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Frontier Airlines accidentally sent a passenger to another country

A New Jersey resident has spoken out about a shocking airport error that caused her to fly from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Jamaica in the Caribbean instead of Jacksonville, Florida. Writes about it Business Insider.

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Beverly Ellis-Hebard said she was assigned to the wrong plane and didn't have her passport with her.

Ellis-Hebard, who travels frequently between her home state of Pennsylvania and her second home in Florida, flew on a scheduled Frontier Airlines flight to take a break in the sunny state.

Everything was going smoothly until she needed to go to the toilet shortly before her flight. According to Ellis-Hebard, the agent told her she had 20 minutes.

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When she returned, it turned out that the flight was almost full, and she was rushed to board the plane after the agent checked her boarding pass. In the confusion, Ellis-Hebard cut her hand while loading her hand luggage.

Once on board the plane, the flight attendant treated her wound and told her that she would be able to relax when they landed in Jamaica.

Ellis-Hebard laughed and replied: "I would like to fly there, but I already have a beach where I live." Then the stewardess said, “Look at me. This plane is flying to Jamaica." And she knew from her expression that she was not joking. The distance between Philadelphia and Jamaica is approximately 900 miles (1 km).

It was revealed that due to the need to board the flight quickly, Ellis-Hebard was not informed that her flight to Jacksonville had changed gates.

The duty officer told the confused passenger: “You are entering another country without a passport. This is bad".

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Fortunately, the Jamaican authorities allowed Ellis-Hebard to remain on the bridge between the plane and the airport when she landed, meaning the passenger did not officially leave the United States.

Then a few hours later she was put on the next flight back to Philadelphia.

“This should never have happened because I didn’t have a passport. The woman at the gate didn't do her job," Ellis-Hebard said.

Frontier Airlines said they refunded her ticket price and gave her a $600 voucher as compensation.

An airline spokesman said: “We offer Beverly Ellis-Hebard our deepest apologies for this unfortunate experience. We sincerely regret that Ellis-Hebard got on the wrong flight."

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