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'Ancient' laptop mines bitcoin: the owner will receive a profit of $ 1 in 584 million years

Many have thought about mining cryptocurrency. It turns out that this can be done even on very old computers, however, there is not much sense in such mining. Edition "Focus" talked about a miner who is trying to do this on a 30-year-old computer.

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Miner Dmitry Eliseev forced an old 3200 Toshiba T1989SX laptop to mine bitcoins.

The Toshiba T3200SX is based on an MS-DOS processor running a 16-bit MS-DOS operating system and is not suitable for everyday tasks. The programmer developed special software by writing code in C ++, which allows processing operations in the blockchain at a speed of 15 hashes per second - at this rate, it will take 1 million years to get a share of bitcoin worth $ 584.

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The key component of the project was an algorithm called SHA256. According to Dmitry Eliseev, he tried several versions of the C code, but they did not work correctly due to the different sizes of variables in 16-bit and 32-bit compilers - programs that translate text in a programming language into a set of machine codes. Now the finished program is published in the public domain on the service. GitHub.

First, he tried to start mining on an even older Toshiba T1100 Plus computer from 1986. It has a clock speed of 7,1 MHz and a mining speed of 3,6 hashes per second - on this laptop it will be possible to earn $ 1 only after 2 billion years with modern mining complexity.

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“There are many devices that can be used to mine bitcoins, from ASIC or GPU cards to Raspberry Pi. Why not try something really exotic? Like a 32 year old laptop?” - Eliseev commented on his experience.

At the same time, he noted that bitcoin mining on old equipment is unprofitable, but possible. This shows how much computer performance has increased over the past 30 years.

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