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How to start a profitable business in the USA, if you have only $ 20

With the growing popularity of working from home, more and more people want to be free of the career race, give up commuting and stop working for someone else - all with the goal of becoming their own boss. But in all this, the most frightening prospect of investing money, not knowing when (and if) you will make a profit, writes GOBankingRates.

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Although starting a business may involve large investments, they are not required. If you want to start a business, which may first be an additional source of income, but gradually become the main one, do not let a shortage of money frustrate your plans. There are many business opportunities that you can start for $ 20 or less.

Professional space organization

  • Initial investment: about $ 10,95

People with the ability to organize can try their hand at a professional niche. These professionals often work in one specific area. For example, you can help people organize space in closets, kitchens, children's rooms, garages. Another option that can help you attract customers faster is to try your hand at various types of space-related services. For example, clearing snow or dismantling unnecessary things that take up space.

  • How to start

Word of mouth from your family and friends can help you find work in a professional organization that you can use to build your business. Social media is another good way to tell people about your services. You can also order your own business cards: this usually costs $ 5,95 for a few hundred pieces with delivery. Another way to spread the word is to write and publish a Craigslist ad for $ 5. And you can get inspiration on Pinterest.

Resale of goods

  • Attachments at start: no

Given the variety of items that can be resold (books, branded clothing, homeware, collectibles, and more), starting a business as a reseller is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to grow your business. If you can resell goods locally, you don't even have to worry about purchasing shipping materials or courier services. Start by searching for objects in your home. Use some of the money you earn to buy discounted items from retail stores like Big Lots, Ross, Walmart, and Target and resell them at higher prices for a profit.

  • How to start

While some sites charge fees to list and sell products on the platforms, there are free options as well. LetGo and Facebook Marketplace are platforms that allow you to list items for resale for free. All you need is a smartphone to take pictures of your products, upload them to the platform and wait for customers to make an offer.

Life coaching

  • Initial investment: about $ 18,95

If your strengths are a good listener who empathizes with others and gives great advice, consider starting a life coaching business. Life coaches help people find new perspectives, create life plans and achieve goals in all areas of life. You can choose to specialize in one area as a personal life coach such as personal finance, health or relationships, or become a life coach in general. Life coaches are not required to be certified and work mostly online or over the phone.

  • How to start

To get customers, register on the Pro page for $ 7 per month: this resource will help you collect potential customers and record appointments with a connected Google account. Then use your social media channels to let people know that you are offering life coaching services. Look for guest posting opportunities on feature blogs. You can also advertise on Craigslist for $ 5 and order business cards for only $ 5,95.

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House cleaning

  • Initial investment: less than $ 20

Starting your home cleaning business, you can make good money. You may need to buy your own cleaning products first, but in some cases, homeowners may provide them to you. If you need to pay for supplies, consider charging customers additional fees. There are various types of house cleaning services: standard cleaning, deep / general cleaning, cleaning and post-accident cleaning related to moving. You can specialize in one, several types or perform all of them.

  • How to start

Word of mouth is a good way to get customers, so let your friends and family know that you are starting a home cleaning business. You will need reliable transportation to get to your workplaces, so consider your gasoline or transportation costs. It is worth taking care of basic cleaning supplies, which should be obtained for less than $ 20. If you'd rather invest in business cards or advertisements, start using the supplies you already have. When you start making money in your cleaning business, you can use that money to buy supplies.

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Virtual Assistant

  • Initial investment: about $ 5

The virtual assistant works at home, performing tasks for clients, such as replies to emails, booking meetings, ordering supplies and creating presentations. If you have experience in the office, you can turn it into a full-fledged business. The advantages of this type of business are that you can set your own hours and payment rates and choose the customers with whom you want to work.

  • How to start

While working as a virtual professional does provide some flexibility, you may have to start with a less than ideal option. There may be various freelance sites that allow you to find such opportunities. One such site is Upwork, which requires you to purchase contacts - 15 cents each - to connect with customers. According to Upwork, on average you can expect to spend around $ 5 per month.

Resume Writer

  • Attachments at start: no

If you are interested in creating an online business, are well versed in the structure of sentences and grammar and have experience writing and developing resumes, you may be able to build a business based on these talents. Qualified resume authors are always in demand and receive payment for each project. You can also add other services for an additional fee, such as writing cover letters or LinkedIn profiles.

  • How to start

To get started, create a free profile on an online platform such as Fiverr to advertise and evaluate your services. The platform even allows customers to tip you in addition to the main payment. To help you stand out as a freelancer, Fiverr recommends recording a short video about what you offer, creating a vibrant headline that will attract more attention, and choosing the right time to provide services. Ask friends and family to be your first Fiverr customers to get started, and then ask them to post reviews of your work.

Dating consultant

  • Initial investment: about $ 18,95

If you are inspired by the idea of ​​becoming a professional cupid, a business dating consultant can be a great idea. You can help single people find their soul mate. You can advise clients by phone, skype or e-mail and offer useful tips and advice related to making an appointment, planning an ideal meeting and a pleasant experience. You can also help people manage online profiles on dating sites. If you want to work on a more personal level, you can accompany clients to social events and offer advice in real time.

  • How to start

To try your hand at this, offer to help a friend who needs dating advice in exchange for a review of your services and feedback. To promote your business, create a low-cost information page to showcase your services and make an appointment with you. lets you customize your page for $ 8 per month. Use your social networks to spread the word about your services and attract people to your page. You can buy a $ 5 ad on Craigslist to attract customers. Business cards are also a good idea. Take advantage of offers up to $ 5,95 for shipping up to 200 cards.

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Pet Sitter / Pet Sitter

  • Initial investment: $ 10,95

If you consider yourself an animal lover, this may be the best business to start. You can take care of pets while their owners are at work or traveling. You will need to make sure that the pet has food and water, take it for a walk, clean the trays and cages. Important responsibilities: following your pet’s regular schedule and daily dose of attention.

  • How to start

Advertise your pet service on Craigslist, where you pay $ 5 for advertising services and promote it on social networks. You can also order business cards and place them on bulletin boards in hospitals, restaurants, bookstores, pet stores and libraries. Feel free to give out business cards whenever you see prospects for the service you offer.

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Music teacher

  • Initial investment: $ 5,95 + fuel cost (optional)

If you are a musician, then most likely you already have equipment for learning the craft. If you enjoy teaching others and have the opportunity to conduct music lessons, this can become a business. You can teach at home, which saves you from having to pay transportation costs. By studying at home with students, you will get a little more for the lessons. If you focus on school children, keep in mind that during the school year you can only have a limited number of hours per day, which can make it difficult to scale this business.

  • How to start

Business cards are an effective (and cheap) way to promote your business. Place them, for example, at a library, bookstore, or music store in your area. To quickly find customers, share them on your social networks. This works especially well if you decide to offer music camps during spring or summer break when parents are looking for ways to keep their kids busy.

Editor's services

  • Attachments at start: no

Money is not required to start a business in the field of editorial services, but you need editing skills and a good understanding of grammar and syntax. In this role, you can perform many tasks, including editing books, web materials, research papers, business presentations, and legal documents. As a freelancer, you can take on as much work as you can, and possibly even hire other editors who will work under your control when you are ready to expand your business.

  • How to start

Start by creating a free Fiverr profile to advertise your services. Fiverr recommends creating a catchy brand and then writing an ad so that you stand out from the thousands of other freelancers using the platform. Be sure that you can quickly respond to customer requests and get the job done in time to gain positive feedback on the platform. Use channels on social networks to promote your business, it’s also useful to create a free LinkedIn profile so that people know that you offer editing services.

Courier services

  • Initial investment: $ 5,95 + fuel cost

If you live in an area where there are businesses that need courier services, transport and a smartphone will be enough to start a business. Couriers deliver packages to homes and businesses - often on short notice, so it's important to be organized and punctual. If you don't want to spend money on gas, consider riding a bike, although this will limit the amount of things you can carry.

  • How to start

To get started, order a few business cards and send them to nearby delivery companies to inform them of your services. In addition, use social media accounts to spread the word about your courier business.

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Packaging services

  • Initial investment: $ 5 and higher

When people or businesses need to move from one place to another, one of the most time-consuming tasks is packing things or papers. You can provide customers with a box packing service and let another business take care of their transportation. This type of business is especially good in areas where families often move, for example, near military bases.

  • How to start

If you have a computer and printer, you can print inexpensive leaflets and distribute them around the city. You can also place a Craigslist ad for $ 5 and see available packaging jobs there. Ideally, your customers will provide you with packaging materials. If not, consider adjusting prices to cover supplies. If your first job doesn't include supplies, you can get free boxes for moving around if you get in touch with liquor stores and other retailers in your area. You can also sign up for Freecycle to find people who have free boxes or packaging materials.

Helping the elderly

  • Initial investment: $ 5 + fuel cost

As an assistant, you can offer non-medical services and help to older people. Tasks may include buying food, collecting mail, paying bills, arranging repairs, delivering your clients to the doctor, watering plants, cooking, caring for pets, and protecting patients' interests during medical appointments and prescriptions. This type of business works best in an area with affluent senior citizens, as this is usually out of pocket.

  • How to start

To find a job, create a free profile on or post an ad in the Craigslist services section for $ 5. You can also print flyers on your home printer and visit older people's communities in your area. Talking with people who are responsible for discharging older patients from rehabilitation services or working with older people in different qualities helps to get recommendations from clients.

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