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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Officially Announces His Candidacy for President of the United States

On May 24, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis entered the 2024 Republican presidential race. Donald Trump, who intends to win a second term in the White House and counted on the Republican nomination, did not like this. AP.

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The 44-year-old Republican has applied for the presidential nomination to the Federal Election Commission.


It marks a new chapter in DeSantis' extraordinary rise from obscure congressman to two-term governor to a leading figure in a bitter struggle over race, gender, abortion and other controversial issues.

DeSantis is considered Trump's strongest Republican challenger, even though he is often criticized for his far-right politics. He generated significant interest among GOP voters by calling himself a younger and more promising version of Trump.

DeSantis is considered one of the party's strongest candidates in a bid to take the White House from Democratic President Joe Biden. Republicans say the 80-year-old incumbent has taken the country too far, failing to cope with inflation, immigration and crime.

The Republican nominee will face Biden in the November 2024 election.

DeSantis vs Trump

Trump endorsed then-Rep. DeSantis in the 2018 Florida gubernatorial race, calling him a "brilliant young leader" and "a real fighter." Focus. Trump then hailed DeSantis' decisive victory in the Republican gubernatorial primary over Adam Putnam, calling it a "fantastic victory" and predicting that DeSantis would become a "fantastic governor."

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But as DeSantis grew in popularity and danger to opponents, Trump liked him less and less.

Trump said last year that running DeSantis for president "would be a great act of disloyalty" and added that "DeSantis' political life would have ended" if Trump hadn't backed him in 2018.

DeSantis has largely avoided public criticism of Trump and is expected to continue this strategy throughout his campaign.

“The reality is that a lot of Trump supporters are Ron DeSantis fans, and a lot of Ron DeSantis supporters are Trump fans,” one unnamed politician told Forbes. “Why complicate your political math?”

DeSantis adopted the former president's flamboyant personality, populist politics, and even some of his mannerisms. The governor of Florida is more attractive to voters than Trump, who is now inundated with lawsuits and allegations.

On May 23, a New York judge tentatively scheduled the start of the criminal trial against Trump on March 25, 2024, which falls in the midst of the presidential primaries season. Trump pleaded not guilty last month to 34 counts of falsifying business records at the Trump Organization.

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DeSantis was re-elected governor of Florida just six months ago with a stunning 19 percent majority.

Hours before DeSantis announced he was entering the presidential race, Trump erupted with a social media post that "Ron DeSanctus" could not win the general election or GOP primary due to his previous congressional votes on social issues. provision and medical care (a hint that he supported the ideas of the Democrats).

“He is in desperate need of a personality transplant, and as far as I know, it is not yet medically available. Unreliable person! Trump wrote.

What is generally known about the candidate

DeSantis is a political heavyweight in Florida and a regular on Fox News, but his allies admit that most voters in other states don't know him well.

DeSantis attended Yale University where he played baseball. He went to Harvard Law School and became a Navy Judge General. This position took him to Iraq and the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

He ran for Congress in 2012 and won. After 6 years in Parliament, DeSantis became Governor of Florida.

Despite his long resume and political experience, friends and foes alike note that DeSantis lacks the charisma and savvy that politicians need to win a presidential election.

Anti-abortion, migrants, LGBTQ+ and Disney

Florida's governor signed and then expanded an education bill known as the Don't Say Gay Act. It prohibits teaching or discussion of LGBTQ+ issues in Florida public schools for all grades.

Most recently, he signed a law banning abortions at more than six weeks' gestation. Most women do not even know about pregnancy before this period.

This year, DeSantis also signed a law allowing Florida residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit. He has put forward new measures that experts warn will weaken press freedom. He also took control of a liberal arts college, which he believed indoctrinated students with leftist ideology.

The governor's most vocal political battle, however, has come against beloved Florida entertainment giant Disney, which has publicly opposed its Don't Say Gay law. In retaliation, DeSantis seized control of Disney World's governing body and threatened to build a state prison on the park.

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The dispute drew condemnation from business leaders and his Republican rivals. Trump said the Florida governor was "completely destroyed" by Disney, calling his escalating feud with the company an "unnecessary political stunt."

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