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As an immigrant from Belarus, we built a successful business in the USA and now helps earn others

Anna Ishutina together with her students. Photo: From the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

America is not called a country of great opportunities for nothing. Here it is really possible to start life from scratch and, having a good idea and a large supply of patience and hard work, build a successful life. Anna Ishutina, a native of Belarus, is a vivid proof of this. She came to the United States to study business, and eventually opened the most successful permanent makeup school in New York.

Beauty School

Anna starts her normal day at 6 am. She eats breakfast, runs to training, and from there she goes to her favorite studio school, which has long become her second home. Even though Anna now has 6 masters on her staff, she comes to work every day to give lessons, make a procedure for a client, or check the work of the studio and cheer up her masters.

Her salon school TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio Is one big open space: no rooms, only a single room, freedom and communication.

Twice a month, classes are held at the school, the rest of the time, the salon specialists, who are all Anna's students without exception, bring beauty to their charming clients - they make graceful eyebrows, draw arrows, work using microblading technology, extend eyelashes and eyebrows and even help restore color nipple halo after oncological or surgical operations.

Today, the school starts a basic course on permanent makeup, which Anna teaches with her second teacher, Tina. Exactly at 9.30 am, new students sit at comfortable tables and wait for the beginning of the lesson, looking with interest at the plump and bright educational brochures. As the founder of the school says, there is a lot of theory in teaching, but the most interesting and important thing is practice. That is why at school they help to put their hand from the very first day and devote 70% of their time to it.

In total, female students await 100 hours of study in the basic course, followed by an exam for obtaining a license. Regular classes last from 9.30 am to 17.00 pm, intensive classes from 9.30 am to 20.00 pm.

“Even without knowing English, I easily passed the license test and answered 50 questions in 15 minutes. Anna and Tina prepared me well for the questions, although I was afraid, ”says one of the students, Natalya Dvorakov, who finished the course only last month and today ran by for coffee at school, passing by.

While we were talking, the students listened to the theory and, with some apprehension, picked up toy cars and latex rugs to start their first communication with a professional instrument. Movements right before your eyes are becoming more and more confident. Anna manages to pay attention to each of her students, because there are only four of them. Small groups are specially formed for training - so, Anna is sure, a personal approach to each student is preserved.

In the school of Anna Ishutina they devote a lot of time to practice. Photo: From the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

“One of the strengths of our school is small groups. When I just started my career in this profession and was looking for courses, I was dumbfounded by the fact that American schools offer training in large groups, where the teacher physically does not have time to devote time to each student, which means he will not give the necessary knowledge. Therefore, we take only a few people for one course, so that after our educational institution, each of them leaves and can work immediately. As a specialist, not as a beginner, ”says Anna.

From idea to your own business

Anna herself found herself in the profession almost by accident. She left behind her training to become a translator and lawyer in her native Belarus and plans to work in marketing. She came to the USA to study business administration - she is now successfully applying the acquired knowledge in her own successful business. Anna was interested in permanent makeup by her mother, who did it professionally. Anna was so eager to master a new profession that, not finding a suitable school in the United States, she went to study in Italy. And only a few years later, when she had already established herself well as a master in New York, she decided to open her ideal school. Mom, who received her medical education back in Belarus, supported her daughter and became a co-founder of the school.

“When we started to figure out how to open a permanent make-up school, it turned out that a license was needed for official teaching. That is, according to the law, we could not just take and start teaching - this right had to be earned. Anyone who teaches without such a license is working illegally. Since we wanted to do everything right, I spent several years learning and getting the right document. When the entire legal part was ready, we rented a room in Brooklyn and began to invest minimal money in advertising. We didn’t attract third-party investments, we managed with our own finances, ”says Anna Ishutina.

TIAN has long been transformed from a school to a studio where classes are held. Photo: From the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

So in August 2015 of the year appeared TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio - The first school in New York to train permanent makeup specialists and the only school in America where teaching is conducted, in addition to English, in Russian.

Anna recalls that they were very lucky, because after advertising on Facebook and Instagram, a month after the opening, they formed the first group of students. Rumors about the new school spread quickly, because the program and approach were significantly different from other educational institutions - small groups, the basic course is designed for 100 hours, and not 5 days, as in American schools. In addition, famous world-class masters often come to the school to conduct trainings, and its teachers participate in conferences and congresses on permanent makeup around the world.

Such an approach to business allows the project of Anna Ishutina to receive good recommendations and grow. Not only residents of New York, but also girls from other cities and states come to her to study.

“They come to retrain after other schools and a lot of girls from Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey, California and Connecticut fly in. This is very flattering. So we are doing everything right, ”Anna smiles.

The words of the founder of the school confirms the student TIAN Kristina Aivazian, who flew to New York from Los Angeles.

“When I moved to the USA, for me, as for many other immigrants, the question arose - how to earn a living with dignity and elegance. I understood that I wanted a profession in the field of beauty, and realized that I needed to go through training quickly enough to earn money in the near future. Plus, I had a language barrier, and ideally I wanted to find a school where they teach in Russian as well. A year ago, I saw an advertisement for Anna's school on the Internet and, without thinking twice, called. We talked, and a few weeks later I bought a ticket and flew to New York. I want to say that I could not find anything like this in Los Angeles, which is oversaturated with all possible services, ”says Christina.

After training, the girl returned to Los Angeles, passed the license exam and began to practice. Now she has her own clients.

The main thing in Anna's case is
it is scrupulous. Photo: From the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

Another plus of Anna Ishutina's school is that even those who do not have the slightest experience in the field of permanent makeup can take a course in it.

“Both artists and people with no experience came to our school. And I was often surprised when I saw how skillfully an inexperienced master works in comparison with a person who has an art education. Scrupulousness and patience are important in this work - you need to practice a lot and not be lazy. This is my main message to all students! ”, Says Anna.

The school does not look for work for its graduates, but, according to its founder, the profession of permanent makeup master is so rare and there are so few good masters that salons are happy to hire specialists.

“Being a permanent makeup artist means making good money. For example, in New York, the cost of an eyebrow tattooing procedure starts from $ 350, restoration of the nipple halo can cost from $ 1200, and tricopigmentation - $ 5000. And even if you divide the cost of the procedure by several hours, you get a very decent hourly rate, ”explains Anna.

Anna Ishutina wants to open a salon in Soho. Photo: From the personal archive of Anna Ishutina

She does not hide her pride: the number of clients of her studio is constantly growing, as well as the flow of those wishing to take training. The girl is even thinking about opening another salon in Soho - there she plans to hire her best students.

You can contact Anna by phone - 347-922-6310 or by email

Your question is TIAN

Material prepared in partnership with

TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio

Address: 3049 Brighton 6 Str, Brooklyn, NY, 11235
Phone: + 1-347-922-6310

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