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Forbes named the main billionaire, the loser of the year

The founder of the social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, topped the ranking of billionaires who lost the most in the past year.

Photo: Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, according to the magazine Forbes, became the main billionaire loser 2018 of the year.

Zuckerberg's fortune has decreased by $ 18,7 billion over the past year. It is worth noting that the founder of Facebook was the only American on this list. Back in the beginning of 2018, Facebook became the center of an international scandal, which could not but affect the status of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

At the beginning of 2018, it became aware of the largest in the history of Facebook the leakage of users' personal data. Cambridge Analytica illegally collected data 87 million users of the social network and passed them to third parties. In April and May, Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged the mistake in the US Congress and the European Parliament and apologized for the data breach.

And in September 2018, the social network was attacked by hackers. According to Facebook, about 50 million users suffered as a result of the attack. When attacking, cybercriminals took advantage of a security breach in the social network when trying to see their page on behalf of other users. According to the company's vice president, Guy Rosen, Facebook has eliminated the vulnerability.

At the same time, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos became the most successful billionaire of the year, his fortune increased by $ 27,9 billion. In September, 2018 of Amazon’s capitalization exceeded $ 1 trillion. Thus, Amazon has become the second company in the history of the United States, whose value has risen above $ 1 trillion. Previously, only Apple managed to do this, the capitalization of which exceeded $ 1 trillion 2 August 2018.

In addition to Amazon, Bezos also owns the company Blue Origin, which deals with space tourism. Blue Origin has already tested the shuttles and plans to begin selling tickets to space as early as 2019.

Together with Jeff Bezos, the founder and president of Fast Retailing, Japanese billionaire Tadashi Yanai, was among the five most successful billionaires, his profit in 2018 was $ 7 billion; Lukoil CEO Vagit Alekperov increased his fortune by $ 4,6 billion. Founder of News Corp and 21st Century Fox - Rupert Murdoch, his fortune increased by $ 4,6 billion over the last year (but in total by 0,2 billion less than Alekperov - $ 19,3 billion). And the Russian entrepreneur Leonid Mikhelson, the largest shareholder of the Russian gas company PJSC Novatek and the leading Russian petrochemical holding Sibur, closes the top five, he made a profit of $ 4 billion in 2018.

And together with Zuckerberg in the top five losers were the founder of Inditex Amanicio Ortega, who lost $ 2018 billion in 16,2; Geogr Schefler is the owner of INA Holding Schaeffler GmbH & Co. KG, his losses amounted to $ 14 billion; the founder of the telecommunications company Tencent Ma Huateng, who lost $ 2018 billion in 10,1; Carlos Slim closes the top five of the list of the richest losers in the world - the main asset of the entrepreneur is the holding company Grupo Carso, which controls a number of large Mexican companies; Slim's losses amounted to $ 9,3 billion.

Previously ForumDaily reported that Jeff Bezos makes more money per minute than the average American does in a year.

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