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Where in New York they cook the best dumplings, borsch and dumplings: top 10 establishments

If you miss the cuisine of your home country, then this selection of 10 New York establishments where you can order real Ukrainian borsch or Siberian dumplings, as well as the famous Russian beef stroganoff, is exactly what you were looking for. We offer establishments that are in the top 10 best restaurants of the Big Apple according to visitor reviews on the portal Yelp.

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  1. Varenichnaya

3086 Brighton 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11235, b / t Brightwater Ct & Brighton Beach Ave. Brighton beach

It serves: meat, dumplings, Ukrainian borsch, potato dumplings, chicken kebab, beef stroganoff, fried cabbage, Siberian dumplings.

According to the visitors' reviews, this is a good Russian restaurant. “Everything is fresh. The lagman soup is delicious. I like to order here shurpa with huge pieces of tender lamb meat. Also very tasty dumplings. Meat dumplings with their thin dough and juicy meat inside are my favorites, ”the enthusiastic visitor writes.

Others point out that the compact menu features some classic Russian dishes such as herring and dumplings, as well as Uzbek dishes such as meat shashlik and shurpa. At the same time, the prices here, according to reviews, are low.

  1. Skovorodka

615 Brighton Beach Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11235. b / t Brighton 7th St & Brighton 6th St. Brighton beach

It serves: rural salad, chicken kebab, baklava, lamb chops.

According to those who have been here, this is a delightful and authentic place in Brooklyn. It is better to come here with a company or family. They also write that there are definitely good prices and portions. “We started with a large plate of cold snacks, ordered several different meat dishes, and then baklava for dessert,” visitors write, adding that they were pleased with the order.

Others point out that the establishment has improved the service while maintaining the quality of the food. “Our favorites are kebabs, salmon and thinly sliced ​​beef,” wrote one of the diners.

  1. Odessa Restaurant

119 Ave A New York, NY 10009. East Village, Alphabet City

It serves: Greek salad, crepes, fried pies.

“I have dined at this restaurant twice during my visits to New York. This place is fantastic. Although they consider themselves a Ukrainian restaurant, I have not seen anything in the building that reflects Ukrainian culture. It's not bad because the interior looks great. The layout is simple, like many restaurants in the city. In addition, it has a good atmosphere that will make me come back, ”another visitor left a review.

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He also noted that the staff of the institution are well aware of the cleanliness and order. “They clean up quickly after previous customers. This applies to the dining room, work area and bathrooms. On my two visits, I have not encountered any major confusion or turmoil that would deter me from visiting this restaurant. Overall, I have always felt comfortable here and could enjoy a good dinner, ”he said.

According to another visitor, it serves crispy pancakes and fried pies for $ 10. “Clean little diner. A really old and kind place for local residents, ”he wrote.

  1. Cafe kashkar

1141 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235, b / t Brighton 15th St & Brighton 14th St, Brighton Beach

It serves: lagman, lamb meat, samsa, lamb ribs, eggplant salad, carrot salad.

“We went into almost silence. There could be only one explanation for this: the food left everyone speechless, ”a visitor shared his impressions of the first visit to the establishment. According to him, this is a rather small place, the staff are friendly but not overly attentive. However, the modesty of the interior and the work of the staff of the establishment overshadows the food that is prepared here. “Veal kebab and lamb giblets made me fall in love with meat. I'm usually on a plant-based diet, but I craved juicy cuts of meat served on silver daggers. The meat has a smoky-roasted flavor that makes you feel ecstatic, ”he writes.

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Also, this visitor noted that the dumplings were quite tasty both fried and steamed. “Be sure to season them with chili vinegar because it complements the flavor,” recommends the gourmet.

According to another visitor, he "can’t wait to go back and try their soups and freshly baked bread."

  1. Veselka

144 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003, b / t St Marks Pl & 9th St, East Village

It serves: cabbage rolls, beef stroganoff, matzo soup, Ukrainian borsch, meat plate.

“The first time I came here a little less than a year ago and since then I have been constantly returning.

My favorite dishes here are pies and cold borscht. There is a vegetarian version, which has the perfect ratio of beetroot to vegetable broth, and is super refreshing on a hot summer day, ”comments a regular. He also added that pies with various vegetarian fillings are prepared here: broccoli and cheese, potatoes, cottage cheese, sauerkraut. “They are all delicious and I cannot choose my favorite. They are served with golden brown caramelized onions and sour cream, ”he said.

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“I love this place,” writes another visitor. - Delicious pies. Meat and vegetarian. Food was quickly served. It can be a little crowded here, so in my opinion this is not the best place for an intimate conversation, but good for a delicious $ 20 meal. Service is okay. "

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