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US citizenship: how long do immigrants wait for naturalization

Naturalization is the legal process that immigrants go through to become US citizens. It was first incorporated into US law in 1790, and since then, every immigrant eligible for citizenship has gone through the appropriate procedure.

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US citizenship gives rights and privileges. These include the right to vote, the ability to travel with a US passport and bring relatives to the United States, grant citizenship to your overseas-born child, and receive government benefits.

Now the filing of Form N-400 "Application for Naturalization" will cost $ 725. But despite this impressive amount, becoming a citizen is more profitablethan every five years to renew their right to permanent residence in the United States (green card).

Traditionally, it takes up to two years to process applications for US citizenship, so once an immigrant is eligible for naturalization, it is important to petition as soon as possible.

Before immigrants can apply for naturalization, they must be legal permanent residents for three to five years... Immigrants who receive green cards through a spouse can naturalize through three years.

Immigrants should also:

  • be over 18 years old when applying for naturalization;
  • speak, read and write in English;
  • demonstrate knowledge of American laws;
  • must be of “good moral character”;
  • it is necessary to demonstrate attachment to the US and the Constitution.

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How long does it take to process an application for naturalization at different visa centers (data as of February 2021):

  • Boston, Massachusetts - 8,5 to 14,5 months
  • Washington DC - 12 to 15 months
  • Detroit, Michigan - 11 to 14 months
  • Las Vegas, NV - 10,5 to 18 months
  • Los Angeles (city), California - 13,5 to 17 months
  • Los Angeles County, California - 14,5 to 17,5 months
  • Miami, Florida - 9,5 to 14,5 months
  • Newark, NJ - 14,5 to 17 months
  • New York (Brooklyn) - 14,5 to 28,5 months
  • New York (Queens) - 15 to 18 months
  • New York (NYC) - 16 to 21,5 months
  • Portland, Oregon - 13 to 16,5 months
  • San Diego, California - 13 to 16 months
  • San Francisco, California - 15 to 16 months
  • Seattle, Washington - 17,5 to 22 months
  • Philadelphia, PA - 13 to 20,5 months
  • Houston, TX - 14,5 to 20,5 months
  • Chicago, Illinois - 12,5 to 16,5 months

This time range shows how long it will take for the USCIS to process your case from the date it was received. Typically, requests are processed in the order in which they are received, so the timing information is updated every month. You can check her on this page... The estimated time range is based on data collected approximately 2 months prior to page refresh. Times are subject to change without prior notice.

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As a reminder, those who apply for US citizenship after December 1, 2020 are required to pass an updated naturalization test. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service reviews the test every 10 years to ensure it remains a tool that comprehensively assesses naturalization applicants' knowledge of American history, government, and civic values. ForumDaily published especially for you new list of questions on the citizenship testalready translated into Russian.

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