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Elon Musk offered to give Crimea to Russia, and then this began on Twitter ...

Billionaire and entrepreneur, founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk made several unexpected posts regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia in his account in Twitter.

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He proposed his own version of how to achieve peace and arranged a vote to find out who supported his idea.

To achieve peace, according to Musk, you need to “repeat referendums under the supervision of the UN. Russia withdraws from these territories, if it is the will of the people; Crimea goes to Russia; Ukraine remains neutral and provides water supply to Crimea.”

He also added that this scenario "will most likely be the outcome at the end - the only question is how many people will die before that."

I did not forget to mention that "a possible, although unlikely outcome of this conflict is a nuclear war."

In the second post, he also arranged a vote and wrote “people who live in the Donbass and Crimea must decide whether they are part of Russia or Ukraine.”

And in the last post, which he even pinned on his page, he stated: “Russia is conducting a partial mobilization. They will begin full military mobilization if Crimea is in danger. Death on both sides will be devastating. Russia has three times the population of Ukraine, so a Ukrainian victory in an all-out war is unlikely. If you care about the people of Ukraine, look for peace.”

Such statements caused a sea of ​​hatred. Even Ukrainian officials and deputies could not restrain themselves and answered Musk.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky also posted a poll "Which Elon Musk do you like more." Among the answer options are the one that supports Ukraine and the one that supports Russia.

Other political and public representatives of Ukraine could not resist commenting. For example, Valery Chaly joked that the only explanation for such words could be that the Martians stole the Mask.

“Elon Musk was stolen by the Martians… and his account was taken over. This is the simplest explanation,” he wrote.

Screenshot: Facebook

Screenshot: Twitter

Some even suggested: why not then give Alaska to Russia according to this logic.

Screenshot: Facebook

In addition, these statements are completely at odds with Musk's previous words and actions. Previously, he supported Ukraine, provided her with Starlink and even challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a duel to compete for Ukraine.

Some users speculated that Musk's account had been hacked, but a few hours later, the tweets were still on the page and there were no reports of a hack.

Knowing the unusual nature of Musk and his love for extraordinary solutions, some decided that this could be an attempt to prove the presence of a huge number of bots on the microblog, or even a deliberate attempt to fill Tesla shares in order to buy them later.

“Tesla stock is about to go down. He buys them himself. Nothing personal. Only business. He already did that. But still d**don,” wrote Andrey Lozovy.

Screenshot: Facebook

One user commented: “I wonder how many bots have been activated to skew real results.” Musk responded that "this is the biggest bot attack he's ever seen."


Screenshot: Twitter

But commentators did not leave this unattended, in addition to outrage and attempts to briefly tell Musk the history of relations between Ukraine and Russia, many wondered if the entrepreneur had used anything psychedelic, and began to create memes based on Musk's words.

“This Elon is broken. Bring a new one,” one of the commentators joked.

Screenshot: Twitter

Another user added a poll, as Elon did, and wrote that employees of the entrepreneur's company vote whether they want to become Ford employees. If the majority is in favor, then Musk's company will be taken over by Ford.

Screenshot: Twitter

Others were a little surprised how the number of inhabitants of the country can decide the outcome of the war.

“China has 6 times the population of the US, so a US victory in the war is unlikely. If you care about the people of the United States, seek peace,” one commenter wrote, twisting Musk’s words.


Screenshot: Twitter

One of the users said that Elon is preparing to release the Tesla Model Z. The letter Z is used by the Russian army and the Russians as a symbol of the invasion of Ukraine and support for Russian forces.

Screenshot: Twitter

Another added that if an entrepreneur cares so much, then let him give each inhabitant of the planet $1 billion.

Screenshot: Twitter

“Elon, you have done a lot of good for Ukraine by activating Starlink and providing thousands of terminals. I understand that you are now overly focused on this topic, but these polls and tweets about bot attacks do not help - in fact, they piss off many Ukrainians, ”wrote Renata Konkoly, whom Elon Musk noted in his posts.

To which he replied: “You are assuming that I want to be popular. I don't care. It worries me that millions of people can die in vain, and everything will come to the same outcome.

Screenshot: Twitter

Well, Elon “broke down” or is this another experiment, most likely, we will find out a little later.

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