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How to find work in the United States for Russian-speaking immigrants

Moving to another state from any post-Soviet country seems very romantic. Who would not want to change the grayness, cold winter and the work-home mode to palm trees, the sun and rich America. But romance quickly evaporates when it comes to finding a means of providing life in a new country.

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A job search in Los Angeles, New York or Chicago can turn into endless nerves. But this can be avoided if you approach the process correctly. Here are some tips on how a Russian-speaking visitor quickly adapt to the new environment and find a permanent job in America. Believe me, even in conditions of coronavirus and crisis, the Russian-speaking community in the United States will not leave you without work and will always help you find a way to get a livelihood.

1. Take a look in the Russian-speaking areas

Remember that in any major US city there is a large Russian-speaking community. So, Russian shops, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, media, car rental companies, service and repair services, travel and notarial agencies and more. Often the owners of Russian-language institutions are looking for employees not through sites or social networks, but through word of mouth and acquaintances. Therefore, the best way to find work in America in the first months of your stay in the country is to go to all the addresses of Russian business in your city or state.

Ideally, leave them a brief summary and contact details. There is a possibility that at least 2-3% of the community will know about you as a potential employee in 10-15 days.

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2. Remember youth - open newspapers with announcements

Yes, yes, even in 2020, this method of finding work in Los Angeles or any other popular US tourist city is not outdated. Russian-speaking employers still post vacancies in local newspapers, magazines and brochures. You can find them in the same Russian stores. For example, in Los Angeles you should go to grocery stores in the West Hollywood area and look at Shalom or Babushka. There you can not only remember the taste of home-made Russian food, but also spend time to good use. As a rule, you will definitely find a couple of newspaper issues with ads in such establishments.

Well, if you need work in New York, feel free to go to Brighton Beach. Already at the exit of the metro in this area you will be surprised at the number of Russian-speaking businesses and pasted up ads with job offers. Be sure, an hour spent on Brighton Beach will definitely give you the opportunity to earn at least rental housing in the metropolis.

3. Do not forget about Russian sites

There is no city in the USA where there would be no close-knit Russian-speaking community. To help compatriots, immigrants have long created several job search portals and help with documents. It is enough to enter the search query “work in Los Angeles”, “work for Russians in the USA” or “how to find work in the USA” in Cyrillic, and you will see dozens of sites with offers.

For example, the Russian-language portal separately collected all available vacancies in the most popular points in the USA. You can learn from them about the labor market and in New York, and in Chicago, and in Philadelphia, and in Los angeles and Miami, and this is not the whole list of cities that the site covers. Well, if you have specific wishes, just enter the name of the profession in the search bar. And voila! You will find hundreds of offers, one of which will definitely suit you.

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By the way, often Russian-speaking immigrants with fluent English use the American Craigslist service. Despite the fact that it is designed for use by the local population, here you can also find offers for immigrants from the CIS countries.

4. Join chats on Telegram or groups on Facebook

It is customary for immigrants to help each other, especially beginners. Therefore, in social networks there are several large communities where compatriots, first of all, offer their jobs or housing, and only then put the vacancies in the public domain.

For example, enter in the Telegram search the words “Work in the USA”And immediately get a few chats to choose from. The most popular, and therefore the list of vacancies, is chat with just such title. Its moderators are ready to help you with work anywhere in the country. And even more: with their help, you yourself can post your resume or any other announcement.

Having spent only 1-2 days on these four points, you are guaranteed to find work in any city in America. Already opened Telegram? Right, don't waste your time!

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