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How you can spend only $ 99 per month on groceries in the US: useful tips

Keeping grocery expenses at $ 99 per month or less may seem impossible, but there are a few tricks to making your shopping trips cost you an average of only $ 25 per week. Choosing deals both in the store and in the local market, ingeniously buying in bulk, you can save your time and money. How to do this, the publication said. Yahoo!

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Go to a discount grocery store

Look for stores like Grocery Outlet and Aldi near you and start shopping there. Discount stores often have no well-known brands, or tend to have fewer choices than more well-known stores, but restocking takes less time and you can find whatever you need, such as fruit. Reports have shown that fruits like melons can cost $ 3 less per piece at Aldi compared to other grocery stores.

Buy in bulk

It may seem counterintuitive as you have to spend more, but buying in bulk saves you the trouble of spending money all month long. For example, if you tend to make a lot of sandwiches for lunch, consider buying a large piece of ham, whole turkey, or chicken and chopping them yourself. You can immediately freeze what you are not using, and you do not have to buy meat the next time you go to the store. In the same way, you can approach the purchase of, for example, oil.

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Don't ignore coupons

Instead of ditching the weekly coupon ads that sneak into your inbox, it's time to start cutting them out. But this does not mean that you should cut out everything that comes to hand. Look for coupons for the products you really want because discounts are only useful if the products are practical. For example, ten cases of grape drink will not improve your life in any way. Many grocery and warehouse stores, such as Costco, offer a variety of samples one or more days a week. In addition to the free snack, the person distributing the samples will have a stack of coupons on hand for those who love the product, so don't miss out on this money-saving opportunity if you try what you want to buy.

Switch to cheap food

A 12-pack of Nissin Top Ramen Chicken or Beef Flavored is $ 2,38 at Walmart and you hardly buy them. Cheap meals don't have to be tasteless, though, so mix your pack of 19 cents ramen with cheese, peanut butter, soy sauce, beans, frozen vegetables, Thai curry paste, eggs, or a cheap piece of meat for a delicious and balanced meal.

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Check the expiration date

While you should never eat anything that can make you sick, you will be surprised at how often meat and vegetables go on sale when they are near their expiration date. Andrea Voroch, expert on consumerism and money saving, recommended - a site that allows you to choose a recipe to make any of the foods that you have in your fridge.

Another way to make sure you eat twice as much food without doubling the cost is to simply double the recipe. Often times, you have leftover ingredients after you've cooked one serving of something, so double the recipe to use all of your ingredients. And just save the second portion for later or freeze.

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