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How to save when you live in America

American cities invariably occupy top positions in the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world. The cost of living in the United States is high despite the apparent availability. Unstable world politics and the depreciation of the ruble has led to the fact that for many a tourist trip to America has become incredibly expensive.

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How to go on a trip and not spend a lot of money? Edition Self made trip shared the secrets of saving in the United States, which will be useful not only for travelers, but also for those who plan to settle in the country for a long time.


In the US, many online grocery stores, and each has its own policy. Among the largest and most popular are Walmart, Publix, Wholefoods, Aldi, Costco. Their assortment is different, but basic foodstuffs do not differ much.

Supermarkets are designed for different audiences: Publix and Wholefoods - for more affluent and demanding customers, for thrifty - Walmart and Aldi. The most accessible of them is Aldi.

Walmart and Aldi hold regular sales. You can find out about discounts and great deals on the websites of stores and through their company booklets.

In the US, a system of coupons for goods is extremely common. They are sent by mail, printed in special booklets and on the packaging of goods, distributed in the store, published on the site.

Using coupons manufacturer in conjunction with the store shares, you can get many products for free! To understand this system and calculate the days of sales and validity of coupons, it will take time, but it's worth it. In any case, using coupons is beneficial.


Costco is a wholesale store, you can only get there with a club card, which is sold in the store itself. But if you have acquaintances who own a card, you can buy products in bulk with them for the company without spending money and time on formalities. Buying in bulk is much cheaper. But before you go to the store, you should think about what exactly you need in large quantities and where to store so many products.

According to the Consumer Protection Act in the United States, a customer may return a product that they do not like to the store within 30 (sometimes 90) days. You can return and food, if something had not to taste or does not match the shelf life and quality (which rarely happens in America). Even if the check was not kept, the money for the bitten off and not liking the cake will be returned to the buyer.

ForumDaily He gave advice on how to buy more at Costco: Ten Little-Known Ways to Save at Costco


Thrifty Americans buy clothes at Ross. This is a supermarket of clothing and footwear, household goods; There you can also purchase perfumes, cosmetics and baby accessories. The prices here are much lower than in company stores, and the products are represented by all brands: from luxury to budget.

If the financial situation leaves much to be desired, you can buy clothes for the whole family in second-hand stores, for example, GoodWill. The trick is that in the stores of this kind you can find absolutely new things. Prices here are very low, you can literally get dressed for 3-5 dollars.

The best bargains in America need to be made during periods of sales, which are usually confined to public holidays and seasons. Prices at this time reduced to 70-90%.

Private ads

Craigslist - Internet portal of private announcements about buying, selling, renting and so on. There is a section called “Free”, where people donate completely different things for free: from diapers to electronics and furniture. If you wish, you can get everything you need absolutely free, for example, a car seat or beach accessories. Here you can find rental housing directly from the owner for the holidays is much cheaper than through an agency.

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Garage sale

Sale of unnecessary things in his yard - a common practice for America. People here buy a lot of goods, which, sometimes, the previous owners did not even use.

As a rule, in front of the house where the trade is going on, there are signs with the corresponding announcement. So anyone can come and make a profitable purchase. Such sales are often announced on Craigslist.

It is also common practice to leave things unnecessary to the owners on the side of the house. This is not always rubbish, it can be working televisions, sofas, toys, garden furniture. "Things on the sidelines" are also announced through Craigslist.

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"Black Friday

Black Friday - the beginning of the Christmas sales in the United States; This is the fourth Friday of November. Most stores offer discounts up to 90% on all types of goods, including the latest models of electronics and home appliances. The only negative is a huge number of people who want to make a bargain. Therefore, in some shops from the night lasts for many kilometers.


The financial department of the hospital makes significant discounts to uninsured patients who pay the bill themselves. But saving on health insurance is not worth it, if necessary, it will pay off with interest - the services of doctors in America are very expensive.

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Libraries in the United States are modern leisure centers equipped with computers, the Internet, office equipment (in one of the cities of Florida, a 3D printer is available for library visitors), children's games and a huge amount of literature. All this can be used absolutely free. Libraries hold free activities for both children and adults.


America is famous for museums and various entertainment centers, there are a lot of them here. The cost of the ticket is usually low, but if you go with the whole family, the price of entertainment can afford to hit. Do not rush and spend money.

If you look at the site of a museum or exhibition and examine their special offers, you may find that, for example, on the second Saturday of the month, children have free entry and the discount for parents is 50%.

Many hold open houses and offer free admission to everyone. In addition, the site can find a discount coupon and present it at the box office.

In the United States, free interactive museum exhibitions for children in parks are often organized.

Information kiosks offer a variety of tourist booklets. Here you can find coupons for shops, restaurants and hotels, free maps and information about upcoming events.

Before traveling to the USA, it is worth exploring special offers on the website of the selected state. In many large cities, you can buy a city-pass card that allows you to visit the main attractions much cheaper.

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