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How ours earn on compatriots-illegal immigrants in America

Announcement in the Russian-speaking group of California: “Nanny. From $ 2300 per month ”. It is on such conditions that the governess is often sought after. What's the catch here?

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As a rule, such a vacancy is offered either by an agency or by a person who “sells” the nanny directly to the family for $ 5000-6000. As a result, while she calms someone restless child, the conditional Marina or agency receives $ 2700-3700. Passive income or what to call it?

Screenshot of a post from a group of the Russian-speaking community on Facebook

The group immediately pounced on the newly-baked employer: “Work yourself for these pennies! Do you want a slave ?! "

Indeed, for such work an adequate wage in America, or rather in California - $ 5000. That's the average income for a sunny state.

The trouble is that such work is not limited to the functions of a nanny. New functions can be added already in the process, when a woman has already moved to the family.

As a rule, you still need to cook, clean, go to the store. A kind of sorceress, wiping dust from someone's TV with one hand, stirring the soup with the other, and rocking the baby with the third.

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Therefore, the anger of compatriots about payment is very understandable. It also revolts me. But there is a downside. If we are talking about hiring (in a company or even a family), then the person must have a work permit. Otherwise, the Americans simply won’t take it. Perhaps there are precedents, but this phenomenon is rare. They don’t like to take risks in everything that concerns the law. Therefore, our woman without documents will not be able to get anywhere.

And here compatriots come to the rescue. I agree, $ 2300 for independent living in California is very small.

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However, she does not need to pay for housing; food is often included in this amount. As a result, two large items of expenses disappear from the girl at once: in the “golden” state of America, this will cost $ 1700-3000, depending on the city where the apartment will be rented.

As a result, she receives $ 2300-2500 in her hands. He does not pay taxes either. One "but": employment can be 24/7, and the day off is just a dream. And yes, it is prohibited by US law to hire a person who is in the country on a tourist visa.

I must say right away that I do not judge people who agree to such conditions. If there is an urgent need, a difficult situation, unfortunately, there are not so many options. So the other side itself agrees to this option. And quite a few women themselves write in groups: “I am looking for a job for cash, with accommodation,” knowing full well that under such conditions compatriots do not favor a salary of the same $ 5000.

The original column is published on the portal.Yandex Zen".

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