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How to get rid of leaves in the yard: 4 eco-friendly and effective way

Autumn convincingly proves that this is the most beautiful time of the year. But just at that time, red, orange and gold leaves fall and fly around the yard. And the owners have to think about where to put so many leaves. Edition Fox News offers several effective ways to get rid of leaves in the yard.

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“As autumn approaches, you need to prepare a lawn to avoid damage during the winter. Leaf harvesting ensures that the lawn will still look beautiful when spring arrives, ”said Jeremy Yamaguchi, founder and CEO of Lawn Love in San Diego.

What can be done with a bunch of leaves?

1. Grind lawn mower

If you are not in the mood for raking leaves, then you can chop them with a lawn mower. Small particles are absorbed by the soil, fertilizing it, and by spring your lawn will look excellent.

Small particles of leaves are well suited for isolation from cold weather and fertilizing the lawn, shrubs, trees, flowers and beds.

You may need to redistribute some heaps of shredded leaves so as not to “strangle” certain parts of the lawn. In addition, you cannot leave a layer of uncultivated leaves on the lawn during the winter, as this will block the sun and air and damage the grass.

2. Make compost from leaves

If you already have a special place for compost, then the leaves will be a great addition to the mixture.

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“Leaves combined with other materials can create a wonderful compost mass that you can use in your flower gardens or gardens in spring,” advises J. Eric Engledow of the Engledow Group, a landscape design firm.

3. Bagging

If the other methods are not suitable, it is time to pull out the rake and collect the leaves in bags or sacks.

“Bags make it easy to transport leaves to a compost pit or trash can,” says Yamaguchi.

Visit your city or county website to find out if there is a designated place to collect bags of leaves.

4. Blow blower

Yes, the blowers are very noisy, but they do their job. They are recommended for use in large yards with huge heaps of leaves to redistribute them among the possessions. You can also redistribute shredded leaves, which will greatly simplify the work.

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“With large lawns, to save time, we recommend that you remove the leaves with a blower,” Engledow said.

Avoid blowing leaves into the street - there they will release phosphorus, which can clog storm drains and waterways. Blowers should be used on massive objects with a lot of land.

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