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An immigrant from Kazakhstan gave birth in the United States at home and now cannot receive documents for a child

A native of the city of Aktau (Kazakhstan) living in the United States did not manage to get to the hospital and gave birth at home. Firefighters and paramedics took delivery. Everything went great - mom and daughter are doing great. But for almost a month now, young parents have not been able to obtain a birth certificate for a newborn.

Jeannette Dyuisengaliyeva with her son. Photos from the personal archive

In 2008, Zhannet Dyussengalieva came to the United States to study. And soon she met here with her future husband - Assamad, who also came to the United States to study from Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty. Young people began to meet, and after graduation they returned to their homeland, where they played a magnificent wedding. After the wedding, the couple returned to the United States, a country they fell in love with during their studies, to continue their studies. The newlyweds decided to live in the state of Texas, not far from Dallas in the small town of Little Elm (Little elm). Here in 2015 their first-born son Abu Ali was born.

By first education, Zhannat is an accountant. But at some point, she realized that this education was not enough for her, and therefore, when her son was one year old, she sat down at the desk again.

- I have a second education with a degree in early childhood development. I have never studied with such pleasure before! After all, at that time my son was only a year old, and he was growing and developing in parallel with when I received knowledge about his development. For me it was not just an education, it, first of all, greatly reduced the number of my fears. It's no secret that young mothers are afraid of everything in the world as far as the child is concerned. I had direct access to all the answers, I could ask my teachers any question. In general, despite the fact that my husband worked from ten in the morning to ten in the evening, I easily combined study, child and home. In the morning I took the baby to the kindergarten, went to study, then home to prepare food for everyone, clean, and then to the kindergarten for my son. She did her homework in the evening after putting the child to bed. Since then, it seems to me that the more busy you are, the more you do, ”laughs Zhannat. - Although, perhaps, everything seemed so easy to me, because everything brought pleasure - study, son, husband, communication with fellow students ...

When the eldest son was almost two years old, Jannat found out that she was pregnant again, for which she was very happy. Pregnancy was easy. By all accounts, childbirth was supposed to begin in early March.

- For some reason I myself thought and wanted to give birth to the third of March. This date has sunk into my soul, and that's it. We planned to give birth as usual and as for the first time - in the hospital. True, without epidural anesthesia, I gave birth to my son with her and decided to refuse the second time. To make everything go well and I was calm, my husband and I hired a doula (a childbirth assistant - ed.). But she could not help me, - the young mother laughs. - I just didn't have time. I gave birth to my son in twenty hours, and my daughter in just three. Not only did we not have time to get scared, we did not have time to understand anything! On February 27, childbirth began so quickly that when we realized that we were giving birth right here and now, all we had time to do was call 911. Then everything was like in a movie - three minutes later a huge fire engine drove up to the house with sirens and literally right then and there, five or even six huge men ran into our tiny one-bedroom apartment. They told me to go to bed. But my daughter was already being born and I simply could not do anything - neither get up nor lie down. I was on my knees and rested my head on the sofa. In the end, they lifted me up and laid me on the couch. Fifteen minutes later, I was holding my daughter in my arms! Most of all I liked, if I may say so, their non-interference in the process. Nobody put pressure on me, didn't tell me what to do. The funny thing is that the paramedics arrived in another car. But the firefighters were much more active in the process. One of them told me - ma'am, we will wait for your contractions and attempts so that the baby is born on its own. Nobody pulled my daughter, she was just born, and that's it! Everything was as natural as possible! The husband stood by all this time, supported him as best he could, and even managed to film a small fragment. After our daughter was born, we asked the firefighters not to cut the umbilical cord, but to leave it until it stopped pulsing. They were very surprised by this request, I realized that they had not encountered this before. But no one said a word. They simply wrapped me and my daughter, “tied” to me, in a blanket and took me to the nearest hospital.

In the hospital, a young mother with a girl stayed exactly 24 hours. Jeannette insisted that they be discharged on the same day that they were taken to the hospital, she felt so good. But the doctors decided otherwise.

- I told them, please, weigh the child, check if everything is fine, and let us go. But the medical staff, who, by the way, were a little shocked by us, were afraid all the time that I or the child had got an infection, and therefore they wanted to watch us. A day passed, my daughter and I just slept, ate and watched TV. Everything was fine. I said again - please let us go. And under my responsibility, the pediatrician allowed us to go home.

Фото: Depositphotos

The name for her daughter Jeannette chose back in 2014 year.

- I was not going to change my mind and name the child, for example, in honor of the one who gave birth, - she laughs now. - The name for my future daughter dreamed of me when I did not have children yet. According to our Kazakh traditions, such a dream is considered special, and the one who dreamed about it must certainly name the child by the name of the dream. So my husband and I had no doubts, especially considering that our daughter is special, because she was born very unexpectedly, quickly, easily, with a sea of ​​positive emotions!

The girl was named Aimeken - the same name from a dream. True, the first name of the child is Aimi (Aeemie). Jeannette and Assamad decided that it would be difficult for the Americans to pronounce the Kazakh name, and therefore made it the second.

“In addition to our daughter, no one else in our family has so many names, everyone has one, and here she is special,” Assamad says.

With my daughter, only one difficulty arose - the parents still cannot issue documents for her. If she was born in a hospital, then Jeannette and Assamad would receive all the necessary documents for her automatically. Information about the new US citizen is immediately transmitted by the hospital to the appropriate authorities. And when it comes to planned home births, everything is simple - the midwife who takes care of the birth at home only has to fill out a special form according to which the parents of the newborn will receive both a birth certificate and a social security number for him. This form guarantees that the child was not stolen, that he was actually born in the United States, and also contains information about the baby and his parents. True, in this case it must be remembered that in some states there is a time limit for which parents are required to apply for documents for a child. This is usually a year. If during this time the parents did not apply for documents, then it will be much more difficult to obtain them. Ideally, this should be done 10 days from the moment the baby is born. In the case of Aimeken, it was also not without problems.

- After we were discharged from the hospital, literally the next day the question arose about the birth certificate for my daughter. There were no problems with the eldest son: we filled out the necessary paperwork at the hospital, and in a couple of days the certificate was already in our hands. And then we had to go to Dallas to apply for them. There we were asked to bring a report from the fire department, whose staff took delivery. And also a certificate from the pediatrician who examined the child after birth, indicating all physical parameters - weight, height ...

We found the fire department and went there to get the report, but it turned out that they would not give it to us! We wrote an application for the issuance of a report, and we were told to wait, but did not specify how much. When we get it, we will go to Dallas again to apply for the child. On March 27 she is already a month old. And while there is nothing ... In general, it turned out to be harder than we expected.

I even asked Russian-speaking mothers on Facebook if anyone else faced such a problem. But even in this situation, my husband and I are thinking - shouldn't we give birth to our next children at home? Everything was so wonderful that when the time comes for the next child, we will definitely weigh the pros and cons and decide, most likely, in favor of home birth.

Today, Jeannette does not study, took a short break. To help her mother-in-law came. She will look after the children in the fall when the young mother returns to her studies. The plans for Jeannette to work after graduation in American preschool institutions, and then open his own center for the development of children.

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