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A fisherman near Yellowstone was attacked by a bear: a man died

A Montana wilderness guide died days after being attacked by a grizzly bear near Yellowstone National Park, officials said. New York Post.

Photo: Shutterstock

Karl Mock, 40, suffered a severe stroke and died on Saturday, April 17, two days after being crippled by a bear weighing at least 420 pounds (190,5 kg) while fishing near Baker's Hole, according to an online page. fundraising.

“It was a terrible shock for everyone because both of his surgeries went so well,” organizer Keith Johnson wrote.

Mock, who worked as a wilderness guide for Backcountry Adventures and lived in West Yellowstone, was seriously injured in the attack on Thursday, April 15 and was rushed to a hospital in Idaho Falls where he was to undergo several surgeries. He had a "very long" road to recovery, Johnson wrote.

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Mock, who was alone at the time, carried bear spray with him, but it is unclear if he was able to use it during the attack, according to the Montana Department of Fishing, Wildlife and Parks.

The male bear believed to have crippled Mok was shot and killed by a group of hunting inspectors on Friday, April 16, according to agency officials.

The senior grizzly who attacked the group was killed about 50 yards (45,7 meters) from the moose carcass, officials said, indicating that the bear was probably protecting its food source when it attacked Moka.

During the attack, Mok sustained severe injuries to his face and scalp. Friends and family remembered him as a passionate lover of outdoor activities, including hiking and fishing.

“He's a hardworking guy with an infectious smile,” Johnson wrote. "He is a loyal friend who will help any of us in any way he can."

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One of Mock's former clients, Marshall Mahler, said he accompanied him on two charter photography tours and noted that his detailed knowledge of nature, combined with his “distinguished personality” and strong work ethic, made him “an excellent guide to wildlife photography. ".

“Rest in peace, my friend,” wrote Mahler.

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