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Income up to 100 thousand a year: a Russian has built a successful cleaning business in the United States and helps other immigrants to open their business

Many immigrants are interested in the question: how to open a business in a new country, find customers and make this business profitable? It is no secret that even with the money to start, many immigrants, not knowing local laws and business rules, simply lose their savings.

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In an interview with ForumDaily, Ivan Dyakov, serial entrepreneur and founder of the cleaning company All Cleaning US, shared secrets that helped him create a successful cleaning business, and also talked about the help that his company is ready to provide those who dream of owning a business in the USA.

Ivan, tell me how it all began.

The decision to open a cleaning company did not come immediately. It all started with the fact that from time to time I took orders for my web studio to develop sites for small businesses in the United States. Among the clients were companies from various areas of cleaning. I created and set up websites, booking systems and online chats. Automated the reception of orders, the management of employees and the payment of services. In parallel, he developed a special online calculator that calculates the cost of the service taking into account the parameters of the apartment, the wishes of the client and the duration of the work.

Part of the customers my developments helped to overcome the difficulties caused by the low level of English proficiency, since up to 90% of orders began to arrive online, that is, it was necessary to communicate directly with customers at a minimum.

At what point did you realize that you can launch a successful cleaning business yourself?

I studied statistics, which showed that in the United States more than 900 thousand companies and more than 3,5 million people are employed in the cleaning industry. And about 6 billion dollars is house cleaning - cleaning residential real estate. Most companies are small, but earn more than 100 thousand dollars a year. There are examples of companies with revenues of tens of millions of dollars.

Basically, it takes either a lot of investment or a lot of time to go to market and build a profitable company. Fortunately or unfortunately, I did not have extra money, but I had an understanding of how using online tools - a website, booking and chat - you can create a more successful business than your competitors. Moreover, I didn’t “reinvent the wheel”, but carefully studied the experience of the industry leaders and took only the best - what actually works for years in the USA.

So, you copied the experience of successful American companies, implemented your IT chips, and was that enough?

Yes, practically it was. I realized which offline and online customer acquisition channels work and which are just a waste of money. It also helped me that there were Americans in my environment who immediately said what they needed as clients and what services were most in demand.

I went to the first orders myself and figured out on the spot how the service dialogue with the client should be built correctly, how to make additional sales, which cleaning tools work and which do not. First orders In terms of the quality of the cleaning itself, I did several orders of magnitude higher than what my customers expected. It also paid off almost instantly - they began to write about my company in local social networks, and one of the most effective ads, “word of mouth”, worked.

In the first two months, the company had more than 60 clients in its database, and by the end of the third - more than 100.

Moreover, most of them booked for re-cleaning, the loyalty system developed for this purpose for regular customers worked.

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What problems did you encounter, was everything as smooth as you tell?

First problem which I faced was the need to find employees as quickly as possible, since the growth of the client base exceeded all my wildest expectations.

Second, the employees in most cases did not speak English. Then I developed special scripts - ready-made phrases for working at the client's site, scripts for additional sales, a checklist and instructions for all work to go according to the company's standard. I also figured out through which sources you can quickly find employees.

We know that you sold your first cleaning company and focused on launching similar turnkey projects for those wishing to open a cleaning business in the USA. Why?

The decision to sell the Florida company was prompted by my family's move from Orlando to New York. Running a cleaning business from a distance is difficult. But then I decided to scale my success, as I realized that by helping to create a turnkey business, I could find like-minded people - those who want to open a successful business in the USA and are looking for a proven and reliable business model for this.

What is the difference between your service for launching a successful cleaning business and buying a franchise?

Firstly, such a service is much cheaper than buying a franchise. Secondly, we are looking for entrepreneurs who plan to work under their own brand and want to be completely independent. We set up all the processes necessary for a successful business, and then the entrepreneur independently engages in business.

During the launch of the company, we help with such issues as financial and personnel support, marketing, receiving orders, call center, IT services and much more. That is, the entrepreneur receives a fully functional and proven business model, and he can only follow the instructions.

How much does a turnkey package of services for organizing a cleaning business cost?

We do not hide our prices, for which partners and customers appreciate us. Price for this service in our company fixed and is $ 7. Without any hidden fees and pitfalls.

Entrepreneur receives:

  • opening a company, bank account, connecting payment systems;
  • modern mobile website;
  • online chat and scripts for communication with customers;
  • online booking with integrated online calculator;
  • CRM-system for working with customers;
  • customized free online customer acquisition channels (up to three);
  • customized paid online channels for attracting customers (up to three);
  • promotional products for offline channels for the first month of work;
  • checklists and service dialogs for employees;
  • list of tools, "chemistry", instructions for the head;
  • Employee contract templates.

Speaking about the cost of the “turnkey business” service, I would note that the price of a similar service for American companies is on average twice as high.

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Is it possible to get advice from you, how to create a cleaning business, attract the first customers, if you have questions on this topic?

Yes, we conduct two-hour paid consultations on how to create a successful cleaning business. And I would note that often after a consultation, entrepreneurs make a purchase decision services "turnkey cleaning business". Then the cost of consultation is subsequently deducted from the total price for the service.

Where to start to get a turnkey cleaning business service?

You can leave a request for consultation with a representative of our company through the website:, as well as sending SMS or calling + 1-212-729-4580.

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