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Latvian immigrant pleaded guilty to death of American groom

37-year-old Latvian citizen of Russian origin, Angelika Grosvald, pleaded guilty to the murder on the negligence of her 46-year-old fiance-American Vincent Viafore.

She was arrested in April 2015 of the year, but pleaded guilty in July of 2017, writes The New York Times.

19 April 2015, Groswald and his fiance swam in single-channel kayak on the Hudson River near Bannerman Island. Vincent's kayak was filled with water and sank with him, Azheliki's canoe turned over, she was dragged ashore, and only after that the woman called 911 service.

“Oh, Lord,” she said to the dispatcher, “I am in a red kayak, and he fell, and I could not swim to him. Couldn't paddle up to him. He is drifting further and further away from me. He's drowning. Please call someone. He holds on to something, but things get very bad. The waves are very strong, I can still see his head. "

The conversation with the dispatcher lasted 15 minutes, gave the impression that Angelica still sees Vincent, at the end of the conversation she said: “I think he drowned, he needs to be saved,” and hung up.

The police later found out that the woman called the rescuers after 20 minutes after she was on the shore, after the call she was taken to a local hospital where they were examined due to possible hypothermia.

During the autopsy, it was found that the death of Vincent Viafore was the result of a dive under the water, but the dive looking at his pathologist called the murder.

Groswald claimed that she could not help the groom, but the investigation concluded that the athlete and excellent swimmer Viafore could not drown without her help even in cold water of Hudson, and Angelica intentionally killed the groom by pulling out a drain plug from the bottom of his kayak. Militiamen suggested that her goal was to get 250 thousand dollars for which Vincent had insured his life in her favor.

Later a cork was found in a woman’s car. After that, she admitted her guilt, stating that she had pulled her out, realizing what this might lead to, but still, according to her, she did not admit that this would entail the death of her beloved fiancé. Her lawyer, Richard Portal, claimed that during police interrogation, which lasted 11 hours, she gave “forced” testimony, as there was a language barrier between her and the detectives, and to the obligatory question whether Angelica knew her rights under the Miranda Act, she answered with a question: “And who is Miranda?”.

Having pleaded guilty during interrogation, Angelica stated that Vincent Viafore demanded that they engage in group sex, which she was not ready for.

At the same time, the interrogation expert, a former detective of the Washington police, after watching the interrogation video, called Angelica’s confessions dubious, since the detectives obviously asked her leading questions, seeking the answers they needed.

For example, the detective asked Angelica about the drainage plug in the bottom of the kayak: “When did you pull her out on Sunday?”, And she replied: “I didn’t pull her out on Sunday, someone had already pulled her out.” The cork found in her car was sent for examination, and according to the lawyer accused, the cork was too small and the drainage hole was too high to be related to the death of Viafore.

Vincent Viafore's body was fished out of the Hudson at the West Point Military Academy in about a month, on May 23, 2015, but Angelica Groswald was arrested before, 10 days after the tragedy. By this time, the witnesses confirmed that she had turned over her kayak, and Vincent, on whom there was no life jacket, was floundering in the water, and the bride shoved the oar floating around him, and after 10 minutes he disappeared under water. Later, Angelica told the detectives that after the death of her fiancé, she felt relieved and “well that he died.

A jury trial in this case was supposed to start in August, but in July the prosecutor's office offered Angelica and her lawyer a compromise: Angelica was promised that her prison term would be from 16 months to 4 years, if she admits guilt. She agreed, the court appointed sentencing on November 1.

According to lawyer Angelica, given 27 months that Angelica had already spent behind bars, she should be released before the end of 2017, followed by deportation, but she will gladly return to her homeland.

Angelica Lipskaya came to the US in August 2000 of the year, arriving in Connecticut to work as a nanny for a year, but then she stayed and changed professions, in particular, working as a ballerina and waitress.

Lipskaya married an American by the name of Groswald, whom she divorced in 2009, and, leaving her husband's name, recently lived in Connecticut. In 2013, she met with construction company manager Vincent Viafore. The defense witness, professional musician from Boston, Sean von Klaus, who knew Angelica Groswald from childhood in Latvia as Anja Lipskaya, said that she and Vincent Viafore always seemed like a happy couple, loved to spend time outdoors, and especially on the water, and were going to get married where anywhere in the Baltics.

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