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US Immigration Courts Will Postpone Cases for Applicants Who Do Not Have Lawyers

All immigration hearings for those without a lawyer will be postponed, according to the website. EOIR... This is due to the epidemiological situation in the United States.

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On January 10, due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, the EOIR decided to postpone the immigration hearings for persons who do not have a lawyer. In particular, the cases of applicants who are not in detention, do not have an immigration lawyer or other registered representative of their interests are subject to transfer.

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According to the schedule, hearings will be held in the following categories:
  • Applicants' cases in custody, including requests for bail and redefinition of custody or surety;
  • Cases of non-custodial immigrants who have a lawyer or other registered representative;
  • Cases of persons outside the United States and subject to the Migrant Protection Protocols.

Cases of undetained immigrants without a lawyer will not be tried in courts until at least January 31, 2022 and have been postponed. Immigrants who have scheduled hearings from January 10 to 31 are asked not to come to the courts. EOIR will send a notification to all participants affected by this deferral, but some of them may be late. Especially if the meetings on their cases were scheduled for dates before January 15th.

If you have questions or are not sure if your hearing has been postponed, you can contact Automated Judicial Information System online or call 800-898-7180 ​​(TDD: 800-828-1120) or call immigration court, considering your case.

As for those detained by the immigration authorities, their cases will be reviewed according to the schedule, hearings will be held by telephone or via the Internet. Sessions on immigrant affairs with lawyers will also take place on schedule.

Answers to frequently asked questions

1. I am not imprisoned by the immigration authorities and I do not have a lawyer. Will my hearing be postponed?

Yes, the consideration of such applicants will be rescheduled. Call immigration court and ask to hear your case by phone or online. The Immigration Court will mail you a new Notice of Hearing to tell you the new date and time for your hearing.

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2. I am not imprisoned by the immigration authorities and I have a lawyer. Will my hearing be postponed?

If the applicant has a lawyer, the case will be reviewed according to the schedule. Schedule to attend the hearing on the appointed date and time. The hearing will take place over the phone or over the Internet.

3. I am in the custody of the immigration authorities. Will my hearing be postponed?

If the applicant is in DHS custody, the case will be processed according to the schedule. You will need to schedule to attend the hearing on the date and time specified in the notice.

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