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Short Courses as a Way for Immigrants to Build Career in the US: Profile of In-demand Profession for Immigrants

In the 21st century the saying “time is money” became a cult. Lengthy and voluminous statements have fallen out of fashion, people are set to receive abridged and precise information. ForumDaily has decided to follow the trend and avoid writing large stories about someone who came to the US, finished their studies, took exams, looked for a job and was hired. All these steps are more or less obvious for our readers. So we chose to showcase a suitable for an immigrant career in the form of a profile. It contains just the important information and precise data. It was provided to us by the staff members of Multyprep school who have been teaching immigrants to become successful specialists in the sterilization industry for the last six years. Let’s begin…

Photo courtesy of Multyprep School

Profession: Sterile Processing Technician (the specialist who sterilizes medical instruments)

Nature of work: Cleaning medical equipment and instruments of contaminants and microorganisms. This multistep process starts with instruments being washed manually; then, to destroy any harmful microorganisms, special equipment is employed. After that step has been completed, instruments are sterile and ready to be used again.

Salary: The pay varies depending on your location. For instance, in New York, entry level Sterile Processing Technicians earn $22 – $25 per hour, in California – the starting salary is $30 per hour.

As you gain experience, the salary increases Here is the breakdown of career path and pay for Sterile Processing Technicians:

  • Sterile Technician 1 ($20-$26 per hour)
  • Team Leader ($28 - $35 per hour)
  • Shift Leader ($38 - $43 per hour)
  • Manager (around $100 annually)
  • Deputy Director of Department (around $140 annually)
  • Director of Department (around $220 annually)

Additionally, most employers offer benefits:

  • medical insurance, including dental and ophthalmological;
  • Paid vacation and days off on holidays;
  • Paid sick days and maternity leave.

Where to work: In a nutshell, just about anywhere. Every doctor at every hospital, whether in- or outpatient, every medical office uses medical instruments. Hence, every medical facility has a sterilization department or at least a staff member responsible for decontamination and sterilization of instruments. A Sterile Technician will always be able to find work. In the US today there are thousands of such job openings in different states. .

What you need to start working: Knowledge and the HSPA (Healthcare Sterile Processing Association) certification.To be employed as a Sterile Processing Technician in five US states – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Tennessee – you must have been awarded the industry certification. In other states a candidate might be employed without the certificate, however they must successfully pass the certification examination within the first 6-12 months of the job placement.

The HSPA Certification examination consists of 150 questions and you will have three hours to complete it. A candidate who has successfully passed the exam and has been awarded the certificate has the right to be employed as a Sterile Processing Technician in the US, Canada and dozens of other countries.

Anna, a graduate of Multiprep. Photo from personal archive

Where to study: Multyprep is the best school for immigrants who do not speak English fluently. Multyprepis the only school in the US, who is preparing for the HSPA certification examination providing instructions in Russian. The key terminology and test questions are taught in English, whereas Russian language is used to increase understanding of study content. The education is bilingual, so the students who are not fluent English speakers, have an additional help in the form of detailed explanation of difficult content in Russian.

What is being taught: Multyprep helps you to prepare for the HSPA certification examination that allows you to work in the US and other countries.The school provides all the necessary study materials covering over 1000 questions in order to test one’s competence before they would sit for the exam.

The Multyprep's instructors have passed the certification examination and have had experience or are currently employed in the medical sterilization industry, therefore they teach the course relying on their own experience and not just theoretical knowledge from books.

The classes follow the skillfully developed curriculum and are paced to cover all course topics. At the same time, the instructor is always willing to discuss further any particular part and answer any questions that may arise. His goal is not to merely introduce material, but to make sure students understood and grasped it well.

How long is the course: Multiprep offers two options depending on the instruction language:

  1. English version. The instructions and study materials are given in English. To take this course, you must have at least intermediate language level, so you are able to understand an instructor and participate in discussions. The courses lasts 9 weeks. The enrollment for the group starting on February 27th is currently open (classes take place on Saturday and Sunday)
  2. Russian version The classes are taught in Russian, however all the training materials are printed in English, so students are to acquire needed terminology in the language used during the examination and in the future work environment. The Sterile Technician course in Russian lasts 11 weeks.

Multyprep has recently opened enrollmentfor the Sterile Processing Technician course in Russian. The start day for the upcoming session is April 1st and the classes will take place every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm during 11 weeks.

Classes are taught online via Zoom, so you can join from any state.

To sign up, call us at +1 917 945 9506. Don’t wait!

Multyprep graduate Natalia with a Sterile Processing Technician certificate. Photo from personal archive

What is the cost: Multyprep offers two payment options to choose from:

  • Option 1 : includes 11 weeks of training (120 hours), all course materials, over 1000 custom-designed certification test preparation questions, exam application help, and a resume writing webinar. This package includes a Payment Plan for 2 payments of $725.
  • Option 2 : includes everything in the first package, plus interview preparation webinars and employment assistance. Available Payment Plan for 3 payments of $700.

What graduates say about the school: Feedback from graduates usually provides more insights about the school and the course setup than mere listing of facts. Here is what Multiprep graduates have to say about their school experience.

“Garry (our instructor) was not just someone who has read a couple of books on sterilization of medical instruments and came to retell us the contents. He has been working as a Sterile Processing Technician at the hospital and at the surgery center for several years, therefore he was able to explain the material not with recited phrases from books, but using his own words with examples and even jokes. That style of teaching made it easier for us to grasp and retain knowledge,” Natalia shared her experience.

“We had an amazing instructor! All information was given in an easy to grasp, but precise manner!” noted Valeria.

“The language difficulties were resolved with WhatsApp chat. Classes were taught according to the clearly devised plan and were paced in such a way that we managed to cover all topics, and Garry explained some parts in Russian. Those of us who needed additional consultations, had the opportunity to go over particular details via WhatsApp or even to call Garry; he provided his phone number during the first class,” - said Olga, who completed the course in February of 2023.

“Instructions in Russian gave us an insight into the profession, and having access to the terminology in English simplified search and assignment completion,”noted Zhanna.

“INSTRUCTOR NATALIA HAS A BRILLIANT WAY TO GIVE SUMMARY NOTES,” wrote Vera in her feedback about the school (we decided to keep all capital letters to preserve her impressions).

“After I had passed the exam, my counselors helped me write an amazing resume. The interview preparation course taught by Garry was extremely informative and important! After just one lecture that lasted 6-7 hours we came prepared for any interview. During my first interview I felt confident and positive, worries and fears free,” underlined Oksana.

“The course will get you fully ready and is a good entry into this career field,” summarized Anna, who would recommend Multyprep to her friends and acquaintances., - summarized Anna, who is ready to recommend Multiprep friends and acquaintances.

Material prepared in partnership with

Multiprep Inc.

phone:+1 917 945 9506

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