Exhibition on Immigration 'This Land Is Your Land'

Three water towers that make up the New York skyline merge with the park's street landscape in Ivan Navarro's exhibition This Land Is Your Land. The title of the exhibition is taken from Woody Guthrie's favorite 1940 folk song, the American anthem and vocal act about the freedom this country offers to immigrants.

The towers are raised to a height above the heads of visitors, allowing them to walk underneath and peer into each sculpture to see the contents inside. The Navarro Water Towers, each about seven feet in diameter and standing on pedestals about eight feet high, function as vessels for the vocabulary of the political and personal experience of immigration. Inside one tower there are the words "I" and "we", in the other - the word "bed", and in the third - an image of a staircase, each framed with neon light.


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City:New York
Address:Madison Square Park, 11 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010
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