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Another fight in McDonald's: two teenagers beat the manager. VIDEO

Two brothers - 20-year-old Daniel Miller and 17-year-old McCauley Simon Miller - severely beat the manager of a McDonald's restaurant in Lincolnshire (UK).

Фото: Depositphotos

At the time of the attack, the teenagers were intoxicated, and their father calmly watched what was happening, not even trying to stop them, writes Daily Mail.

It turned out that the brothers are well known in the city of Born, Lincolnshire, where they were kicked out of school because of bad behavior.

McDonald's 27-year-old manager Nathan Whittemore suffered numerous blows from the brothers in a restaurant in Boston (Lincolnshire), but he behaved very bravely, trying to keep intruders out of the house.

The video of the attack became viral on the Internet, and the mother of the brothers publicly apologized for what happened.

In this case, the relatives of the guys praised them. Both attackers often publish photos from the gym.

The neighbors of the family of guys said that they are troublemakers. According to one of the neighbors, he was not surprised by the behavior of the guys in the restaurant, he added that they often behave noisily and defiantly.

Nathan Whittemore, the victim of the attack, said that he interfered in the conversation between the teenagers and his colleague after the drunken brothers began to be rude to his colleague.

“I knew there were small children and families in the restaurant, so I have to stay calm and try to act professionally. But it was extremely difficult because they hit me in the face and pulled on my shirt. They also hit me several times in the neck and back. There are some traces left, but fortunately they didn't hit me hard, ”said the manager.

Whitmore became the hero of the Internet, many users praised him for his restraint and perseverance. The manager returned to work the day after the incident, despite the fact that he was offered a day off.

He does not consider himself a hero. Whitmore said that, sensing the smell of alcohol coming from the brothers, he realized that he had to intervene.

The video shows how one teenager holds the manager by the shirt with one hand, and the other strikes him violently. Later another teenager joins the attack.

“Being beaten is not my job, but my job is to make sure my employees and clients feel safe and secure, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for bad behavior. If the same thing happened again, I would do it the same way. I was glad when they left, ”Whittemore explained.

The teen's mother apologized for their "inappropriate" behavior, admitting that she was "very sad and ashamed that her boys did this." After that, the woman promised to “figure out the situation”.

Witness of the incident Jasmine Brudenall took a fight on camera. The fight began after the manager asked the guys to leave because of their attempt to lock the employee in the closet. Teenagers refused, bursting into abuse and pounced on the manager.

Brudenall said that the brothers were accompanied by their father, and all three were drinking. When the fight began, the man left the restaurant and got into the car. Already at the exit from the restaurant, the guys grabbed a metal bar and tried to hit the manager, but he managed to dodge.

Police arrived at the scene about 10 minutes after the attackers fled.

Recall earlier in Las Vegas McDonald`s attacked on the client because of a glass of water.

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