Ukrainian performance

The Ukrainian Museum and Yara Arts Group present a new theatrical performance "Scythian slap in the face" dedicated to David Burliuk.

David Burliuk is an artist, poet, energetic organizer of futurism. He was born in 1882 near Kharkov, studied in Odessa, Kazan, Munich and Paris. Burliuk's early paintings demonstrate a passion for Scythian art; he took part in the excavation of burial mounds in the Kherson region. He founded the art group Hylaea, the Greek name for the area. He admired the Ukrainian steppe culture, especially Mamai, who embodied Burliuk's own vision of self-sufficiency. Burliuk participated in most of the major avant-garde exhibitions in Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Munich. Together with Vladimir Mayakovsky, he traveled to 17 cities.

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