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What I still can not get used to living in the States

I have been living in the States for several years now and much has become so familiar to me that I sometimes forget that it was somehow different in my homeland. However, I cannot get used to some things until now.

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“Amazing” Vacuum Cleaners

I immediately called them pregnant mop and still can not get used to them. Because of the design features, all that is in the vacuum cleaner: the motor, filters and trash can are between the brush and the handle. Therefore, collecting dust from the mat you have to move not the brush on the tube (like ours), but the weight of the whole structure. Only it seems silly to me?

Princess bed on the pea

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Tall American beds are definitely not mine. I can understand American furniture manufacturers who, thanks to tall beds, can manufacture and sell additional bedside chairs to conquer the heights. The bed is high thanks to the use of an extra bed box that is placed between the base and the mattress. The box itself is made of plywood and covered with fabric. They come in different sizes to match the mattresses. I do not like useless things, and this box is just from this series. What usefulness does a meter-high bed add? Do you know how scary it is to sleep on this “Everest”? The main thing is not to forget that the bed is high if you need to go to the toilet at night.

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Special areas

Surprisingly, American laws allow for the existence and functioning of self-organized civil organizations, the so-called local governments. They are created to solve certain problems and provide services in a particular area and collect money from the population for this. For example, a town can be divided into several parts (districts) and each will have its own administration (local government) for cleaning and supplying water, taking out garbage, fighting insects, etc. Moreover, the borders are divided randomly and neighboring houses can belong to different areas . For example, neighbors from the same street can receive bills from different water suppliers, and, accordingly, at different rates.

Download movies

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Our usual practice to download free movies from the Internet or watch them online (also free) in America is not available. Intellectual property law is respected here. Internet service providers monitor illegal actions, if any, and expose huge fines to violators. Exit: enter into a contract and pay the company providing unlimited viewing of films. But if you are not a movie lover and the desire to watch TV does not appear every day, then to watch a new movie or favorite classics, you need to buy a CD, or try your luck in the library (there you can take free disks). Well, there is always a cinema!

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Expensive services

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Everything that is done in America is paid hands high enough. That is why, even without local education and work experience, our emigrants “with their hands” can work out well and live happily ever after. Americans joke: why get an expensive legal education, if a plumber and an electrician gets more than a lawyer per hour. However, I can’t get used to the fact that you have to pay huge money to a curved hairdresser or a manicurist just because she receives $ 15 / hour by law. Why does a $ 50 haircut (without washing my head!) Have to look like my five year old daughter was shearing ?! The prices are exorbitant, and in order to do it you need to pay twice as much quality!

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