deer, and fearless hares.

Cost: for children up to 15 years - for free, for adults - $ 7. Parking is free. Visit time from 8: 00 to sunset (18: 00-20: 00, depending on the time of year).

Address: 1 Muir Woods Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941.

4. Wonder of the World with a Calendar Look

One of the most amazing waterfalls in the world is considered Alamere falls. Its uniqueness is that, falling from a cliff, the waterfall flows directly into the ocean. Alas, going to a meeting with this wonder of the world, you need to remember that in California for four years is drought. And if in February you can still hope that you will be met by a noisy and powerful stream, in the remaining months, get ready for a less exciting spectacle.

Nevertheless, the emerald 12-meter rock is a very beautiful sight. Another beauty of the waterfall is that only the most persistent can reach it. There is no close entrance to the waterfall, it is six kilometers from the parking lot.

But the tour itself will take pleasure: two beautiful lakes along the way, the purest forest, eucalyptus groves and poisonous oaks. This warning signs, but the most courageous (if not worse), still break a twig and twist it in his hands. The result - the skin is itchy and itchy for a long time. So good advice on the road: trust signs.

Cost: is free. Parking is free.

Address: Coast Trail, Bolinas, CA 94924.

5. McNee Ranch State Park

McNie Ranch State Park is a true oasis outside of San Francisco. A great place for hiking. The route is not long at all (a little less than 8 km), magnificent panoramas are opened along the way, and at the top of the mountain (near 600 m above sea level) it turns out that you were above the clouds. This is all due to the peculiarities of the local climate: between the towns of Pacifica and Montara, they say, the most beautiful clouds in California. But this gift of nature has a minus: if the fog goes down the mountain, you will have to cancel the walk - you will not see further than your nose, and to feel like a hedgehog from a famous cartoon is not the most pleasant experience in the mountains.

But if you are a trained traveler, you can not cancel the walk, but just slightly change the route. Leave from the parking not uphill, but from the mountain. Winding paths along the fields and farmland - and you are on a wild beautiful beach.

Cost: is free. Parking is free.

Address: Montara, CA 94037.

6. Walk around berkeley

Half an hour from San Francisco, on the east side of the bay, the city of Berkeley lives its quiet life. Here is the oldest of the ten campuses of the University of California, and the old city itself is very pleasant for walking. For those who like to visit the “iconic” places of Berkeley, it may be interesting because plutonium was discovered here. The corresponding plate is in the oldest building of the chemical department - Gilman Hall l.

A place worth visiting is the Saser Tower. Jane Sather, whose name was named the tower, was the wife of a Norwegian banker. In 1914, she donated money for the construction of the tower and gave 12 bells, which marked the beginning of a large bell orchestra. Now on the tower 61 bell, and concerts of bell music held in Berkeley to this day. Those who have been to Venice and have seen St. Mark’s Cathedral will surely notice a similarity. The way it is. The second name of the tower is Campanila, precisely because of its similarity to the campanile of St. Mark's Cathedral.

Tower Saser height 93,6 m is the third highest tower in the world with a clock. It is considered a symbol of the University of California. After paying $ 2, you can climb to the observation deck, which offers a gorgeous view of San Francisco.

Cost: free of charge (observation deck - $ 2). Parking is free.

Address: Visitor Services, 101 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720.

7. Comfort and horror Alcatraz

Do you know why the prison on Alcatraz Island, where the most dangerous American criminals were kept, was the only federal prison where prisoners took a warm shower? The administration found that prisoners accustomed to comfort are less likely to swim through the cold bay of San Francisco. During the excursion to the island of Alcatraz, you can still not find out. Among the first prisoners of Alcatraz was in his time and the famous Chicago mafia, the head of the famous "Gang of five trunks" - terrifying Al Capone. Get ready for a tour that lasts about four hours.

Cost: day excursion - $ 39, night - $ 46. Parking - $ 20.

Address: 33 Pierce St, San Francisco, CA 94117.

8. Moon valley

The name Sonoma is surely associated with Californian wines. But if you dig deeper and find out that “Sonoma” is an Indian word that means “many moons” and the second name of Sonoma is “Moon Valley”, the associations will appear different.

Jack London. Right! Once he bought a farm here, and later wrote a novel with the same name. This farm stands to this day, near the village of Glen Ellen. From San Francisco to the Jack London House Museum, drive minutes 45-50. The "Prince of Oyster Pirates" (as Jack London was called in his youth) built here the "Wolf House" - the house of his dreams. Soon after construction this building burned down. And this is only the first secret of the lunar valley, where the atmosphere of the Wild West is still preserved.

Cost: $ 10, guided tour (group up to 20 people) - $ 50. Parking is free.

Address: 2400 London Ranch Rd, Glen Ellen, CA 95442.

9. Road along the ocean

Route №1 (California State Route 1) is called one of the most beautiful places on earth. The road goes along the ocean, along one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world. In some places - through the mountains, in some places - through dense thickets of forest, in some places - with serpentines and steep cliffs. The length of the road - 1055 km, but to overcome the entire distance is not necessary. You can get on a Sunday walk from San Francisco and drive a couple of hours in any direction on the route number XXUMX.

Before you go, check how much gas is in the tank - finding a gas station on this scenic road is not so easy, and the price of gas will be much higher than at other gas stations. But what's on the road a lot - so it is viewing platforms and parking lots.

Do not be intimidated by the fact that the road is marked on the map as a local route and is single-lane. The quality of the asphalt is very good, there are clear dividing lines along the entire route, and at the intersections there are safety zones for those who want to turn left.

Cost: is free. Parking free

Address: California State Route 1.

10. Roden in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is not just startups, programmers and Stanford University. It is also the Rodin Sculpture Garden. It is located near Cantor Arts Center. Stanford collected the largest collection of sculptures by Auguste Rodin after the Rodin Museum in Paris. Here are the famous "Gates of Hell" and a copy of the "Thinker", all - more than 200 works.

By the way, a professor from Stanford University once remarked that many of the sculptures that were created by the great French master have disfigured and deformed hands. The scientist conducted a study comparing the hands of the Roden sculptures with the hands of real patients. This gave him the opportunity to get a clinical catalog of hands, in which there is every sculpture of Rodin. Thus, the scientist created a medical card for each sculpture and described from which hand diseases people suffered from which Rodin sculpted his works.

Cost: is free. Parking is free.

Address: 328-94305.


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