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Fruits and vegetables worth buying in April

Winter is over, the weather is constantly improving, returning to the American cities farmer's markets, where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits that carry a charge of vitamins.

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Some of them are also pleasantly pleased with the prices. Edition The Penny Hoarder collected a list of farm products that are worth buying in April in different US states due to low prices and excellent taste.

1. California: artichoke

California is still the manufacturer of the number XXNX of many of America’s favorite fruits and vegetables, and the prices for these products are very low in this state during the high season.

April is California's artichoke season. By the way, this state produces 99,99% of all commercially grown artichokes in the United States.

Despite the fact that they look rather strange, artichokes are very tasty, especially if you cook them with spinach, cheese or chicken hearts.

2. Florida: Blueberries

The northern states will wait for the harvest of these berries for a long time, but in Florida they have already matured. You can go search for them yourself or visit the blueberry farm, where you can buy a pound (450 grams) of berries for only $ 3.

3. Massachusetts: Fava beans and greens

In mid-April, the fava bean season is just beginning, while the green season is coming to an end, but this is an excellent period to find competitive prices for both.

Fava beans are rich in nutrients (iron, potassium, vitamin K, etc.), and are also an excellent source of protein.

4. Oregon: Rhubarb

This is a very healthy vegetable, but many people avoid it due to its strange appearance. The sales season for this plant is quite short - from mid-March to mid-May, after that you will not see it on the shelves. Once you find rhubarb on sale, buy it, since the next such opportunity may only come in a year.

It is very similar to celery in cooking and processing.

5. Midwest: Radish

When choosing a radish in the market, find one that has the size of a ping-pong ball (but not more than a golf ball), as it increases in size and taste.

The light and crisp taste of radish makes it an excellent ingredient for making spring salads.

6. California: Green Garlic

Outwardly, it is very similar to green onions, the same green stems, but these plants are very different in taste and aroma, which garlic is much more pronounced.

You can use it in salads, as well as when frying any dishes.

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