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Kadyrov was awarded the Order of Merit for Dentistry: How the Strange Award System Works in Russia

The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, was awarded the Order of Merit for Dentistry, I degree, reports RBC.

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On June 27, Kadyrov took part in the opening of the new building of the Grozny Dental Clinic No. 1. “During the event, for my contribution to the development of the dental service of the Chechen Republic, I was awarded the Order of Merit for Dentistry, I degree, from the Dental Association of Russia,” said Kadyrov.

The head of Chechnya, in turn, awarded the chief doctor of the hospital, Yunus Umarov, with the Order of Akhmat Kadyrov.

In August last year, Kadyrov received an award from the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Grozny for creating “quality content.” The prize was $800. Kadyrov was awarded by the Minister of the Republic for National Policy, Foreign Relations, Press and Information Akhmed Dudayev.

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According to the TV channel, Kadyrov often shot videos in "extreme conditions" and "hard-to-reach places", and often personally commented on what was happening in the frame. “In particular, the head of the region introduced subscribers to his own parrot,” Grozny TV channel noted.

In total, Ramzan Kadyrov has more than three dozen official government awards, including the medal "For Military Valor" II degree (2000), "For Merit to the Fatherland" IV and III degrees (2006 and 2021), reports Kavkazr. The head of Chechnya was also awarded the Order named after his own father, Akhmat Kadyrov. The production of each such order takes up to 60 grams of gold of the 750th test, more than a hundred rubies, sapphires and a diamond with a total weight of almost five carats.

Kadyrov was awarded the Order of Avicenna for his contribution to the development of healthcare and medical sciences in the republic, according to the head of the Chechen Ministry of Health, Elkhan Suleimanov. In the Chechen segment of the social network Instagram began to enthusiastically congratulate the head of Chechnya. Chairman of Parliament Magomed Daudov, member of the State Duma Adam Delimkhanov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Chechen government Vakhita Usmayeva - all of them were clearly captivated by the wording "the highest award of public recognition." None of the Chechen civil servants was embarrassed that this was a non-state award, of which there are many in the collection of Ramzan Kadyrov:

  • Medal "For merit in the conduct of the census" (2002)
  • Medal "For Distinction in the Protection of Public Order" (2004),
  • Order “Al-Fahr” I degree, Council of Muftis of Russia (2007),
  • Badge of honor “Peace and Creation” (2007),
  • Diamond Order of the National Fund of the Russian Federation “Public Recognition” (2007),
  • Medal "For strengthening the penitentiary system of the Russian Federation" (2007),
  • Honorary Civil Order Silver Star “Public Recognition” (2009),
  • Award of the International Wrestling Federation FILA - gold necklace (2010),
  • Gold medal "For contribution to the development of the agro-industrial complex of Russia" (2011),
  • Medal "For the Protection of Human Rights" (2011),
  • Medal "For the protection of the children of Russia" (2014),
  • Order of Kindness established by the National Foundation for Public Recognition (2014),
  • Order “For Service to the Religion of Islam”, XNUMXst class.
  • Gold medal to them. N. N. Blokhin (award of the Russian Academy of Sciences for outstanding work in the field of oncology (2017),
  • Public Award - Gold Star - Honor and Dignity;
  • Cavalier of the highest award of Palestine - the Order of the Star of Jerusalem

In addition to the above, the head of Chechnya also has honorary medals and orders from the countries of the former USSR, as well as commemorative awards, for example, “10 years of Astana” or “300 years of St. Petersburg.

According to official data, Ramzan Kadyrov graduated from the Makhachkala Institute of Business and Law in 2004 with a degree in jurisprudence, and a year later he became a graduate in finance and credit. He did not stop there and already in 2006 he managed to defend his dissertation and become a candidate of economic sciences.

Then the head of Chechnya began to collect various honorary titles. In 2007, he became a laureate in the Russian of the Year award. Later, the title of “Hero of Islam” from the World Islamic League was added to this, and then the title of the keeper of the sacred relics of the Prophet Muhammad. In addition, Kadyrov is the keeper of the lock with the key to the door of the main Muslim shrine - the Holy Kaaba.

Here is an incomplete list of titles of the Chechen leader:

  • “Honorary Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic”
  • “Honorary Citizen of the Chechen Republic” (2003)
  • “Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Chechen Republic” (2003)
  • Title of honorary member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2006)
  • “Honorary Professor of the Modern Humanitarian Academy” (2006)
  • “Honored Builder of the Chechen Republic” (2006)
  • “Honorary Mayor of Grozny” (2007)
  • “Honored Defender of Human Rights” (2007)
  • “Honorary President of the Movement of Afghanistan Veterans of the Southern Federal District” (2007)
  • “Honorary President of the football club “Akhmat” (2008)
  • “Honored Builder of the Chechen Republic” (2008)
  • “Honorary Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Crimea” (2015)
  • “Honorary worker in the field of youth policy” (2016)
  • Absolute champion in all weight categories of the Kyrgyz type of wrestling kulatuu (2017)
  • XNUMXth dan in taekwondo
  • Winner of the award in the field of diplomacy "Ambassador of Friendship" (2017)
  • Honorary Professor of the Islamic University named after Kunt-Haji Kishiev (2014)
  • "Honorary Farmer" (2021)

How Shoigu surpassed Stalin, and what medals from Putin give

Sergei Shoigu became the undisputed champion in establishing departmental awards among all Soviet and Russian leaders, reports Open Media. Under him, 78 new medals and insignia appeared - 25 while he was in charge of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and 53 - when he served as Minister of Defense. In 2014 alone, Shoigu established 15 new medals of the Ministry of Defense - more than under Stalin, in the victorious 1945, when 10 new state medals appeared in the USSR. Then all the medals were combat: "For the victory over Germany", "For the liberation of Prague", "For the capture of Berlin". Under Shoigu, in the year of the “Crimean Spring”, in addition to the expected award “For the Return of Crimea”, the Ministry of Defense establishes the medal “Artist of the Greeks” for merits in the creation of patriotic works, “For merits in logistics” and even for the “World Tank Biathlon Championship” - 2014". Medals of the Ministry of Defense are received by members of musical ensembles and circus artists. Shoigu himself wears 14 awards on his tunic.

In subsequent years, the Ministry of Defense under Shoigu received awards for all occasions: “For contribution to congress and exhibition activities”, “For achievements in military-political work”, “For contribution to the development of the International Army Games”, “For distinction in financial provision" and others.

The main problem of the Russian award system, according to experts, is that orders have been reduced to the level of birthday gifts: they are awarded not for specific merits, but for anniversaries. This is clearly seen in the examples of Valentina Matvienko, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov or artist Lev Leshchenko.

The reward system itself raises questions. For example, participants in the power show Russian Bogatyrs and the dance group SabotageTeam, artists of the Great Moscow Circus, the winner of the People's Artist competition Alexei Goman, State Duma deputies Iosif Kobzon and Valentina Tereshkova received medals for "Participant in the military operation in Syria". Kobzon, answering a question from journalists about the award, said that “our participation is spiritual participation. Spiritual support is perhaps even more important than shots.”

Orders were received by almost all the children of Putin's elite. The sons of the ex-head of the FSO Yevgeny Murov and businessman Yuri Kovalchuk have three orders each, two - the son of politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, one each - the children of Nikolai Patrushev and Gennady Timchenko, the sons of Mintimer Shaimiev and Boris Rotenberg. Surprisingly, the son of Igor Sechin has only one medal.

The head of the department of information and mass communications, Igor Konashenkov, has seven highest awards, and General Nikolai Vatutin, who died in 1944, a participant in the defense of Stalingrad, the Battle of Kursk, the Battle for the Dnieper, the commander of the 1st Ukrainian Front, has six, of which two were issued posthumously , already under Brezhnev.

Awards are received not only by people from Putin's inner circle, but also by their relatives. For example, billionaire Gennady Timchenko, whom Minchenko Consulting calls a member of Politburo 2.0, has no Russian state awards at all (according to official documents, of course). But his wife was awarded the Order of Friendship for active charitable work. The wife of Sergei Chemezov, Ekaterina Ignatova, has a medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree, for her contribution to the development of the Unified Modular Platform project (Aurus limousines), the sister of the Minister of Defense and a deputy of the State Duma, Larisa Shoigu, was awarded the Order of Friendship for her contribution to the development of the Russian parliamentarism. Viktor Patrushev, brother of Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, received the Order of Honor and Friendship for his labor achievements. The sons of Nikolai Patrushev were also awarded orders. Dmitry Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture - with the Order of Honor for his work as Chairman of the Board of the Russian Agricultural Bank; Andrey Patrushev - at that time an adviser to the chairman of the board of directors of Rosneft Igor Sechin - the Order of Honor for labor achievements.

The titles of Hero of Russia and Hero of Labor give their holders many benefits, privileges and allowances. Among them are not only the exemption from rent or the allocation of 40 acres of land without competition, but also the perpetuation of memory by installing a bronze bust in the homeland. For example, in St. Petersburg someday there will be a monument to Arkady Rotenberg, who received the star of the Hero of Labor for the construction of the Crimean bridge.

7 years after the signing of the decree on the establishment of the title "Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation", Vladimir Putin presented state awards to the builders of the Crimean bridge. One of the recipients was the owner of the company that built the bridge, billionaire Arkady Rotenberg. From the hands of Putin, he received the gold medal "Hero of Labor of Russia". But that's not all - according to the decree, "in the event that a person is awarded the title of Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation in his homeland, on the basis of a decree of the President of the Russian Federation, a bronze bust with the appropriate inscription is installed." So in the future, a monument to the sparring partner of President Vladimir Putin in judo will appear in St. Petersburg.

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Another “benefit” for those awarded with state and departmental orders and medals is the decision of the Supreme Court, which considers awards, along with the presence of minor children and elderly parents, as a measure to mitigate criminal punishment.

Putin himself has a myriad of different titles and awards - public, religious, Russian and foreign. He is an honorary professor at the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions and an honorary doctor of the Russian Military Medical Academy.

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